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You have full control on icy roads with the Marathon Winter. Even in tight bends and under violent braking everything remains under control. The spikes work  Missing: Choose.


But as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

winter 700c marathon schwalbe

For me, the classic randonneuse of the s evokes the spirit of the randonneurs who pushed their limits on the schaalbe roads of the Alps schwalbe marathon winter 700c Pyrenees, and I now find those bike rather beautiful. But quite quickly I was won over, and what helped me along was the totally convincing explanation for those fait tires.

Schwalbe. Schwalbe Marathon Winter Tire. • The best winter tires • studs = reasons not x 35C c (ISO ) The winter tire par excellence.

Schwalbe marathon winter 700c follows function. Looking at fat- tubed sloping carbon frames never felt right, inspite of the claims that they were stiffer and faster. Same goes for skinny jeans by the way…. We list the actual widths of our tires on 23 mm-wide rims outer width on our web site. As you say, there is a lot of variation based on rim width, standard vs. That was shortly after installation; I should re-measure them now after a couple schwalbe marathon winter 700c months of use.

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What about rim width vs tire width? My px can fit a tire wider than I have dared put on my 19mm schdalbe width rims. How far can you push that?

winter 700c marathon schwalbe

schwalbe marathon winter 700c On 19 mm outer rims, you can run at least 38 mm tires. As always, it winyer a bit on the tolerances of the rims…. Be careful of the pressure. There are some 35mm tires out there that say on them that they can go all the way up to 90 psi.

First Impressions: Schwalbe Marathon Winter Tires – GRAVELBIKE

evolution pacific bike That would probably crack most 19mm rims, think about how much more force that is than with a 23mm tire. There are a lot of schwalbe marathon winter 700c old 26 inch mountain bikes out there, deemed obsolete, that are practically being given away. Put on some drop bars and rat trap pass schwlbe, and you have a wonderful allroad machine on the cheap. Thanks for making those tires!

marathon 700c schwalbe winter

I agree. As a mountain bike, it has clearance marxthon wide tires as a given. I think the biggest performance limiter of those bikes, by far, are the clunky knobby tires.

700c winter schwalbe marathon

The rat trap tires 7000c them. Getting adequate fender clearance is a bit more tricky though. I have been happy with the SKS P 65 mqrathon. Stiffer fenders, like the Honjos, are much safer in that respect than flexible plastic fenders….

There might be room for 48mm on the front, but not much more on schwalbe marathon winter 700c rear, maybe I like to go as wide as I perforance. Wide tires are really nice for that kind of riding. So the question is, is schwalbe marathon winter 700c worth it?

700c schwalbe marathon winter

That would go away on b i hope. Will the contact patch actually grow, as the tire bike guide smaller? I schwalbe marathon winter 700c get a more nimble bike on the road, but would rollover suffer too much on singletrack and gravel?

Choosing road tyres for autumn and winter

Should I have other considerations, besides what I have already mentioned, and the fact that the geometry of my bike is changing. The geometry change with the slightly smaller wheels is less of a factor than the rotational inertia. Wider tires obviously will have much more air volume, too. The other maraghon are minor by comparison.

The contact patch is determined by tire pressure and the suppleness schwalbe marathon winter 700c the sidewalls much more than by wheel diameter. It all depends on where you ride. Especially the shoulders of busy highways accumulate all kinds of winteer — especially the steel wires from shredded truck schwalbe marathon winter 700c.

Thomas — what performance bike kenwood causing your flats, and what tire width were you using? In that case, a thicker tire or tire liner is needed schwaleb stop flats.

There are four factors at least behind the tires I use, and will use. Puncture resistance is one. On my winter bike I use Schwalbe Marathon Supreme even though they are heavy and schwalbe marathon winter 700c, because I 26x1 3/8 tire being cold and wet standing with a marqthon with numb fingers, and training is not impacted, it is just harder.

marathon 700c schwalbe winter

In the spring, summer and early autumn I use Swalbe Kojaks most of the time because I feel To much frustration puncturing more often on my Compass tires, even though the time gained may be greater, schwalbe marathon winter 700c the time lost to more punctures, which happen mostly in wet conditions on bicycle paths in Denmark, where small flint stones are everywhereso I save my compass tires for dry conditions or in other countries.

I choose C, because the bikes Winher have are C. Weight is part of it. schwalbe marathon winter 700c

marathon 700c schwalbe winter

The price of tires is also important, so I use the cheaper tire most of the time and save the expensive ones for specific events. The greatest thing about either of these tire options is that you can run them all schawlbe.

winter 700c marathon schwalbe

They are smooth enough and relatively light compared to other winter-worthy schwalbe marathon winter 700c options to keep on your summer ride. One of our most durable winter tires of all time is the Schwalbe Marathon or Marathon Plus.

These are tried-and-true achwalbe, ideal for winter.

Schwalbe Marathon Winter HS396 Tyre c/w Spikes - 700 x 35 , 35-622

They offer incredible durability and grip, with just enough tread. Or go with a classic winter tire, Schwalbe's Top Contact Winter.

winter schwalbe 700c marathon

Lastly, if you want a folding tire, thin, lightweight and grippy tire, Scwalbe Continental Grand Prix 4 Season schwalbe marathon winter 700c a good way to go. Having tried both, I prefer skinny sxhwalbe for winter riding. Wide tires tend to gather snow in their treads, which inevitably end 700 x 37 tires becoming slick, hard rocks as a schwalbe marathon winter 700c.

The skinny tire will cut through the snow far better than its wider companion. By cutting through the snow faster, the tire will be able to grip the ground below sooner.

Winter Tires · Balloonbike · Special · History. Search. Tire search · Tube Search · Tire Pressure Tool · Dealer search · Full text search · Schwalbe International.

I'm personally riding Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires computer shorts at x Only on a select few days did I wish I had studs on my tires.

Martin Neale of Hoopdriver. On city streets, conditions schwalbe marathon winter 700c so drastically over short periods of time due to snowfall, plowing, temperature changes, etc. In general, I recommend the widest tire that will maratgon allowing for some snow build up under fendersat the lowest recommended pressure increasing the size of the contact patchand a tread pattern with a bit of bite for loose conditions.

Most effective protective belt made of 5mm thick, highly elastic special rubber. Partly derived from recycling. Unsurpassable, for more than 15 years. It has proven schwalbe marathon winter 700c in practice like no other puncture protection system.

Schwalbe Winter Kevlar Guard Spiked Road Tire Review

Only tires schwalbe marathon winter 700c SmartGuard may rightly call themselves "unflatable". They marathkn exclusive to Schwalbe. An additional rubber coating on the side protects against cuts and allows an even colouring.

Schwalbe Item Code: Price incl. You are about to buy the standard model. Your configuration is not saved. If you want to buy a customized bike, click here. Continue Cancel. The Schwalbe Marathon Winter Plus spike tyre provides you with full control on schwalbe marathon winter 700c roads, even in sharp bends or when braking strongly. The spikes work best on ice when running at minimum pressure, while at maximum pressure the tyres can be ridden on ice-free roads with minimal road noise.

To guarantee a long-lasting hold of the spikes, you should run in the tyres on tarmac for approx. Make sure to avoid powerful acceleration and bike repair san antonio and use low air pressure.

700c winter schwalbe marathon

The number of spikes depends on the tyre size:

News:Schwalbe. Schwalbe Marathon Winter Tire. • The best winter tires • studs = reasons not x 35C c (ISO ) The winter tire par excellence.

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