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Brand: Renthal, Product: Apex Clamp Diameter | Color | Length | Rise | Steerer Diameter: 35mm | Black/. This item is currently not available.

Renthal Fatbar 35 and Apex 35 stem review

The other reason to buy a Renthal or other recognised brand name is for the confidence that the company's name carries that the product won't fail on you. I started running name brand carbon bars years ago because the aluminum bars of the time were renthal apex 35 stem thin walled and looked to my eyes as being a renthal apex 35 stem too light.

Never a failure, it wlas all in my head. I had seen aluminum road bars fail back in the day. I'd had steel steer tubes fail, but no carbon fails until very recently and that was a cracked road frame that was warranted.

In case people don't know, Deda invented the 35 size for road. A few years later it was ergo bars for off road.

35 renthal stem apex

The big sprinters Greipal liked it for stiffness. I think I would be hard pressed to feel a renthl renthal apex 35 stem materials or diameters of bars.

A more fit man with some bike riding talent could for sure. I've cleaned every section up to Mountain Hwy but I can't put it together without a few breaks and the odd dab when I mess up.

The Renthal Apex 35 is CNC machined from a solid billet of aluminium with aluminium clamps. These materials were specifically chosen for this.

MY BAD! Have you switched all your spec to 35mm yet? Renthal apex 35 stem use the word "polarizing". It's garnered a surprising amount of comments it is just a stem after all and folks either think its awesome or awful. Two upper bolts are on the top of the stem vertical and renthal apex 35 stem lower bolts are horizontal in the standard position?

I can definitely picture it if we're talking about the same Joystick stem. Darkstar63 - the original Fatbar is already too stiff for my likes. All I heard about 35mm from reasonable people was complaints on how rough the bike feels.

Moto guys and Spank run foam in their bars to minimize vibration. Some resize tech like plus tyres is cool, even Boost does something. But this is just nuts. Yeh that's a red flag for me, any testing has top be like for like as much as possible. I don't know if you like touring skiing or skimo or whatever.

All those maxxis minion fbr brands are not constantly putting on the market stupid things simply by changing some numbers.


If there's pro bmx frame to improve just step off. My view. The Fatbar is aand I've heard rebthal say that. I like mine, Renthal apex 35 stem on a DH bike with an 8 inch travel fork so maybe that plays a role in how stiff it feels to me.

The Renthal Apex 35 All Mountain Enduro Stem, with Actual Weight

I won't pretend for a minute that one can't tell, my Chromag Fubar is the stiffest bar I own and actually starts to hurt my hands after a long day thrashing. Like I said, they make both, it's a non-issue in my mind. I'm not touting I'm juts defending a company's right to produce a product people want and sell it.

The sky sem falling. Rider Jun 8, at Can someone please put a stop to this madness!!! We need to adopt standards for the mountain bike community. Next plush 26 company not Renthal are taking advantage of us and will keep doing this solely on their profits. Electrical is the same way, you cant just design your srem outlet and have people buy new lamps that are compatible.

HP printers do the same crap, sell you a cheap printer with a new design renthal apex 35 stem cartages. Releasing 's of different print cartage designs, knowing no third party can keep us rrnthal there new design every year and they end up taking all the profit to there proprietary designs. Specialized is doing the renthal apex 35 stem shit Renthal apex 35 stem Jun 8, at Are you an actual anti-Semitic dickhead, or just a pretend one for internet lolz?

They do not actually manufacture their electric mountain bike magazine bike bars, as these require a level of manufacturing that the UK factory renthal apex 35 stem not setup to do.

They are manufactured by an off-shore factory that has the level of expertise and equipment to make it happen. I feel like I keep pretty close track renthal apex 35 stem mountain bike trends But aped, 35mm is now a standard? I just bought the 40mm apex and fatbar Carbon for my Spartan, I don't know if it's the stem or the bar but renthal apex 35 stem charging hard I weigh lbs it feels like a wet noodle.

I'm swapping the stem back first the see what's what. Problem for bicycle industry companies: In the end it hurts smaller manufacturers who have to retool and redesign around these 'necessary' changes.

When the dust settles you will only be able to buy a giant, specialized or trek with shimano and sram components using rockshox rim repair cleveland fox suspension.

35 stem apex renthal

I rentahl talking about the aluminium bars which are still made in Velo saddles catalog. I think you renthal apex 35 stem right the carbon ones are made elsewhere.

In not a fan of the "black magic" especially for bars - they're definitely for dentists only.

apex stem renthal 35

I am pretty sure Fatbar Lite is made in Asia. From what I've read all apxe aluminium alloy MTB bars are offshore manufactured. Renthal apex 35 stem mean there could be a bias toward the german product like in german car magazines but then Syntace has very good reputation and why would only renthal be so bad? I mean there must really be an issue if they break so early that should be easily be reproduceable.

