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Santa Cruz Bicycles - Nomad V3 Santa Cruz Bicycles. Overview In the meantime Get all the details about this Nomad over on the Bike Archive.

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Imagine spending that much money and finding out there's a crack in the frame somewhere? Plus a used bike has been ridden Probably will need a hub, a rim Unless I could santa cruz nomad 2017 an momad steal on a high end Santa Cruz used, I wouldn't even think about it. And people aren't doing that with these bikes - check out pink bike. I trailer hitch bike racks reviews get it on that site.

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I santa cruz nomad 2017 saw a set of used leg pads for the price of new And the bikes are the same way. Originally Posted fathom 2 Santa cruz nomad 2017. Get the 29" wheeled Hightower. Look through classifieds here and on pinkbike, buy something lightly used.

Splurge for carbon wheels if you can Thanks for a quick and easy way to distinguish the TB1 from the TB2, although looking online several Tallboys LTc models seem to have the frame design of santa cruz nomad 2017 ssanta picture.

I imagine this transition in frame design doesn't apply to the LTc, in which case, how to distinguish those guys in terms of version 1 and 2? I've also decided to end the analysis paralysis and just zone in on getting a TB2. From everything you've described about your riding style a tb2 should fit the nomav perfectly. It's one of the best bikes ever made. Strong light fast up and down.

2017 nomad santa cruz

The tb3 is a different animal santa cruz nomad 2017 I love mine. But it's low long and more of an all mountain bike.

Originally Posted by BluePitch. This is not the case. You gotta look! First check the local bike shops that dont advertise. They may have one lying around.

nomad santa 2017 cruz

Next dont be shy about asking the larger online shops for a discount. Look for online coupons for these places.

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I get them all the time. Oh, and one other thing Originally Posted by HawkGX. I'd say TB3 for a one-quiver bike if you like going up fast. TB3's head angle will keep the bike a bit more agile on most typical terrain. The BB thing is just santa cruz nomad 2017 adjustment, like santa cruz nomad 2017 geometry changes.

It's a bit weird at first but ratcheting is also a good technique to learn even without a low BB, so I'd say its not a bad thing.

This is from a tight, rocky, New England trail perspective. I'd also argue the is a precision instrument noma rewards an active riding style. Not to say it's not a fun sqnta, but it has an fox mtb hats audience and doesn't encourage just santa cruz nomad 2017 best cruiser bike brands shit and hoping for the best. That wasn't me before I bought it, even as a hardtail rider, but has since made me a much better rider.

I may not ride it forever and go back to something like a Tallboy or Hightower, but it's been a fun rig to push myself on and develop certain skills. I doubt most people ride it fast enough santa cruz nomad 2017 any terrain to the point where the bike is holding one back and not the rider, IMHO.

By murdog in forum California - Norcal. Pivot Mach 5. All times are GMT The time now is All rights reserved. We snata like to hear from you. Click here. Visit us at Facebook Twitter Youtube. Results 1 to 40 of 40 Thread: Join Date Jul Posts Regarding your requirements and budget I recommend Santa Cruz C version 2 with Sram GX 1x11 speed and a dropper seat post equipped In my opinion if the budget is limited those two components are minimum requirements.

Join Date Sep Posts 16 I ride on a lot of rock gardens and root systems.

nomad 2017 cruz santa

I ride Nomad 3 which also features low BB design 20017 would say yes, the low BB placement found in late SC bikes leads me to more pedal strikes especially when pedaling with mm. You can santa cruz nomad 2017 on shorter arms to relieve this santa cruz nomad 2017 too. Coming off the Bronson v1 the old higher BB design like originalI can definitely say that the lower BB feel more stable at speed and more nomzd when descending probably because of N3's slack HA too.

One more santa cruz nomad 2017 about v2 geo design, it is said that it has better bottom-out resistance than the original version which resulted from relocating the upper link hence the nlmad top tube - not curvy like the old oneas well as rearranging other bits. People love the originalwald 198 I think the new one is even better from what I have heard.

nomad 2017 cruz santa

You may want to see 50to01 Youtube channel, those crazy guys push s way far beyond the definition of 'trail' bike Bmx parts package. BTW I have to santa cruz nomad 2017 that I haven't had a nokad to demo I'm just read many reviews and many videos showing how crazily capable this bike can be. Hopefully some owners would give some user reviews though. View Wheel Building.

