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Feb 7, - A custom, handbuilt wheelset — where replacement spokes and rims are relatively cheap — are a good choice (see below for more on these).

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Well I've heard of them at least, so not that weird. Good plan. JamesBradbury - I mention this because I was unaware, so apologies if you already know maybe useful to someone else in future: As Daniel says below I've replace bike spoke cost read this elsewhere rear drive-sides are the most likely to go so you bioe wish to order accordingly.

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Also as noted in another comment, I managed to damage a couple of spokes when the chain went into them albeit a while agonot visible until I'd taken replace bike spoke cost cassette off. So I think at least an element of "user error"! The only special tool is a longish bije ie, longer than a multitool and then to actually have the spare spoke and not loose the nipple.

Can you perhaps elaborate? Mainly look at the spokes discount tire direct financing it - things like a chain wedging between the large cog and spokes can damage them, think about the history of the wheel - was it hit by a car in past replace bike spoke cost Its possible, even likely, more then one spoke is damaged.

spoke cost bike replace

You may have something there - the chain came off the top and into the spokes very early on. I'd bought a new cassette for the new wheel and the "old" derailleur needed its limit tweaking. I'll check the replace bike spoke cost spokes on that side. I just changed the spoke myself and as soon as I got the cassette off saw tell-tale scratches on a couple of the other spokes.

bike spoke cost replace

At least now I know to be on the lookout and have a bunch of spares ready should anything else happen. Ray Just to give me an idea.

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Tighten it to about the average tightness of the nearby spokes. Squeeze the spoke shaft towards nearby spokes from each side by gripping two, then three, then four spokes at once. Recheck the tightness. Now true the wheel. Fix-it Pages Advertising BannerHeight. Get a replacement spoke of the same diameter as the broken one.

Take the broken spoke to the sloke with you, replace bike spoke cost you get the right length and diameter. However, when put under tension in series with the other spokes, it will support a lot of weight, family bicycles will not bend.

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It also helps to keep the wheel round, and in 10 speed bicycle chain straight line. As a result, when being used, the spoke does flex around. You might hear a tinging noise as you cycle. These are the spokes flexing against their neighbor. This friction, as well replace bike spoke cost as the point in the hub, or outer rim, eventually will cause the spoke to fail.

How often should I check for a broken spoke? The answer should be every time you get on your spoe, but not everyone spokee the time. If replace bike spoke cost spoke is broken, it makes the paired spoke, and the spokes around it take the load, making them fail sooner.

How to fix a broken or loose spoke

The bike tire 700x25c spoke can then either go into the outer wheel, and cause a puncture, or worse, get caught between the other spokes, and your frame, making bi,e fall off.

A broken spoke will be easy to spot, but a weekly check of your wheels by flicking the spokes will quickly identify the broken spoke. Don't worry if one spoke moves a lot and seems quite loose. The replace bike spoke cost and opposite spokes are usually quite tight, and this is done to keep your wheel straight, or true.

What should I do if I see a broken spoke, or hear one break? If the bikee is off replace bike spoke cost the left, tighten spokes that go to the right flange and loosen those that go bije the left flange.

spoke replace cost bike

If you do the same amount of tightening and loosening, you can move the rim to the side without affecting the roundness of the wheel. After adjusting the worst bend to the left, find mt laguna store worst bend slashblue the right, and adjust it.

Keep replace bike spoke cost sides. Don't try to make each bent area perfect, just make it better, then go on to the next. The wheel will gradually get truer and truer as you go. For vertical replace bike spoke cost, find the highest high spot on the rim.

bike spoke cost replace

It takes a larger adjustment to affect the vertical truing than the horizontal truing. Vertical truing should usually be done by tightening spokes, gradually building up the tension in the wheel as you go along.

spoke replace cost bike

As soon as the lateral truing trial bike brands reasonably good within a couple of millimeters start checking the dishing. Put the adjustable feeler of the dish stick over the axle on one side of the wheel and adjust it so that replace bike spoke cost ends of the dish stick touch the rim while the middle feeler rests against the outer locknut on the axle.

Giant simple bike move the stick to the other side of the wheel without re-adjusting the feeler. If the dish stick rocks back and forth while in contact with the outer locknut, the spokes on that side of the wheel have to be tightened to pull the rim over. If the ends of the dish stick sit on the rim but the feeler won't reach the locknut, the replace bike spoke cost on the other side of the wheel need to be tightened.

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Spo,e the dish is starting to replace bike spoke cost within best bicycle tools or 2 millimeters of being correct, go back to working on the lateral truing, except now you will not be alternating sides.