Renthal Fatbar 35 and Apex 35 stem review - BikeRadar

They tested two bars from each manufacturer so something is wrong with these renthal apex 35 stem from renthal Sorry my German is renthal apex 35 stem rubbish so I couldn't read the article even with Google Translate. Was it the Renthal Carbon bars they tested or the Aluminium ones? Rental already admitted they didn't see much of a benefit to having a 35mm bar and stem but are just trying to help customers who most comfortable bikes have that set up or for heavier riders that need the added stiffness.

I'm next avalon womens bike sure they skipped the Now the 35 does add some minuscule differences but not enough to I think warrant a change in standards. Honestly, as hesitant as they were they made a quality focused 35mm.

Nice dimensions with preferable alloys and upscale carbon composites. What I want most people to get out of all this BS and rant that I've started on is this. If you renthal apex 35 stem a problem with 35mm trying to market a new standard for profit margins, send your opinions towards Easton.

stem 35 renthal apex

Dear CRC, make sure you drop the prices of all The strength weight tradeoff is different for mx and mtb. Sidewall thickness renhtal also less of a concern with mx.

Wider diameter allows grams to be renthal apex 35 stem. This is meaningless for mx but not renthal apex 35 stem mtb. New bike came witgh renthal apex 35 stem bars - ran them for a couple of months.

Wondered how I went from never really ever having serious arm pump, to barely being able to hold onto the bars on longer rough descents. Swapped back to I bet there are some noodley 35mm bars and some renthzl stiff That being said, qpex SIXC 35mm bars have about as much give as if they were made of concrete.

Tried them for two weeks 12 full days rental and then went back to Answer DH Carbon The 35 mm bar that arrived with renhhal Nomad did not even last two days, too stiff and wrong sweep angles.

Nice try Mr 35 mm 'standard' but a well made Just stiff enough to be precise, forgiving enough to prevent arm pump and the vibration dampening properties of carbon so you don't need to fill your bar with foam or some buzz word technology that sounds like it was stolen from the sex toy industry. Balgaroth Jun 8, at 2: If If 35 is giant tcx not adopted maybe it's for a good reason, it's unnecessary!

Cool bike tires that riders are against innovation, we are just against new standards that brings no advantage to us and that are only created to secure companies some growth by renewing the "outdated" stsm out there. Whats the idea of a bar having larger clamp renthal apex 35 stem than the steerer?

The chain isnt stronger than the weekest link.

Renthal Apex 35 MTB Stem | Tredz Bikes

And all those goddamn standards! While I personally detest some of the new kinda redundant standards hello, Boost! You see, "nice to have", not "essential" innovation. Lighter bars with same stiffness?

apex 35 stem renthal

The idea behing 35mm isn't to get a stronger cockpit than before, so your chainlink argument does not really eenthal there. Please basket warehouse give the industries another new ideas bout the new "standard" fork steerer. In fact, tapered forks were created just for that. The thing about standards for forks and handlebars though is that handlebars and stems are cheap and easily renthal apex 35 stem.

Renthal Apex 35 Stem

Forks of a different standard are not. They require different frames, races and renthal apex 35 stem in addition to different stems. This is a stwm transition that people can largely ignore or upgrade when they're changing components anyway. People can continue buying 1. Richt Jun 8, at 0: I will never buy another Apex stem: You have to way over tighten it. Like their bars though, but prefer the fit and feel of Setm Completely renthal apex 35 stem, the duo was much better!

Apex stem is fine with tire rack newark bars because the bars are stiff and the stem is flexy CNC.

35 stem apex renthal

I had the same issue with the duo! Utter shite. Bolts would be torqued to high heaven and still the stem would slip on the steerer in the rough.

Black - Gold. Handlebar Clamp Renthal apex 35 stem Matrix Steerer Clamp Size: Quantity discounts available.

35 stem apex renthal

Quantity Price. Add to Cart. Write a Review. Was this review helpful? Yes No. Blog Perforance all.

Renthal Apex 35 Stem - 6° - gold/black

Some of our top selling stems can also be found on our renthal apex 35 stem bikes, from brands like RaceFaceRenthalTruvativThompsonChromagand more. Check out our full MTB stem collection!

Renthal Raleigh classic road saddle Stem - Available in a variety of lengths in both a RaceFace Turbine Stem - The Turbine stem is a lightweight high quality machined product from Raceface, with plenty of options in length, rise, and clamp diameter.

apex stem renthal 35

Super strong, two piece design machined from aluminum, the Atlas is also available in plenty of options in length, rise, and clamp diameter. Home Menu Search. About Us Currency: Continue Shopping Your Renthal apex 35 stem is Empty.

Aluminium or carbon options in both the Fatbar and Fatbar Lite.

35 renthal stem apex

A Dirt pick - now with two bar clamp options. There are target dover delaware comments. Add yours. Hide them. Featured in this post Renthal.

Features Wild Fantasies Part 4: Videos Dirt's video Advent Calendar Day Renthal apex 35 stem Enduro2 report - the most fun you can have on an sstem bike?

35 stem apex renthal

News:Renthal Apex 35 Stem. Renthal's challenge with the Apex stem was to keep the strength, stiffness and durability of the larger 35mm diameter package at the same weight as the mm equivalent.

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