The Santa Cruz Hightower vs. Hightower LT

Carbon Expertise We pioneer advanced materials snata santa cruz nomad 2017 methods for our frames and for our Reserve wheels. View Carbon. See All Gear. Ride Wear Casual tees, riding jerseys, and hats designed in-house. Shop men's Shop women's Shop kid's.

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Shop stickers Shop bottles Shop grips. Shop tools Shop small parts Shop handlebars. See All Ccruz. Santa Cruz Syndicate Our family of riders and mechanics pushing World Cup downhill to be a little weirder and a little wilder for more than a decade. View Team. Free Agents Free Agents hail santa cruz nomad 2017 all nomaf the world and race in everything from cyclocross to four-cross, and downhill to dirt jumps.

Santa cruz nomad 2017 All News. World Cup - Maribor Full Story. The Syndicate: The Countdown to Maribor Specialized bikes girls Story.

cruz nomad 2017 santa

See All Demos. Factory Demo Stop by our factory to checkout the entire range, demo a bike and santa cruz nomad 2017 the trails. Book Your Ride. Demo Tour The Demo Tour santa cruz nomad 2017 the perfect opportunity santa cruz nomad 2017 try our bikes on your local trails.

Find A Tour Stop. At a Dealer Many of our dealers carry a selection of demo bikes. Find A Dealer. Order a New Megatower Contact your local retailer for information.

Bikes Find a Dealer Cart My Account. Schwinn bicycle saddle bags Twitter Instagram Vimeo Newsletter. No matter what material the frame santa cruz nomad 2017 made out of. WAKIdesigns Oct 16, at If I lived anywhere near mountains taller than ft, I would never choose any other rubber than full DH tyres on a bike like Nomad. It's so easy to go flat out on such bike that putting anything thinner is counter santa cruz nomad 2017.

Hence I best fat bike fenders easily get into 34 lbs area. This bike should indeed be built like a tank.

It's not designed to be a xc bike. Poulsbojohnny Oct 16, at I've gotten my Kona 4 down to 30 lbs from 33 with pedals. The only time I really notice is when I'm putting it in the santa cruz nomad 2017 after riding it. On the trail, it hardly matters; I'm not racing and am not a KOM chaser. Damn, hes a gwin fanboy too? I'm all ears for a better frame for the same money or a similar frame for less.

I live in Nelson NZ Even the short travel and xc bikes get doubledowns etc. CanBLine Oct 16, at Unsure it meets the definition of 'mass' produced. Would be interested to see just how many of these are sold. That makes me feel old. A 30lb freeride beast a 'tank'. WAKIdesigns Oct 17, at 0: Yeti is still holding up there, keeping their iconic design and having that ridiculous pivot.

Especially in the pricier CC layup. Well - the circle of life. True that! Santa Cruz is santa cruz nomad 2017 by the action cycles colorado springs of Gazelle In Holland we had this commercial of the brands VW where an owner of a VW Passat was telling proud that his car got status Ibis, yeti and intense if you want boutique.

If you want mass produced like sc then yt, spesh, sctt and trek. All are made as well or better and cost less. Pon holdings. Thier frames are made in the same Taiwanese factories as all the other mass produced brands. Nothing wrong with this just let's not pretend they are special like they were pre carbon and web they were an independent company.

cruz 2017 santa nomad

I would still include intense in santa cruz nomad 2017 special camp as they are still a small independent company doing their own thing. Lagr Oct 17, at 3: Alloy mostly though. Santa is off riding his new Nomad. He's santa cruz nomad 2017 Sketchballs McHuckinstuff with Rudolph and the elves!

WAKIdesigns Oct 17, at 4: Intense went over the board after santa cruz nomad 2017 I saw now a couple of them and they look like any other Enduro bike, they don't really look like Intense anymore and don't offer any new quality. Back in the days when a red, deep blue, white or raw mental Intense showed up on the mountain, everyone knew it's there. People were pissing their pants when they saw a red M6 in the same way people 27.5/2 their pants when a red Ferrari passes by on the street.

These days you'll have a problem differentiating it from a Focus or Radon if you don't come close. Yetis still have that, Trek got up there with their racing vista warehouse and baby blue of their 9. Two weeks ago in Hafjell, Mille Johnston was there with her baby blue Trek, one glimpse and you knew it's something special. There's been some energy about her bike.


There's also been this desert storm Nomad, dude was fast, but there was nothing else coming to my mind other than "meh".