If the rim needs to move to the right to improve the dish, find the worst bend to the left, adjust it, then find the new worst bend to the left, and so on. All the time you are doing this, you need to keep checking the vertical truing, and whenever the vertical error is greater than the lateral error, work on the vertical. A rim may be a bit diamondback hook 2018 at the seam -- usually directly opposite the valve hole -- see Machined Rim Sidewalls.

If the rim is welded, grinding s;oke excess metal may have left a slight hollow. If the rim is pinned, the ends may not line up perfectly. You may need to relax your truing standards slightly at the seam, average the vertical truing for the two sides, or guide by eye on the underside replace bike spoke cost the rim.

spoke cost bike replace

You also need to keep monitoring the tension on the freewheel-side spokes. Bi,e are three ways to check tension. One is by how hard it is to turn the spoke wrench. Replace bike spoke cost it starts to get hard enough that you have to start worrying about rounding off the nipple with the spoke wrench, you are approaching the maximum. Fifteen years ago, this would be the limiting sppke, and you would just youth bmx helmet full face to get the wheel as tight as you could without stripping nipples.

Modern, high quality spokes and nipples have more precisely-machined threads, however, and now there is actually a possibility of getting them too tight, causing rim failure.

The second way of judging spoke tension is by plucking the spokes where they cross and judging the musical pitch they make. If your shop doesn't have a piano, and you don't have perfect pitch, you can compare it with a known good wheel that uses the same length of spokes.

This will get you into the ballpark. Before I started using a spoke tensiometer, I used to keep a cassette in my toolbox on which I had recorded my piano playing an Fa good average reference tone for stainless spokes replace bike spoke cost usual length. For more details on this method, see John Allen's article: Replace bike spoke cost Spoke Tension by Ear. The third, and best way is with a spoke tensiometer.

spoke cost bike replace

Every well-equipped shop should have one. Average freewheel-side tension should be up to shop standards for the type of spokes and rim being used. More important is that it be even.

bike spoke cost replace

Don't worry about the left-side tension on rear wheels. If rfplace replace bike spoke cost side is correctly tensioned, and the wheel is correctly dished, the parts x side will be quite a bit looser. You should still check the left side for uniformity of tension.

spoke replace cost bike

Using thinner spokes on the left side avoids most of the problems which the looseness causes -- also see John Allen's article. As the replace bike spoke cost begins to come replace bike spoke cost tension, you start to have to deal with spoke torsion. When you turn your spoke wrench, the spoke will first twist a bit from the friction of the threads. Once the nipple has turned far enough, the twist in the spoke rail trail bike rental give enough resistance that the threads will start to move, but the spoke will remain twisted.

What a good wheelbuilder can do that a robot machine can't do is feel this twist.

spoke replace cost bike

If you "finish" your wheel up, and it is perfectly true in your stand, but the spokes are twisted, the wheel will not stay true on the road. The twist in the spokes will eventually work replace bike spoke cost out, and the wheel will go out of true.

bike cost replace spoke

This problem can be prevented by sensitive use of your spoke wrench. What you need to replace bike spoke cost is overshoot and backlash. This is much easier to do on straight-gauge spokes, because they are stiffer torsionally, and it is easier to feel the twist than it is with butted spokes.

cost spoke replace bike

Before a wheel is ready for the road, it must be stress-relieved, because the bend in the spoke has to accommodate itself to the shape of the hub flange and vice versa, and a similar process may go on replace bike spoke cost the nipple sits in the rim. Some wheelbuilders replace bike spoke cost this spokke flexing the whole wheel, others by grabbing the spokes in groups of 4 and squeezing them together.

My preferred technique is to use a lever to bend the spokes around each other where they cross. My favorite lever for this is an old left crank:.

bike spoke cost replace

This particular technique has the added advantage of bending the spokes neatly around each other at the crossing, so they run straight from the crossing in both directions. As you go around the wheel this way you will probably replacd creaks and pinging sounds as the parts come into more intimate terms with each other. After you do this, you will probably have to do some touch-up truing, then repeat the stressing process until it stops making noise and the wheel stops going out of true.

After cold forming, steel always springs back replace bike spoke cost certain amount 4 wheel parts austin are entirely cold formed from wire. Spring-back occurs because part of rsplace material exceeded its elastic limit and part did not. The disparate parts fight each other in tension and compression, so that when the spoke is replace bike spoke cost, it adds to the tensile stress that can be, and often is, at replace bike spoke cost.

When spokes are bent into place, replacf yield locally and addition of tension guarantees diy ebike these places remain at yield.

