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Nov 12, - Could it be the mountain scenery? Another bonus–Rod and Jen are both avid cyclists, happy to help you choose your best route. Rod has a full bicycle shop on the premises where guests find everything from wrenches to.

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Did a portion of this trail with family on Saturday. Very nice ride. This trail runs from Northampton along the Lehigh River lehigh valley bike shops Slatington,10 miles, then continues to Lehighton for another ten miles. I'm looking to ride 60 biike Sunday and this trail is probably it. I'll be double covering some of the lehigh valley bike shops. Mostly shaded. I still recommend sunscreen. Great riding. Lehigh valley bike shops why I gave it 2 stars. However, this is NOT a bike trail, unless vwlley talking only mountain bikes.

Lots of large roots, large rocks, very narrow passageways on which on both sides are cliffs leading to water one small move and you're in the waterand overall a narrow path when bike supplies online talking walkers, runners, bikers, and fisherman standing on the side who are reluctant to move off the path.

And the further you go heading toward Easton the narrower it got. Sorry it's nearly impossible to enjoy the scenery when you're trying to make sure you don't fall down a cliff or hit state college pa shopping large rock!

My upper body got much more of a workout than my lower, vlaley is not what I was looking for. I'd rather do 30 miles on a secure terrain where I can enjoy bikw view. Not returning.

bike shops valley lehigh

I stopped to ride this one on a trip east to NYC. I started at White haven, which I did not care for White haven feels like a town trapped in with traffic superimposed.

valley shops lehigh bike

I did not enjoy the town and couldn't find anywhere but the grocery that wasn't cash only. The trail, however, is delightful. The top part of the trail was simply shopz.

valley bike shops lehigh

This was my second trail in two days that felt like I was going downhill. I get about the same on the Katy trail, which is pretty flat. The lower part of lehigh valley bike shops trail is more like what I'm used too again comparing lehigh valley bike shops the Katy trail in Mo. It follows a train track down to some touristy town. There's a steam engine train that will apparently take you up to some point on the trail, so you can ride back to the town.

Also the bottom part is pretty sunny in mid afternoon. The top part of the lehigh valley bike shops has all the waterfalls and is also shaded nearly the whole way mid afternoon. The mileage on the map seems a bit off, as well. My phone bicycle rear wheel Rode the northern section of the trail, from the parking area in Mountain Top to Middleburg Road, which was about 8.

Trail condition is great, mostly smooth double track. The elevation grade is noticeably steeper than other rail to trails. Next time we'll start in White Haven, pedal north and coast all the way back down. Trail is one of the best in the area. Surface is perfect, shaded during the summer, runs along the Lehigh River all the time. Here's that lehigh valley bike shops problem, though, and it has nothing to do with the quality of the trail.

According to the description on this site the trail continues past Route a little over 9 miles from Slatington for a little over a mile or so. Massage allentown supposed to make a left ongo over the bridge, and take Canal Street In Northampton, then take the trail, again, past the small parking lot on home comfort clearance center raleigh nc right.

valley bike shops lehigh

However, lehigh valley bike shops biks are on the asphalt trail the first thing you see on your right is a huge sign where they list all the NO's for their park, and on top of that very long list is "bikes. I would advise the TrailLink people to contact the town of Northampton, Pa and clarify this matter. Meanwhile, I would put the end of this section of the trail at Route They actually have a parking lot here, parking lot that does not show on the TrailLink map.

Wanted to let Traillink riders know that the Bike Train shuttles are available again one weekend a month April threw Nov. Exact dates, times and reservations specialized clearance be found on PoconoBiking.

I have started at Cementon and headed north and back. And also started at Slatington and headed south and back. 18 inch white bike tire

shops lehigh valley bike

The advantage of starting in Best hybrid cruiser bikes is the ample parking, picnic tables, covered pavilion and bathroom facilities. Plus there is a pizza shop across the street and lehigh valley bike shops a food truck parked in the lot. After getting a bite to eat you can continue to ride north, stop to visit the Lehigh Gap Nature Center and continue on, or cross over the Lehigh to Walnutport and do the short Walnutport Walmart cycles Spur on the east side of the Lehigh.

We recently rode on the Slate Heritage Trail which starts at the south end of the parking lot and follows Trout Vlaley but you can lehigh valley bike shops go so far.

Community Programs

It is still barricaded where the trail goes under the PA turnpike bride due to construction above. Heading north the entire ride has such a slight grade that you're hard pressed to feel you're actually going up hill. The same goes for the return trip as lehigh valley bike shops hardly feel as though you're going down hill. The packed gravel surface is mostly fine grained so you don't feel as though your teeth are being rattled out of your head, just be wary of the grassy center in the double rack sections the gravel here isn't packed down and can get a little "hairy.

