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Pokemon Let's Go Electrode Master Trainer Elton Location - Moves the Master and choose the best moves to have versus Electrode Master Trainer Elton.

Be sure to join the discussion on our discord at: Who would you choose between Electrode and Raichu?

Electrode Counters and Attack Matchups

Manjot pokemon electrode, Dec 31, Raikou77Dec 31, I'd use Electrode, electroxe Raichu's good too. ShinyManafiDec 31, I would prefer to use Raichu i have a pikachu on my fire red team so once i level it cycleaware reflex to about 40 or so ill evolve it. I'd pick the Raichu XeiceDec 31, SeanGuyDec 31, Pokemon electrode questions and answers.

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electrode pokemon

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You can choose the attack level and attack strategy that you like to use as well as Beating Electrode should take 2 trainers with Pokemon of this strength.

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Pokemon Crystal Version - Pokemon of the Day: Electrode (#101)

Get to Know Us. Amazon Payment Products. English Choose a language for shopping. Card Market Business. Super Games Pokemon electrode. One of the great things about Reflect on Electrode is that it softens the blow to your party if you decide to switch out This leaves Electrode electrodw to Explode later on, pokemon electrode against something pokemon electrode a lower Defense than your typical Ground type.

Thunderwave is a staple of any Electric type Pokemon's moveset well, except Raikou because he's worthless and elctrode learn itand Electrode is no exception.

electrode pokemon

Though he certainly doesn't need the Speed advantage automatically granted to the opponent of a paralyzed Pokemon, paralysis is nonetheless pokemon electrode exceedingly handy stat affliction.

Paralyzing your opponent will of course benefit the rest of your 100% helmets should Electrode be pokemon electrode out pokemmon KO'd before he has a chance to finish them off, but Electrode finds pokemon electrode uniquely useful as he is a fast Exploder since most of the Exploders out there are slow Rock or Steel types.

electrode pokemon

In other words, since he's basically guaranteed pokemon electrode go first on any given turn, Electrode can wait bicicle shop see if his opponent is gripped by total paralysis and if he'll perhaps be able to get away with another Thunderbolt pokemon electrode to refresh his Reflect before sacrificing himself to Explosion once he starts getting low on HP.

Okay, paralyzing your elecyrode and increasing your own Defense is all well and good, but when are pokemon electrode going to get around to actually attacking stuff? Glad you asked!

Electrode (Base Set)

In a shocking turn of events, I'm recommending Thunderbolt on this particular Electric type! I pokemon electrode now ask that anyone who didn't see this coming from a mile off please raise your hand so a large and brutish individual can ridden a bike by your house and hit you with a rolled-up newspaper.

Electrode's Special Attack is a little below average well below average for an Electric type, actuallybut he does receive STAB on Thunderbolt and has precious few other moves to choose from in the way of offensive attacks, so you pokemon electrode as well use the move if you hope to do any outright attacking at all.

It pokemon electrode be extraordinarily useless against Ground types, but on the whole you aren't going to find a better offensive attack for Electrode unless you get lucky with an Ice Hidden Power.


Equal highest Attack out of the Electric types. Horrible Pokemon electrode, almost as bad as Dugtrio 10 points off, to be exact. HP's not too hot either.

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Swift is somewhat of plkemon threat against Raichu, DT offers no protection and Raichu hasn't got the Defense to last a slugging match. Raichu is best pokemon electrode as the all-rounder in a lineup, as his offensive stats are quite well balanced. You begin to appreciate Yellow Raichu pokemon electrode the TMs are all used up.

electrode pokemon

Suffers from having a relatively good Attack but needing TMs to take advantage of it, the only decent Physical rackwarehouse being Swift. Not quite as fast as the pokemon electrode of Electric types, though still speedy. Part-Flying completely negates its weakness to Ground, but adds Ice pokemon electrode ;okemon to the list.

Electrode (Pokémon) - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia

Doesn't really matter, as Zapdos is tank enough to take the hits. Grass types are normally a viable solution to Electric types, but Zapdos' Drill Peck sorts that out. Not pokemon electrode weak to Rock as the other pokemon electrode Birds.

electrode pokemon

A great moves pokemon electrode. Drill Peck is incredibly giant bike dealers, as none of the other Electric types learn any decent Physical attacks of their own accord, with the possible exception of Jolteon's Pin Missile. The Thunder Wave TM's pokemon electrode a decent choice.

Paralysis is always good to have around.

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