Because metal at or near the yield stress has a short fatigue life, these stresses must be relieved to make spokes replacee.

bike cost replace spoke

These peak stresses can be relieved by momentarily increasing spoke tension and stressso that the high stress points of the spoke yield and plastically deform with a permanent set. When the stress-relief force is relaxed, these areas cannot spring back, having, in effect, lost their memory, and drop to the average stress of the spoke.

The cst spokes pull harder under drive torque to make the rim turn, and the cots spokes contribute by pulling less hard best commuter bicycles 2015 driving replace bike spoke cost.

Each group of spokes contributes equally in its own way to turning the rim to keep up with the hub.

Don’t Buy A New Road Bike, Change The Wheels

Derailer rear wheels should be laced with the trailing spokes running up along the inside of the cist. There are three reasons for this:. This is not an important issue! There is a sizable minority of good wheelbuilders who prefer to go the other way around, and good replace bike spoke cost can be built either way.

price$ Queen Bike Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels 50mm Clincher Wheelset c Racing Bike Wheel · BBR Tuning 26 Inch Heavy Duty 10 Spoke Star.

Conventional "semi-tangent" spoke patterns are indicated as "cross 3", "cross 4", etc. For example, cross 3 means that each spoke crosses 3 other spokes that run from the same flange of the hub.

bike cost replace spoke

replace bike spoke cost Most wheels are built cross 3. Higher cross numbers cause the spokes to leave the hub flange more nearly at a tangent.

This makes them better able to withstand the twisting forces of hard pedaling in low gears, and also braking forces from hub brakes. Lower cross numbers make the spokes more nearly perpendicular to the hub flange, and to the rim.

In the case of the " radial " cross 0 pattern, the spokes go straight out from the hub without crossing replace bike spoke cost all.

Lower cross patterns use shorter spokes, so they are slightly lighter, and they can also be slightly stronger side-to-side. The more spokes a wheel has, the higher the cross number for a similar spoke angle. In the case of unusually large hubs, particularly large hubs in small rims, fewer crosses are often indicated, to avoid bending replace bike spoke cost spokes where the tools warehouse exit the nipples.

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For example, the Wpoke Speedhub has 32 spoke holes, but is usually laced cross 2. For extremely large hubs such as electric-bicycle hub motors, you may need to use a redline squareback for sale spoking pattern.

We have an article describing how to do this. Radial spoked cross 0 wheels have the spokes going straight replace bike spoke cost from the hub.

bike spoke cost replace

This pattern is suitable only for front wheels that don't use hub brakes. There are two things to watch out for with radial wheels. Because the nipples point straight inward from the rim, they can turn more easily in replace bike spoke cost rims than when they are bent to a slight angle by a semi-tangent spoke pattern.

This ease of turning increases the risk of their unscrewing themselves on the road. Or, if a rim does not have recessed spoke holes, the rim tape and air pressure in the inner tube will keep the spokes from turning -- at least with a high-pressure tire.

The other potential problem with radial wheels is that the spokes, trailing straight outward on bike shop cumberland md hub flange, can possibly rip the outer edge of the flange right off along the line of the spoke holes. They are wider in the plane replace bike spoke cost the wheel, which is the direction of the torsional force, so there is more material to resist it. Also, they flex a little more in the perpendicular plane, so they are better at distributing the compression load across the wheel.

The traditional spoking pattern of a bicycle wheel comprised 32 or sometimes 36 spokes, crossed three times. The interwoven pattern of the spokes in a traditionally laced wheel, far from being just replace bike spoke cost pretty kaleidoscopic arrangement, is actually a functional bike stores ann arbor of the wheel design.

cost replace bike spoke

In terms of lateral rigidity the points where the spokes intersect allow each one to brace against another as it is placed under tension, as well as support it as it is compressed. The most vital role of the three-cross lacing pattern is in a giant jerseys wheel, where the spokes must transmit pedalling power from the hub.

In this case the spokes are loaded replace bike spoke cost much greater torsional loads thanks to the twisting force from the drivetrain. Spokes on the cassette side, leaving the hub tangentially, transfer a rotating force torque from the hub to the rim.

Radial spokes which follow a path from the centre of the hub directly to the rim, without crossing replace bike spoke cost are much less able to cope with this type of loading and would be more likely to fail.

bike cost replace spoke

This saves weight, as the spokes can be shorter and fewer are needed to create a laterally stiff wheel. It looks good too. has a variety of spokes and nipples available to suit the unique demands of your cycling discipline including options from DT Swiss and.

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