10 random things you didn’t want to know about me

Happily and humbly accepting my first Blogger Award.

Wishing you a joyous 2014

My wish for you…

Say “rise up lights”

Descend from Wyndham Street, past an unassuming doorway, down four flights of tattered crimson carpet-covered stairs… for the best Chili Martinis in Hong Kong.

Wowed in Wanaka

Christmas. Half-way across the world. And an Indian meal that has forever remained etched in our memory.

The Legend of Sachin Tendulkar

Indians have a God. He walks on this earth.

He is the supreme being of the religion known as cricket. The uniting force in a country, famous for its diversity.

A cuppa, my way

Mom’s recipe for the perfect cup of masala chai.


An audio-visual journey through the history of Delhi is the perfect way to discover (or re-discover) the charm of this city.

Feel the Rush!

Live your dream of becoming a racing car driver, even if for just one day.

Capturing the Colour: Photographs from around the world

Snapshots of this amazing world in Green, Red, Blue, White and Yellow.

The Jade Market game

Isn’t there an intense satisfaction in buying something for less than half the quoted price?

Lines & patterns from around the world

It’s not all black and white. But sometimes it is.

The Maclehose Trail Section 1

If you happen to be visiting HK and would like to sample a different aspect of the city, then checking out one of its many hiking trails may be the answer.