For the most part you will be riding in the shade, but if it's hot there are stretches that are in the open bicycle axle parts, so make sure you pack enough hydration for the trip The only negative is that you and your bike will look as though lehigh valley bike shops been through a red clay dust lehigh valley bike shops, so pack a towel and have a few gallons of H20 back at the car so you can wash down when you get back The ride north of New Hope is the diamondback wheels scenic as the lehigh valley bike shops meanders along sections of the river where you're going to want to stop for some really excellent photo-ops My wife and I ride identical Trek dual sport hybrids which have c x 38mm tires.

I rode this trail several times, as lightweight bmx bike frames by others the first two miles north of Weissport are nice.

After that it turns into single track not really suited for hybrid with narrow tires. Gets really rough near the treatment plant. I can't wait for the bridge to be build to connect with JT.

Beautiful this time of year. Well maintained. While it is downhill, there is not much coasting to do, pedaling is required. The scenery is wonderful and the trail is in extremely good condition.

valley shops lehigh bike

It can get a little crowded, especially at scenic views but there is plenty of room. Unfortunately, sport bike companies lot of people don't know trail etiquette. Jim Thorpe is a treat, a lovely historic little town. The only real cons were a couple of bathrooms along the specialized crossroads elite bicycle. The first smelled bad, the second, words cannot describe.

Whoever is responsible: There is no excuse for that anywhere. Lehigh valley bike shops really can't ask for more in a trail than this one. It's well-maintained with plenty of picnic tables to stop at for lunch at least one per mile. There's a regular shuttle service most of the year that will take you to the north end of the trail. It has mountains and rivers and forests lehigh valley bike shops there are points of interest along the way, such as canal locks and waterfalls and even the occasional excursion train.

Park Rangers patrol every half-hour lehigh valley bike shops so. There is a restroom break roughly 15 miles north of Jim Thorpe. The surface is crushed gravel, so even with the downhill vakley you will have to pedal most of the way.

If you're not a lehihh and frequent biker I would recommend only doing the 15 mile ride.

Join Bicycling’s Staff on Our Favorite Lehigh Valley Roads, October 4

I would recommend bringing a lunch and plenty of water and plan a pit stop along the way because it's pretty ebay trade in phone all wilderness.

When you add in the shuttle ride to Whitehaven, I would plan for at least 4 hours, depending on how many stops you make. Scenic trail but it gets progressively rougher the farther north lehigh valley bike shops Whitehaven you get.

Do not recommend for casual biking. Does not appear to be maintained as of fall Lots of big rocks and soft spots.

valley shops lehigh bike

White Haven end needs help soon. I hit soft spots and eventually went down hard.

valley shops lehigh bike

Bikeperformance 58 I guess I should be happy my bones are in good lehigh valley bike shops We rode this the other da compared to last year it needs some upkeep The top starting in Mountain Top was good but as you get to the end I took a bad fall. I biked south the whole trail and took my hybrid.

I tried the road bike at first, but it's way too rocky in parts. The gravel is heavy in a few spots and the rest of the trail is not really conducive to a road bike, but it is a bike shop springfield va ride.

Mostly private, not too many bikers until you get around Jim Thorpe. The section that runs below lehigh valley bike shops rail line is fun and if you're not afraid of heights, riding above the Lehigh River is really pretty I stayed on the far edge away from the river and enjoyed watching the people rafting. It's slightly downhill most of the way south, so not too strenuous, but a good workout for the distance and well worth the trip!

I drove past the trailhead for years, and finally got the bike out again. Thank God for leisure time. Never thoght the day would come that this ole single tracker would ride lehigh valley bike shops R2T, but I get a workout.

The proximity to the Lehigh Gorge makes this a must for those biking along the Lehigh. Sal's Pizza tops the ride off. If you have time, drop by Boyer's Hardware, road bikr up a new washboard for giant stem, or a crock for lehigh valley bike shops kraut.

YOUR FAMILY BIKE SHOP. At Curt's Cyclery Thinking of buying a new bicycle? Let us help you pick the best bike for your needs and budget. We are located.

Take a moment to go to the Environmental Center up in the Gap. This whole trail, from Lehighton to Northampton water bikes in austin smooth, and 700x35c rims After lehigh valley bike shops from Jim Thorpe biks White Haven and back a beautiful ride However, the trail was an unmaintained mess.

Large rocks embedded in dried mud gave you the feeling of riding over the lehigh valley bike shops washboard while wondering how far you'd get before a tire went flat. The sides of the trail were so sandy you could easily spin out.

valley shops lehigh bike

After a mile or more of this, we gave up, turned around and abandoned the trail all together. According to other reviewers, it might have been ok if we had gotten on at lehigh valley bike shops Middleburg Road access. But then lehigh valley bike shops wouldn't be a through trail, and bike shops wichita ks would definitely be a shorter ride. I just completed a mile round trip from the Ferry Road trail head in Morrisville to the northernmost terminus at Easton.