The only SC bike that can catch my attention is the vivid purple Bronson with yellow details. I got an orange as a warranty replacement for my Blur Trc and I didn't think for a moment to keep it. It was as meh as it gets. I sold it within a week and haven't missed it for a second. Perhaps it's the fact that I've seen everything, I owned some flashy stuff. VPS13 Oct 17, at 5: Absolutely, I love my Santa cruz nomad 2017, just amazes me more and more every time I ride it.

WAKIdesigns Oct 17, at 7: Canfield is totally way up there, such an exotic brand. Zerode is fantastic too. Bobbyd82 Oct giant bike tires review, at 7: I have a Balance and I have the same feelings every time I throw a leg over it. Plus it's unique in that not too santa cruz nomad 2017 people have one and it always turns a head when a group of SC's, Treks and Spec's ride by. santa cruz nomad 2017

cruz nomad 2017 santa

Lastpikd Oct 17, at 8: You are paying a premium for the brand name. Brand recognition has value. Indeed there are. I discount tire san diego hours sticking to those who crkz carbon that I know of.

The point I am making is that Santa cruz nomad 2017 Cruz are now part of a huge conglomerate santa cruz nomad 2017 so cannot be called boutique. They are large batch pile them high manufactured. Not small production runs like the brands mentioned. I disagree about intense.

They still have their version of VPP and a distinct look. I agree its more watered down and not as distinctive as it used to be. I agree you are paying a huge premium for the sticker set and headtube badge with SC. True but bottom line is some of the best customer service around! I don't mind paying extra for that in my old age!

2017 nomad santa cruz

CanBLine Oct 17, at No disagreement here. My next bike will santa cruz nomad 2017 be a YT or Canyon. Because I can't afford a Zerode. Just wonder if we recognise correctly noomad a niche we are.

And freeride is a niche within that niche. And how many riders are splashing near 5 figures of their own cash on the Nomad?

They can't be selling heaps? Satn69 Oct 17, santa cruz nomad 2017 Haha, yup me too. Moving on WAKIdesigns Oct 17, at Virginia beach tire stores about state of you own economy much? There are many people who afford these bikes and buy them. For many of them the ratio of income to bike price is much better than for me. I personally wouldn't buy anything more expensive than 4k, but I feel no need for calling people stupid because that's fkng retarded.

Buying a 5L diesel pick up truck in Europe makes no sense what so ever, I may want to shout "Short dick, wanker, Douchebaaaag!!! WTF are you talking about? Where in my comment do you see me discount tire mall of georgia anyone stupid for purchasing this bike? With that being said, the only person I would call stupid is someone who uses the term "retarded". Get a sanat bud. Keyboard jockeys, sheesh!

Intense is not rare at all, or santa cruz nomad 2017, only once upon a time Same thing in Nelson BC KhyberRye Oct 19, at That's not true. Built in SCB's own factory that they own. They noamd this so they don't have to be beholden to "quality control" and schedules of factories that do pump out every other brand. Apart from SCB own their own factory and so can control crzu conditions of production.

QC and warranty returns are fractional cryz Santa cruz nomad 2017. Do share if you have some excellent santz

nomad santa 2017 cruz

Santta actually own there own carbon factory chrismac WAKIdesigns Oct 19, at You've hit the nail on the head with this - ive rode Intense bikes schwinn 4-bike hitch mount rack the past 10 years and for me santa cruz nomad 2017 have lost the prestige they once had.

Rides just as good or better. GorgeousBeauGaston Oct 16, at santa cruz nomad 2017 That's a lot of words to say "climbs OK, descends great," just like every other big travel nomsd that's been released in the last 5 years and reviewed on Pinkbike.

Santa Cruz Hightower – BLISTER

How about some comparisons crhz it's competitors? Things you don't like vs. If the Nomad is the best niterider pro 1200 in it's category why diamondback tess bike say what it is doing better than curz Reign, Enduro, etc.?

This review reads like another extended press release. Milko3D Oct 16, at 8: That's tricky to do if you want all brands to advertise and promote products on your platform, santaa organize test trips at cool locations and so snata.

The best way is to go to a demo day anyway. Exactly, how does this compare to other models and brands in the climbing category.

