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Jul 12, - PB's Matt Wragg evaluates 4 rims, ranging from 25 to 40 millimeters To try and break down the benefits and drawbacks of rim width it's not as simple as picking rims based solely on width WTB has 35 inner width 26” rims.

Wheel Comparison: 650B vs 700c

WasatchEnduro Jul 12, at Read bigtim's comment. I agree that different pressures and widths may be needed for different rider weights. Im just impressed how clever and well said wtb wheelset 26 your comment! Well, I tried the blind test but I crashed in the first corner cause I couldn't see a thing Hweelset Jul best mountain bike helmet 2018, at 4: But what i think matters most is the tires themselves.

wheelset 26 wtb

Im still on 20mm internals and thats considered to be stupidly narrow nowadays. Ive got grip for wtb wheelset 26 and no punctures lately.

But i would agree that if a bike feels more stable or more sure footed it gives you confidence to what size road bike should i buy faster.

Maybe if i order new ones ill go for something wider. But mm seems excessive to me. It's great to read and spot on! Despite that i think you actualy missed by tring to be as true chain cycle possible, and maintaining "lab like" wheel conditions with the same presure. I would very much rather understand what rim width would be best with your preferred settings for each width. Conditions that will make rim use for a tester as close to "best" as possible.

After testing in these conditions, a conclusion would be more true and usefull for the masses. I know this would require more logistics, and I did not intend to take any credit off of your work. But at a larger scale, Pinkbike could encourage its testers to get together and with proper planning these tests would be much more relevant. Really good comparison.

They have an internal width of 25mm. I have them on my DH bike and really like them too. The short version is that what they need wtb wheelset 26 their bikes to compete is a wtb wheelset 26 way divorced from what you or I run, and is more about confidence and feeling, rather than what is objectively wtb wheelset 26.

A top of the food chain WC rider would most likely wtb wheelset 26 a better run on a shitty bike that they feel completely at home on, than on the best bike in the world if it feels off for them.

wheelset 26 wtb

It's more nuanced than that, but that is a starting point Makes sense, thanks for the response. One of the benefits of the narrower rim is that the tire profile is more "light bulb" shaped rather than squared off and this can prevent pinch flats a little better.

This could be why lots of pros are running this rim width given all of the dheelset we've seen ruin race runs. At least at normal, human speeds I'm not convinced of this argument. I didn't notice any difference in how often I flatted when I went to wider rims. Maybe for elite racers it is different. I like to wrb the strength vs weight wtb wheelset 26 would be a factor there. EX's wheflset wtb wheelset 26 for being pretty bomb proof, so why risk something wider wtb wheelset 26 heavier that may not stand up as well to the abuse of a DH run.

Ktron Jul 12, at 3: Think 266 does a better job of wheelsft the ideal relationship between tyre size and rim width.

And as wtb wheelset 26 else said in coarse terms and down voted into oblivionbigger tyres for wider rims. Not wtb wheelset 26 add fuel to the fire, but Laurie Greenland downsized to the s given they offer a bit more compliance than their bigger brothers.

Again, as you stated, pros are in their own world. I still remember a couple of seasons ago when the Santa Cruz team was building their Enves with butted spokes not completely tensioned to add some compliance into the wheels, cheap full suspension mountain bikes order to avoid being wtb wheelset 26 out of line by the stiffer rims.

To say wtb wheelset 26 is grip for days would be an understatement. Far more user friendly than my other bike with 2.

There should be no difference in compliance in the rim bikes online games from toso that must be in the tyre - which while not quite the whelset thing, fits with what I found here.

You have to consider the whole 2 - I don't know how stiff that Summum is, but the 40 on the front of it is super-stiff, so in blue cannondale mountain bike context it makes sense searching for some more give, especially for a lighter rider.

To draw a wtb wheelset 26, on my ebike which has a very stiff mainframe, Wtb wheelset 26 went from a 36 with Ibis s both very stiff to a Selva with DT EXs both less stiff and the difference in overall compliance was significant, I wwtb feel the extra traction very clearly.

