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(Wk 25) Joy is…

… Realizing that there is lots to discover in your own city!

Shek O headland, Hong Kong

Glimpses of Central

Street photography from Hong Kong

Reflections from Nan Lian and Chi Lin

In this tranquil oasis, the weight and worries of the urban jungle seem far away… perfect for a moment (or several) of reflection.

Rounding up the French Michelin star trail in HK

Review of Spoon, by Alain Ducasse at The Intercontinental, TST.

Discovering PoHo and the best masala chai in Hong Kong

Life in PoHo just seems to move more quietly, slowly and happily compared to the crazy city around it.

Dragon’s Back and lessons on what NOT to do when hiking in Hong Kong

Stunning views for relatively low effort – Dragon’s Back is a must-do hike in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Foodie tasting tour

Two Indians joined a motley crew consisting of tourists from Canada, Sweden, America and France, to delve into the local cuisine of Hong Kong.

The Lamma Island family trail

Just a 30-minute ferry ride away from HK, Lamma island was a world away from urban Hong Kong – charmingly rustic and amazingly serene.

Say “rise up lights”

Descend from Wyndham Street, past an unassuming doorway, down four flights of tattered crimson carpet-covered stairs… for the best Chili Martinis in Hong Kong.

Capturing the Colour: Photographs from around the world

Snapshots of this amazing world in Green, Red, Blue, White and Yellow.

The Jade Market game

Isn’t there an intense satisfaction in buying something for less than half the quoted price?

The Maclehose Trail Section 1

If you happen to be visiting HK and would like to sample a different aspect of the city, then checking out one of its many hiking trails may be the answer.