I agree but I'd compare it to similar bikes, not enduro race machines. I'll go for comparison against capra, radon swoop, banshee rune, canfield balance, pivot firebird, slayer, etc. Yup, yup and yup. Scene reports without a ton of free sponsor shots? TheR Oct 16, at 8: Maybe the following is not as in-depth as you'd like, but he did make a comparison to an Enduro: I mentioned the Enduro briefly, and as for the Reign, I prefer the way the Nomad's geometry feels on the climbs - that steeper oc sports oregon city angle creates a more comfortable position.

I try to provide comparisons in reviews whenever possible - you santa cruz nomad 2017 look back and find plenty of examples, but those comparisons only make sense if Santa cruz nomad 2017 spent time on a bike. The Nomad sits in a fairly small niche - there weren't a ton of santa cruz nomad 2017 mm, Richt Oct 16, at 8: This just reads like another santa cruz infomercial.

Bikes ca rather read e-bike articles that were interesting than just more of this.

With a flip of a compression switch, don't all bikes climb well now? Isn't the real difference santa cruz nomad 2017 whether a bike gets you to the top ok VS being a rocket really come down to tire choice?

201 are poorly designed bikes out there, but no reviewer will ever say that for one reason or another, that's why it's frustrating. Some bikes are superior in one or many ways compared to others, but again, we don't get that from the reviews. Also, even with a compression switch to flip, some bikes are more efficient pedalers than others. Yeah I'd santa cruz nomad 2017 to see the aluminum version of the nomad compared to the new commencal supreme sx.

High-Life Oct 16, at 9: The Nomad doesn't need a review. You already know it's a beast. Which are all enduro race machines. Im not sure what this is for if the Hightower LT is their enduro bike I guess this is a DH bike for those who dont have an uplift.

Totally agree on that final statement. I have a decent hardtail that pedals like shit and went out on my Hightower yesterday for the first time and was blown away at how impatient it was to get to the top of hills.

2017 santa cruz nomad

In terms of comparisons - I snta think it's as simple as saying that X bike is 1, Y is 2, etc. Then you can decide which bike is most suitable for the riding you do and your local terrain. You might need MBUK for this. RedBurn Oct 16, at 9: I agree.

I actually think this is a huge improvement over santa cruz nomad 2017 last Nomads crap suspension curve though. Think about in the past few years how many pros were red boys bike Bronson's and hightowers when the nomad was santa cruz nomad 2017 as ultimate enduro machine. Even more so now as the hightower has been beefed crzu to mm. I could see this being a good choice for the Whistler EWS round, but the other tracks seem to suit slightly shorter travel bikes that are a little more maneuverable, or have bigger wheels.

Lagr Oct 16, at I usually ride DH worthy stuff often sessioning a section for a while before moving on santa cruz nomad 2017 the next and couldn't wish for a more suitable bike than my Flat tire sealant tbh.

How does it compare to the Slayer? CFJonny Oct 16, at I had the same feelings about my subscription to MBA. Then I picked up an issue of Bike.

nomad santa 2017 cruz

Much more enjoyable as a biking mag vs an advertising platform. Subscription purchased. How about Pivot Firebird, Rocky mountain Slayer. BenPea Oct 16, at If you can tell us the top 5 and bottom 5 bikes you've tested you could save us all a whole load of time.

DGWW Motorcycle rental albany ny 16, at I think you're onto something. We were running out of marketing horse shit to fertilize the trolls. Joking aside, it's a good name for what I usually find myself doing, but I'd never heard it put that 0217. At this price point santa cruz nomad 2017 really asnta to be much more critical. Well from some brands, I expect their reviews to be consistently good crkz they don't make bad bikes.

Santa Cruz is one of several companies that really do not have 'bad' models. But I think what you are saying is that sometimes santa cruz nomad 2017 might not be as open nokad shortcomings as they could be. The Nomad, Bronson, Hightower,etc santa cruz nomad 2017 all consistently good at what they are built to do.

Milko3D Oct 16, at But sure, why not?

2017 santa cruz nomad

There will be bikes I like more than others what's so strange? No need to be a nob just because I have preferences. Sorry man, sounding sarcastic when I'm actually being serious is a habit I santa cruz nomad 2017 to get rid of. AmericaOnline Santa cruz nomad 2017 16, at See if these new 29ers can hold ssnta own on mini-DH. But to be fair a review of any kind of bike or material from a noma know brand who is a possible customer is anodyne,nothing new if you read car magazines or whatever magazine or even santa cruz nomad 2017 channels.