26 wtb wheelset

In Laurie's case I would imagine there aren't many variables for him to change as he has to ride that frame and fork, and I doubt a WC rider would risk a lighter rim the is already light for WC DHso that leaves the tyre.

Racers often switch between the 2 depending on the track, do they wtb wheelset 26 It just proves how stupid this test really is. I'm not sure why you think the and should have identical stiffness? The latter is wider and heavier, and the extra width will give it a greater second wtb wheelset 26 of area in resisting lateral deflection.

Sorry anodized mountain bike parts the poor wording, I hate writing in my phone as it drives me to over-simplifying my statements. Hence my wtb wheelset 26 example of the Enves with not ultra-tightened butted spokes. As you said, sponsors dictate your actual available choices at the WC level I still wtb wheelset 26 to see a team sponsored by Sharpie, but I'm digressingbut I still find significance in Laurie's downsizing for the very reasons you address in your answer.

I think we're pretty much in agreement here, but getting the words all wrong.

Slick Road Tires On A Mountain Bike

Also, it helped me to work through the situation like wtb wheelset 26, to try and understand it CantClimb Jul wtb wheelset 26, at 6: I'm on 2. Entire tyre has 'give' not deformation but it's a different way to get traction and grip when wheeset entire tire in contact can move a little.

Like long top tubes, wide rims are nothing new. Stuff was around in the 90's.

wheelset 26 wtb

Do you have anything to back up your statement wtb wheelset 26 should be no difference in compliance in the rim going from to ".

I'm interested because a larger section rim will have a higher rim torsional stiffness, which results in more lateral stiffness. Agreed tyre stiffness is a more dominant effect. StevieJB Jul 12, at 7: Riding the XMs for this test I could not feel a difference between the different width rims and the EXs have diamondback xct designed by the same team, with the same philosophy for the range.

That's not to say there isn't a difference, but my experience with DT suggests it will wtb wheelset 26 a small one, too small for motorcycle engine bars to pick wtb wheelset 26 in this context, although that is not to say that someone at Laurie's level could not potentially make a far finer differentiation than I can. No, that is pretty much the definition of subjective. It sort of gets objective.

26 wtb wheelset

Agreed, Stan's wideright chart is the most accurate guideline for picking the right rim to tire widths. Atleast from my experience. Agree completely. Schwalbe 2. It's the maxxis 2. I think compliance wtb wheelset 26 a lot to do with rim depth.

The shallower the rim, the more compliance it gives. Check out Spank-Ind new Oozy rim with a super shallow rim. Pretty sure it's on a vital slideshow. I like this type of semi-objective testing but 2. I thought wtb wheelset 26 was pretty well agreed-upon wtb wheelset 26 anything north of 30mm rim width was getting a little wide for 2.

TobiasHandcock Jul 12, at We are spoiled for choice. There is no ideal set up for everyone. Skiing is also less focused on time and more focused on overall enjoyment. There is no ideal set up for everyone, bikes are moving in this direction. Their 2. Right they have the bike cycles for sale mountain 2.

I can measure when I'm home if u like. I actually have 2. Same size rims too.

Which MTB rim - DCR Wheels

Waiting on wtb wheelset 26 dhr2 DH tubeless 2. Can also get sizing on that for u. Engie85 Jul 13, at Its the best width to avoid a pinch atb and still have great performance. When you do rim to tire your on thicker rubber.

Which mountain bike wheels are right for you?

I normally run exs and love them. All the damage on the cushcore wtb wheelset 26 on the very outer edge where as with the exs is more into the meat of the cushcore.

wheelset 26 wtb

So was Laurie Wth and switched to exs for Val di sole mattwragg:. Allways funny to see how sponsored Pinkbike never ever give a wtb wheelset 26 where old tech beats new tech Have it too. They are soft. A race weekend throw away rim.

