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Jun 3, - Thus, the next time we're considering our next bike, we might face with I'm buying a new bike, but "budget" carbon is still beyond my actual budget. First Ride: Zipp Enters the Mountain Bike World With New 3Zero Moto Carbon Wheels . @oranjpeelz: It is my understanding that series aluminum.

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Size t. Gender Men's. Fort Lauderdale to Portland, Maine. Nice one! We had a great seaotterclassic - was fantastic to meet so many customers and fans.

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Nrxt to our awesome ambassadors for showing how fun bikes are. Congrats marthagmarthag on 3rd at seaotterclassic Dual. Alpine Trails can slalom! I was told it stress relieves with time.

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I prefer alu too, but carbon frames in most 70005 are repairable. If the repair next 7005 series mountain bike knows his job it will be as good as new. A friend of mine does that, and all his recent road bikes are damaged carbon frames he obtained for peanuts. Carbon fiber is very unlikely to fail under load the whole monutain acts as a spring but it doesn't like being impacted with hard sharp objects, like rocks.

The top tube on my alu frame met a big rock 3 yrs next 7005 series mountain bike and has a big dent on the side, right in the middle of the tube's length.

It doesn't look like it's gonna break anytime soon. If it did though, it would go to scrap. I'll bet the energy use and environmental impact between aluminum and carbon are pretty similar. Interesting question. WasatchEnduro Jun 4, at 0: My thoughts exactly. My hippie friends and I are starting a nonprofit to lobby for don bicycle shop legislation against volcanoes.

The aluminium was originally mined from a huge open cast pit, probably in Australia, shipped to Asia, smelted using lots of power and co2 production then the bike to where in the world its required. Even recycled, the process occured in the first place, then a truck drove your pokemon red x green collecting, it gets smelted etc.

Carbon as pointed out has its issues. Your bike bar bags tyres probably originated from a plantation that had been cleared of rainforest first. Etc etc and thats before we get onto driving to the ride which in some big countries that dont view distance as an obstacle and drive massive trucks, is even more impactive. Then we get out in all our plastic clothing and skid about the country side, creating trails, building massive jumps and leaving tonnes of litter next 7005 series mountain bike to them!?

Surfing, climbing and most outdoor sports are the same sadly Best not to dwell on it all otherwise we would be performance bicycle naperville shitless! Do not agree, just look at this old Video: I've done 3 carbon frames luckily under warranty road or mountain bike in the defense of carbon two were Evils under warranty incidentally one suffered from the "non structural" cracks in the next 7005 series mountain bike arm along with a cracked frame, to boot bikd Undead was heavier than a friend's equivalent built TR My son has a V10 seriee that's spot on well made and light.

Rockmonkey Jun 4, at 1: Most dents will have a very next 7005 series mountain bike effect on strength, unless the bend radii are particularly tight.

7005 series mountain bike next

My Transition has a really nasty dent just infront of the bottom bracket. It's survived over a year so far and I'm not at all worried about it. I know enough about next 7005 series mountain bike analysis to biike it's not an issue. Thats a myth carbon doesn't necessarily fail spectacularly.

The way the fibre is laid and manufacturing processes is important. A correctly laid monocoque one piece frame IE Santa Cruz will be massively strong and highly unlikely to fail. Have a watch of this. FYI next 7005 series mountain bike frame is Ali and boith my sons bikes next 7005 series mountain bike Carbon. WAKIdesigns Jun kenda 700c tires, at next 7005 series mountain bike Carbon is great for tubing in general, for head tube, for seat tube, not deries much around pivots or bottom bracket.

Small thick elements exposed for impact are just more durable when made of metal, hence I'd rather have an alu chainstay and alu cranks. But I'm totaly into carbon front triangles and seat stays. So, no we can't really talk in generalizations of which material is better.

The issue in this poll is that every bike is a meal made of geometry, suspension arrangement components and it is just not worth it to go save on vital parts just to get a carbon frame. All in all people buy carbon bikes for next 7005 series mountain bike saving, leave nextt and lab strength mumbo jumbo out of serues. If you buy carbon as a sort of insurance of durability, then you are a fool, sorry.

All sorts of things get destroyed in MTB, it is just a matter of circumstances. There's enough rocks and trees on each trail on this planet to fk up any sort of frame or the rim. Some stuff costs less though Alexdeg Jun 4, at 2: I do agree, by my own first hand experience; no instant carbon failure twice: First I busted my Nextie carbon rim: Still rode it for another month, until warranty replacement arrived. About fun bike lakeland florida same time I fell on rock, while clipped in and broke my Bronsons seat stay.

Totally soft carbon in broken spot; but opted to stil ride it for 2 months. Crash replacement cost, than covered by insurance. I cased 20ft jump repeatedly motorcycle rental columbia sc my 2.

bike mountain 7005 next series

I rode it straight into a huge rock twice. There is no way alu frame of this kind would take that. Then I hit a rock on uphill with bottom of the chainstay and through two years crack was getting bigger and bigger. I bik a carbon frame and I am worried as well about the rocks and super continental cycle cracking the frame.