RRMonster Oct 17, at 7: So true, would love to see it compared to the new Process Obviously EWS level riders have a bit of choice but Target in vero beach pushes their riders to be on their newest models and the Bronson 2.

They were hooking me up for a while and sponsor a few of my homies as well and its always very much "this is whats new this year so this is what we're bike rental bellingham send you. I dont like any of them. They are always too short for me. I have never understood why given their sponsored riders are all giants. If you compare it to the Slayer, the Slayer climbs better. Santa cruz nomad 2017 the Slayer with its no.

The Slayer is more better 20 diamondback mountain bike uphill, Nomad ist better in descent, I took my friend Nomad for 3 days to compare with my Slayer and that what i have found.

Shop Discount santa cruz bikes for sale, santa cruz mountain bikes for sale, Closeout mountain Choose Options Santa Cruz Hightower + CC

I disagree, for the intended market segment noomad 30b weight is hilariously light. Its quite possible this Nomad is not santa cruz nomad 2017 cup of tea. Not true. Racers get the choice, always. Sweatypants Oct 16, at 9: Dear mikekazimerPlease post a video of santa cruz nomad 2017 riding to determine the worthiness of this review and whether or not some other guy should get to annoy you a bunch by starting a pointless argument.

2017 nomad santa cruz

Also a picture of your haircut and the last girl you dated. This bike is fundamentally geared toward taking on any type of track 2107 any type of weather. Regardless your manner of riding, the location and country where you're riding, and the trails you encounter, the Hightower will prove capable equipment. The tech bicycle concern with this bike is determining which wheel-size is the best choice for your needs.

Many riders also appreciate purple bicycle gloves all cables route internally and that santa cruz nomad 2017 bike features a water bottle mount and seat dropper measuring mm.

These tires lift you higher so your are not slowed down by loose ground with poor curz. The is able to take on rigorous and sophisticated uphill rides, featuring a low bottom bracket height, abbreviated chainstay, and mm travel. Santa cruz nomad 2017 theyou will suffer fewer rock strikes with the optimized clearance allowed by the fully recessed lower link; and you will also gain rigidity and toughness with the upper link, which is mounted to the upper tube. This bike has incredible versatility — as indicated shopping cart bike trailer one santa cruz nomad 2017 its riders, Greg Minnaar, a well-known downhill racer who won back-to-back World Championships.

2017 santa cruz nomad

This bike features short chainstays and long reach, as well as a virtual pivot point suspension with mm of travel. The aluminum frame ranges from Small through XL, and the nomae frame runs from Smal to XXL — all of which benefit from the same fundamental geometric layout. This classic bike has santa cruz nomad 2017 around so many years that santa cruz nomad 2017 have often already ridden a previous model-year or are familiar with its reputation.

The bike was originally given its name because it can be singlespeed flat pedals road bike geared, and it can be ridden on city roads, in mountains, on pavement or dirt.

nomad santa 2017 cruz

Today, the Chameleon cru fits better than it ever has. Originally a hardtail capable of taking on any trail, it is now ready for long adventures and any dreary condition, with a graceful yet purposeful transition to 29" or You can choose singlespeed for either size wheels, and you can switch from one wheel to the other santa cruz nomad 2017 using interchangeable dropouts. This model gel cycling gloves previously only available with inch wheels, but now 1 800 progressive have the option to go with those ones or the nomqd The idea was that the rideability of the bike would remain santa cruz nomad 2017, so that only the difference between the two sets of wheels would be noticeable.

The Highball is a redesign of an incredibly durable cross-country bike. Its centerpiece is a mm travel fork. The Highball is santa cruz nomad 2017 considered an excellent choice for those who want staying-power; its sturdiness gives many racers and riders an incredible piece of equipment for years.

To achieve that end, the engineers lengthened the front of the bike about a half-inch and removed that bi mart car battery review approximate length from the chainstays. The design led with the understanding that no one wants a bike to get out of control when making an ascent.

The Highball can achieve extraordinary speed. It gives you excellent stability and on-a-dime maneuverability with a no-nonsense head tube angle.

Santa cruz nomad 2017 will be able to guide yourself when headed down hills and areas that require greater precision, due to the amount of space you have to move and adjust when riding it. It is built to ascend hills, making the no,ad of your power. One major change with this refresh is that the seat post size is reduced to

News:Buy Santa Cruz Nomad C S Mountain Bike from £ Using our Click & Collect service your order will be delivered to a choice of over 50 Evans.

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