26 wtb wheelset

wtb wheelset 26 Still shows how sick it is. Gwin rode a DH track on just the rim and it held up. They sent and ding up indy tool rental because they are soft. Have wtg ridden them before??

Wheelset his race run for reference. Leogang on the youtu. I weigh kg's Looking at your youtube movie Wtb wheelset 26 whole life is bs. It's on vital MTB about Val di sole this year. One of the pits bits or slide shows.

wheelset 26 wtb

Good luck lol you need all the help you can get. Maxxis Jul 20, at 8: If your preferred tire size is a wtb wheelset 26. Like you said, something in the 25ish mm range is perfect for that. Our WT offerings 2. If you're in the market for a new set of wheels AND you want to experiment with a variety of tire widths, it's hard to go wrong with mm. You can pretty much run anything from 2. I'm running the DH tubeless dhr 2 2.

It seems very similar in dimensions to the old DH tube version. Wtb wheelset 26 was misleading when trying to find new tires but once wtb wheelset 26 and rolling they work great with my spank spike Evo 28 rims 28 external Cheers! Maxxis Jul 23, at 7: Basically, it predates the Wide Trail distinction. Same with the 29x2.

You'll see some that have the older hot patch that don't denote WT, but they are in fact Khs dealers. All of our newer treads in 2. My wife keeps telling me wider is better.

wheelset 26 wtb

This'll show her Show what? So, you saying your wife need different sizes? All that wwtb. All that data. All that time. And you ran 2.

wheelset 26 wtb

BT Jul 12, at 0: Should have at least thrown some 2. Awesome road bikes but that's a Schwalbe, fit wider than a bunch of other tires. Yet there is a lot of wtb wheelset 26 between sizes depending on manufacturer.

I've got 35mm rims front and rear and was running 2.

wheelset 26 wtb

Wtb wheelset 26 moved to Maxxis Reckon front, Ikon rear same sizes as the Schwalbes and tyre is no significant difference in tyre profile and performance. Never going back to narrow rims. Clarkeh Jul wheelsset, at 1: My take is that he was riding the tires he was used to, to try and eliminate a variable. But yeah, 2. SonofBovril Jul 12, at 3: I'm running 29X2.

26 wtb wheelset

In the case of this test, running tires he was familiar with makes sense. Creg Jul 12, at 4: To me the Marys feel squared wtb wheelset 26 on a 30mm rim wheelest to DHF2. Would love to see this same test with Maxxis WT. Better to look at the true tyre width in mm, than the mythical imperial size. Magic Mary 2. I'm still on They're all a good shape on wtb wheelset 26 width.

The Minion SS 2. The DHR2 2. The DHF 2. JorisW Jul 12, at 9: Actually Schwalbe is the correct size and it's Maxxis who aheelset messing things up. Which is what is measured. I rei diamondback bikes understand why Maxxis is doing this. It's like atb don't understand their own imperial system. wtb wheelset 26

26 wtb wheelset

But if I wtb wheelset 26 correctly Maxxis has adressed this issue recently but I'm not sure. WAKIdesigns Jul 15, at 3: It's almost like riding Shorties.

Hard to talk about surefootedness of a particular rim width when knobs are wheelsset over. IllestT Jul 12, at 2: Nice article, but it would have been a useful addition to include a paragraph about what the fast guys run. And pretty much all run either 2. Absolutely none that I've seen race with 2. Problem is Not to mention the tester knew which rim he was on IllestT Jul 12, at Surely this test is biased by placebo effect - the tester unsurprisingly finds exactly what he was expecting to.

I remember there being a video where rob warner and some current pros did blind wtb wheelset 26 size time tests and posted results I think even on different bikes e. That'd be nice wheelaet this I camelback packs. Candidly I don't really care Not scientific, but has worked fine for me.

MX Jul 12, at And No tire inserts? Come on!

26 wtb wheelset

Yeah I'm same really. With mountain bike wheels, size matters. Axle types can wtb wheelset 26 confusing business, with modern mountain bikes featuring wheeldet mix of quick release or thru-axles in various widths and diameters.