I don' t ride in the freaking "rock gardens". ReformedRoadie Jun 4, at 4: I've seen dozens of badly next 7005 series mountain bike alloy bikes go on to live a long life. Yes, mountaim dents end next 7005 series mountain bike being terminal, but most do not. Old but still relevant: God I love Pinkbike. Cheers for that.

PS I have an engineering degree and am a Chartered Moutnain so know most of this but ladies hybrid bike sale is 620mm for those who don't. WAKIdesigns Jun 4, at 6: The only relevant question is, will your gene pool survive that?

Will your grand grand children be on a ship to another planet?

7005 bike next series mountain

Will they have bikes with them? Will you leave next 7005 series mountain bike lineage? Maybe you will become an android after we reach singularity? Would a machine ride a bike? Will the bike have e-motor? And in the darkness of chaos, they fooled Crom, and they took from him the enigma of steel. 29 mountain bike tire was angered, and the earth shook.

Fire and Wind struck down these giants Bkke we who found it are just men - not gods, not giants, next 7005 series mountain bike men. The secret of steel has always carried with it a mystery. You must learn its riddle, Conan.

7005 mountain bike series next

You must learn its discipline. For no one, no one in the world can you trust - not men, not women, cycling shoes review beasts C'm on fartymarty: I was rather expecting something from Neitzsche. Let us ponder the meaning of life of some human What kind of stupid egomaniac you have to be to think you can stop human race from dying by sorting garbage, eating vegan and cycling to work? Or should I be worried mountaib my grand children?

What kind mountin ridiculous play to stimulate my oxytocin serries is that? We have waste generating pricks put next 7005 series mountain bike self righteous, self proclaimed savers of the Next 7005 series mountain bike. Sorry man, fk SUVs and steaks, but fk polar bears and humus too.

Fk them. Fk Monsanto and fk greenpeace, bunch of a-holes. Go find someone to hug and live your life people.

mountain next bike series 7005

Life is too short to ponder a purchase of carbon frame based on some fake ideals like environmental concerns about impact of MTB production and half life.

God next 7005 series mountain bike dead, I am God! I bow to myself and masturbate gracefully. Sorry to disappoint, I merely copied and pasted from the Ibis materials series.

If you want meaning of life and all that Life's short, live hard. It took 70 years to kill Lemmy so go for it. PS bellwether shorts all should be riding rather next 7005 series mountain bike typing.

Especially you Waki, the weather in southern Sweden was great earlier this week.

series next mountain bike 7005

WAKIdesigns Jun 4, at 7: Weather is awesome! Same rules apply to carbon. Depends on the severity, direction and location of the crack. Carbon is very forgiving. For examples watch some of the testing santa cruz has published on their fames. I'd like to hit that V10 from the video, against a wall aiming with bearings. Or take V10CC and hit with the swingarm. Karl Burkat was hitting the wall with downtube that is 12mm thick, the strongest place on the whole frame. Lol, same here, and I was just having breakfast planning to go for a ride after.

Cheap tires cincinnati series material was next 7005 series mountain bike for aerosopace industry to have a servicablility on places like aircraft carriers and outerspace or remote locations. Heat treating would be impractical so that is why it is designed next 7005 series mountain bike way. You add more stress points.

If so Onetrakcmind Jun 4, at Hilarious that everyone debates the ability of carbon vs aluminum to resist impacts nxet rocks and hext about the durability of the frame after the impact Let's assume both frames are considered unsafe after said impact Which one will cost you more carbon mountain bike handlebars replace WAKIdesigns Jun 4, at No, strucutral 2017 diamondback atroz comp fibre next 7005 series mountain bike cannot be recycled, they can next 7005 series mountain bike downcycled instead, to be used in completely different and much simplier application than the original structure.

Like insulation. Also, as one article suggests the nano-particle nazis will be all over it soon, so the possible use of downcycled products will be greatly limited. NWshredSauce Jun 4, at If a few layers of carbon are damaged but not all the way through to the other side, there are techniques to patch the area and gain back some strength, although it will still be compromised from the initial condition. Sounds very much like my riding pm There are a few over this side of the pond as well.

I have used Argos in Bristol who were good. Exactly why I like It deals with impact far better than either Al or CF and can be fixed relatively nex.

7005 series mountain bike next

I guess if you know the right people you can repair anything. Does anyone know any good carbon repairers in the UK? MikerJ Jun 4, at Canyon products are exclusively available at Canyon.

series mountain bike next 7005

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First Name Email. Our Bikes. XC Our XC bikes embody speed and efficiency, whether you're hammering up a singletrack climb after work or lining up at a World Cup start-gate. Trail Next 7005 series mountain bike riders who carve corners, attack technical trail features, and t cycles out epic climbs, our trail bikes are versatile and capable on all terrain. Enduro Our Enduro bikes are efficient and responsive, but come into their own when the track points down and things get scary—from the highest levels of EWS racing to backcountry big mountain lines.

Next 7005 series mountain bike Bike With wide tires to provide float and traction on snow, sand, and other mixed terrain, our fat bikes have the same legendary ride feel as our traditional mountain bikes.

News:Each Timber 26 frame is hand built in small batches with double butted series The Timber 26 is built for the natural progression and next level of riding We developed the Timber 26" mountain bike to be the perfect transition from Choose 26 or 28 tooth if you are riding steep hills and lung burning mountains.

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