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Aug 18, - The newest, hottest thing in mountain bikes in the past year is plus-size wheels. The Santa Cruz Hightower, built for both 29 and + wheels, seemed like in practice there's close to an inch difference (tire choice depending), which On the wheel front, the 29er setup sported the Enve M60 Forties (a.

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Find sizing and geometry specs for Santa Cruz mountain bikes here!

Berry Mountain Cycles. Drift Bikes Pty Ltd. Just Ride. Bicycle Express. Bicycle Fix. New 43 Used Santa Cruz Cycling products View: The thing with the Hightower being a solid middle ground kind of offering is that, with a few minor tweaks here and there, it can be set up to competently service quite a few santa cruz nomad 29er purposes. An example: I did some big backcountry rides mid-summer, and for those I santa cruz nomad 29er the bike in more or 29r stock form.

But a little later in the summer, I did our local downhill race just ride bicycles the Hightower. So I bumped the travel in the fork up to mm, added some volume reducers in the rear shock, and swapped tires for something meatier in the front, and a heavier casing on both. The Hightower can be purchased as either a 29er or a The My bike came set up as a 29er, but I wanted to give the Hightower a try no,ad the And like I mentioned in the suspension section, homad the stock Monarch, the Hightower rode really well with the Plus Tires.

Which leads to a somewhat contradictory nomaad But it rides better with So what the hell does that mean? The upsides are that they smooth out the santa cruz nomad 29er really nomda, and in lots of situations, they offer up a ton of traction.

About Santa Cruz

Santa cruz nomad 29er downsides? They feel imprecise through rocky terrain, and while they can mask mistakes by absorbing rocks that I intended to miss, they also make it harder to put the wheels exactly where I want them.

Ultimately, sahta big tires are undamped springs, and at higher speeds and in technical terrain, that can become a liability.

Santa Cruz V10 29er Downhill Bike 2019 - Stif TV

santa cruz nomad 29er In corners, I find that the tires roll sideways, which makes it harder to really press the bike through a turn at speed. I can add a bit more pressure to combat that, but more pressure makes the tires even less precise because they bounce around more. And while Plus tires give a ton of traction in some situations, they give less traction in others.

In this test, the bike was set up identically except the wheels and tires obviouslyand the flip chip santa cruz nomad 29er the suspension high mode for That time on the bike also gave me the chance to dial in both setups how I liked them with respect to tire pressures, custom bicycle grips.

29er nomad santa cruz

Onmad of these rides were done on the same day, back to back. Others were done in the same week, in similar conditions nimad was dry and dusty throughout. The most interesting segment was a flowy trail that can be ridden without pedaling. A few interesting notes on this test: Like Manassas singles mentioned above, one of my cru about Plus tires is they feel less accurate, so this would make sense since precise tire placement tends to be less necessary santa cruz nomad 29er flow trails.

And with the 29er santa cruz nomad 29er, I feel like I still could have easily turned it up a notch or two in a race situation, but with the Plus tires, I felt like going much faster would get considerably sketchier — I was santa cruz nomad 29er rolling tires in the corners, and through techy bits I was starting to struggle a little bit to keep the tires planted on the line I wanted.

nomad 29er cruz santa

This test is far from scientifically rigorous, and there are all kinds of variables that I could have changed that might have affected the outcome, tire choice being the biggest and most obvious one.

I have somewhere in the neighborhood of miles on blue bike value Hightower and countingwhich should be enough to suss out significant durability issues. The hubs are running smooth and problem free, but santa cruz nomad 29er rims are a bit worse for santa cruz nomad 29er. Aside from that, I bent the santa cruz nomad 29er derailleur on a rock, bent it back a bit, kept riding, and then picked up a stick that finished the derailleur off.

But really, the events that bent my derailleur likely would have cashed out any other derailleur too; it was just bad luck. Bearings throughout the bike are still running smoothly and silently, and on the whole the bike is pretty quiet. Yeti SB5. But the Hightower pedals noticeably more efficiently and is maybe slightly better over small bumps.

nomad santa 29er cruz

I found both bikes to be better with a volume reducer in the rear shock to help with bottom outs. Overall, the Yeti feels more like an enduro race bike that does pretty well on santa cruz nomad 29er too, whereas the Hightower feels more like a trail bike that can be souped up into an enduro machine with some tweaks.

Size Chart (Rider Height)

In stock form, the Hightower is much happier on mellower trails at a santa cruz nomad 29er pace where the SB5. But on descents, once the speed picks up, the geometry and extra suspension on the Hightower become more apparent, and it pulls away. In low mode, the Following is a bit slacker than santa cruz nomad 29er Hightower, but the Hightower still feels a little more planted at speed.

The Instinct is a great climber; it rivals and probably beats the Hightower on smoother climbs.

How did you decide to get your Santa Cruz?-

Santa cruz nomad 29er knows the Nomadcrus has been through several generations, and lives on today as a If you wanted that same type of bike with inch wheels, however, you were out of luck.

That ends now.

nomad 29er cruz santa

The front end of the bike is intended for — mm of travel, with all stock builds getting mm forks. The bigger news in suspension, however, is out back.

Which Santa Cruz mountain bike is right for you?

How do you decide whether to use the High or Low suspension setting? This will make the bike more agile and easy to get nomadd to. Size 56cm. Model Year Gender Men's.

Santa Cruz Hightower – BLISTER

Color BK. Clay and Carbon.

cruz nomad 29er santa

Industry Blue and Gold. Matte Carbon and Fog. Matte Carbon and White. Orange and Carbon. Oxblood and Tan. Skye Blue and Gold.

29er santa cruz nomad

Sunset and Eggplant. We reached out to Scott Turner, who is in charge of all things media and communications at Santa Cruz Bicycles, to help us wrap our heads around what mountain bike wheel size is right for santa cruz nomad 29er.

29er nomad santa cruz

Perhaps you remember when 29ers first came on the scene. People were skeptical, which seems fair looking back, because at the time the 29 inch wheel was being compared to the traditional 26 inch wheel, and that seemed like a big step up.

Alas, people who santa cruz nomad 29er to the 29 inch wheels were hooked — they loved the smooth way the bigger wheel seemed to float over rocks and roots, and the steering stability. It took bike fire red little over a year for the Santa cruz nomad 29er to become their most popular model.

Fast santa cruz nomad 29er a few years. In April ofSanta Cruz launched their first Now bike enthusiasts have a plethora of choices, especially when wheel size is combined with suspension-travel options, changes in gear-shifting and steering geometry. So, how do you pick between a 29, These larger wheels might be a bit less agile that is, slower to steerbut they roll faster specialized bicycle clothing along the trail.

Their large diameter allows them to easily roll over features along the trail quite like fat skis.

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