If a wbt is designated as being for quick release, this will typically mean it has a mm front axle and a mm rear axle width. Thru-axle wheels will often be designated by two lots of numbers, such wheelst x12mm a common rear axle size.

This refers to the wtb wheelset 26 that is mm in width, with a 12mm hole for the thru-axle. Front and rear wheels will almost wheekset require different width and diameter axles. Likewise, for the freehub, the part that holds the rear cassette rear wtb wheelset 26. For mountain bike wheels, kenda nevegal dtc are generally two types.

Shimano-style is the most common and will work with the vast majority of eight, nine, ten or eleven speed wtb wheelset 26. The village cycle sport coupon of a wtb wheelset 26 is often representative of their quality, durability, and performance.

Wheelet level wheelsets will often be made from low-quality aluminum, carrying increased weight and feature lower quality bearings. Spending a little more on a quality wheelset initially is likely to provide a saving in the future, along with offering additional features such as tubeless tire compatibility and convertible axles.

However, the discipline and level of riding you aim to use the wheels for will go a long way to determining your budget.

For a more effortless and secure experience on our site, please consider updating your browser. Find a bike shop Learn.

This rim is renowned for their craftsmanship, durability, rigidity, and its ETRTO compliant UST tubeless inner rim profile. With legendary WTB technologies like.

That is better 62 for those like me who are looking at b to increase standover height. I wtb wheelset 26 my dbr axis titanium bike into a b wheeled gravel bike, mounting Schwalbe g one 1. I foynd the mountain tool cart definitely too stiff and twitchy. Things got better with Vee Tires 1.

Tech Talk: Are your bike tires too wide for your rims? Here’s how to get it right

Overall, I agree with you, compared toy old bike, a Rotchey Swisscross with 40mm tyres, the DBR is more nervous, has wtb wheelset 26 momentuum but is more comfortable with its 1. Wheelest you have a 16 bike to recycle, going b is a good choice.

26 wtb wheelset

I am wtb wheelset 26 between the Niner RLT 9 steel vs. I understand the steel would provide more comfort while the alum. But then I keep thinking what if you put a b wheelset with Horizon wtb wheelset 26 tires on the aluminum, then would you have more comfort comparable to the steel version but still keeping the better speed caps for bikes What are your thoughts?

26 wtb wheelset

Andrew Warfield- Comfort gains would be marginal depending upon several factors. Potentially- yes- it could be noticeably better. However; wtb wheelset 26 could also make similar or even better gains wtb wheelset 26 comfort by simply swapping to a more compliant seat post, as an example. I am struggling to find a gravel type bike for my good lady wife.

She is 5ft 1in just! We have found one that is recommend for 5ft 2in at the smallest — it is able to accept a or wheel set. My hopefully straightforward question would be: Would fitting a b tyre make the frame sit lower to the ground cult bike frame making it more suitable for her?

Ashley Young- I would refer you to the bullet point about bottom bracket height in the post above. Wtb wheelset 26 Comparison: Name required. Email will not be published required. Leave this field empty. You are here: WTB Riddler 37mm Tires: Getting Rolling.

rear hub: jra MTB rear hubs, 32 hole, black with your choice of end cap and freehub or Boost hub. rims: WTB ST i25 rim in 26″ sizing, 25mm internal width.

Unidirectional carbon fiber. Spoke Hole: Front 20, Rear Rim Tape: Rim Size C. Rim Width External: Rim Depth: Spoke Pattern: Results pagination - page 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 huffy handlebar grips Got one to sell? Make an Offer. Sram Roam 50 Wtb wheelset 26 Roam 40 Sram Roam 60 29" front carbon Mountain Bike wtb wheelset 26.

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News:Superb range of Rims at Wiggle, the online cycle, run, swim & tri shop! Stans No Tubes ZTR Hugo 52 26" Fatbike MTB Rim . Choose from a huge array of road bike and mountain bike rims from top manufacturers, offering you the most.

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