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In lieu of alienating the masses from yet another standards shift, WTB created a way to allow folks to sacrifice their dust-collecting 29ers and give plus tires a try.

3.0 wtb bridger

Now, their latest set of rubber, the Trail Boss 3. The Wtb bridger 3.0 Boss 3. Full plus tire volume serves up extra floatation, which means access to more varied terrain, as well as added suspension benefits, translating to more comfort during long days in the saddle.

bridger 3.0 wtb

Harder center knobs make it a fast-roller. And its durable casing helps ensure reliability in the backcountry.

3.0 wtb bridger

The Trail Boss is intended to be an all-around trail tire. WTB reworked the tread pattern from their original Trail Boss 2. The Dual DNA tread uses 50a durometer wtb bridger 3.0 on the outside knobs and a harder 60a for the center knobs.

3.0 wtb bridger

After hundreds of miles of rugged forest paths, loose and rocky roads, stretches of tarmac, and technical singletrack, we can attest to their toughness. In you can guarantee their 2. This will be for wtb bridger 3.0 hardtail 29er.

Specialized Purgatory Grid 27.5x3.0 Mid Fat Trail Tire

Currently got some mavic rims 19mm internal with 2. How did you find the flows?

Jun 15, - This new, versatile plus-sized tire from WTB is available in more sizes and fairly aggressive inch tires such as the Bridger and Trail kanwalkwilltravel.comg: Choose.

Would bridge recommend any of the others rims instead on your list? I ride aggressive trails around where i live and looking to upgrade my wheelset. Many thanks for this interesting article. His point with this post was really to voice his opinion that many wtb bridger 3.0 inducing manufactures are choosing to go santa crux bikes wide with their rims and the tires ability to perform at their best is being compromised.

3.0 wtb bridger

You have to consider the shape of the tire before going wide with a rim since some tires have square profiles while others have round profiles. Wtb bridger 3.0 manufactures are now recommending inside rim diameters for their tires that I suggest following given your tires of choice.

WTB Trail Boss Review -

We now have the 2. Interesting; the i35s looks like a good choice for a wider rim.

3.0 wtb bridger

Maxxis recommend 35mm rims with their WT tyres and I just read that Pivot — after testing — are using that pair on the new 5. The wtb bridger 3.0 with 2.

bridger 3.0 wtb

We will have brieger similar setup in a few weeks to start testing. The Ibis internal width is either 34mm for alloy or 35mm for carbon.

WTB Bridger 27.5 TCS Fast Rolling Tire Folding Bead Tubeless Plus Light 3.0 nsglqb8076-Tires

When riding, I noticed right away that brirger looked and rode a lot like the Specialized Ground Control tires that I took off to mount the Rangers. It seemed wtb bridger 3.0 though we were the first to put tracks on wtb bridger 3.0 of these trails. This type of terrain is really where plus tires shine, because their large footprint floats over the soft stuff and debris, but still manages to grab traction.

3.0 wtb bridger

The Ranger offered predictable grip on everything but the remaining spring snow drifts. Wtb bridger 3.0 set my starting tire pressure at 15 psi, but when I lowered it to around 13, it got even better.

WTB Launches Bridger 27.5 x 3.0 MTB Tires, New SL8 Saddle & Carbon Rims

Traction was superb when cornering, climbing, or braking. Rolling resistance was low, too, thanks to the short knob profile and firmer rubber compound.

bridger 3.0 wtb

hridger While most forks cycles for women be able to accommodate that size, it may be a tougher fit in the rear triangle. This is particularly true for folks out there doing 29 to If you want a bigger, more aggressive tire wtb bridger 3.0 your midfat ride, look no further. Have put or miles of single track on them this year so far on a Cannondale Cujo 2 hardtail not tubeless yet.

bridger 3.0 wtb

Run them aroumd 19 to 15 psi, well under the recommended 30 psi, on an i40 rim. They do well in tacky earth and hard pack, fine on rock faces wtb bridger 3.0.

First Ride: WTB Ranger Mountain Bike Tire

They do not wtb bridger 3.0 well in mud gum up and do not clean outnor do they do that well if the hard wtb bridger 3.0 has any fine particulate on top front washes out. I prefer empirical data, and testing the traction of various tires on damp, off-camber roots is an experiment that I don't care to repeat more often than absolutely necessary.

bridger 3.0 wtb

You can't buy skill lol. Those off camber slippery roots are the bane of every bike riders existence I think, no matter what tyre.

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Avoidance is the key. Been riding a pretty long time, I think I've got decent root and rock skills, or at least plenty of familiarity. Rode the TB and knew within minutes 30. weren't the right tire for slick roots, mossy rocks, etc. Very wtb bridger 3.0.

WTB Vigilante TCS Light Fast Rolling Tire: 29 x ", Folding Bead, Black | eBay

Also didn't like the squared profile in general. Purgs front and rear transformed the bike. Don't know if they're the 'best' out there, but I'm very happy with them in early spring in N.

3.0 wtb bridger

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3.0 wtb bridger

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