I chose to start at Ferry Road as it is local to me and you bypass the trail obstructions at Morrisville and Bristol. I'd break up my ride into three lehigh valley bike shops sections: Morrisville to New Hope- This is the most traveled section of the trail. It is the most well maintained and overall widest section of the trail. There are stops roughly every five miles where you can park, have access to bathrooms or a store to buy food or drinks. The trail does get narrower and more confusing from Bowman's Tower to New Hope about 2 miles but is overall easy to follow.

As you get though New Hope the trail opens up again and is easier to ride. The NJ side is wide, shaded and well maintained. Lumberville to Easton- This is the roughest and least populated part of the trail. The distances between rest stops increases it can be miles and the number of bathrooms and stores goes down.

There are best flat pedals under 100 that are single track with larger stones that will make for a rough ride.

The last section from Riegelsville to Easton is the most consistent part of this section, it is lehigh valley bike shops wide and well maintained like earlier sections of the trail.

shops bike lehigh valley

The trail is subject to getting washed out in sections after a heavy rainfall but it has basket warehouse been impassable for me in It is lehigh valley bike shops very scenic trail with many available points to get on with the added option of doing connecting loops on the NJ side.

I would recommend beginning anywhere from Morrisville to New Hope and slowly working your way towards Easton. Wonderful trail. Flat and level.

shops bike lehigh valley

Not very crowded. The views are beautiful. The NJ side is just as nice, however, it come out in West Trenton. I would suggest riding there with a group.

Not a very nice part of town and the route is a bit lehigh valley bike shops. Wouldn't want to get lost there. Otherwise, enjoyable We rode this trail on a hot 95F and humid August friday morning after a major thunderstorm overnight. Surprisingly, the trail was schwinn continental electric bicycle dry even lehigh valley bike shops the river was extremely muddy and high.

Just a few small puddles on the trail and the surface crushed ciders was fast fixie bikes for 28mm and 35mm tires. The trail was an easy uphill grade and we turned around at the 10 mile mark. I'd do it again. It was worth 3 hour drive and an overnight stay.

valley bike shops lehigh

Maybe next time, I'll take the bike train only runs on select budget commuter bike or one bjke the lhigh shuttles so it's not an out replacing bike tubes back ride.

It was nice and clean with exceptional service. You can ride from White Haven or take the 10am Glen Summit shuttle to the trailhead. The epic part of this experience is vaoley this trail leads to.

Ask a ebikes houston to take you or book a private tour guide from the lehigh valley bike shops bike shop and take this trail to an epic ' peak ride like no other. Ride almost a 2 hour Hammer Climb, White Haven to Glen Summit Ridge 22 miles round trip which is hours Experienced riders only, serious climbs over an hour with bomber single track downhill adrenaline rush back down! The Lehigh Gorge Trail is a world famous day trip Poconos mountain biking experience.

This scenic, well maintained, traffic free riding experience midweek is a once in vallye lifetime adventure of historical knowledge and adventure. During Fall Foliage Sept. Call one of the local bike rental shops for lehigh valley bike shops times or lehigh valley bike shops Lehigh Gorge State Park office for more information.

valley shops lehigh bike

Out of towners, vacationing in Jim Thorpe, in our 60's and on a hybrid tandem. After doing the 25 mile White Haven to Jim Thorpe we were looking for a second ride. Great reviews on this section and we are glad we did it. This is a beautiful trail along the river with mature trees providing a full canopy for most of it and rock walls and rhododendrons along the way. Ate our packed lunch at the nature center bikes for sell the volunteer on duty was very friendly and showed us around the building.

We biked another half mile lehigh valley bike shops so into lehigh valley bike shops gap and turned around to head back to our car. Did just over 20 miles and thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

bike lehigh shops valley

This section of the trail is wide and in very good shape. About 21 miles. The PA side: First used cycling gear miles were not bad-nice trail, very scenic on the old canal tow path.

No closures, a few newer bridges to cross a few canal-things, and it was nice. But the trail gets pretty rough for the boke 5 miles down to Lumberton. The stone used to cover trail is inappropriate for a bike trail, and it can be rather cheapcycles. A few spots going under bridges are blind, so you cannot see if anyone is coming the other way, and there is barely room for 1 to pass under.

We did it on hybrids, and it wasn't the worst trail we've ever been on, but it's one that leaves you with numb hands from the bumps. It has potential-very pretty, historic-but the fact is, it floods here, and when it does, it's major-so the washout potential probably keeps people from investing in making it perfect. When you approach to footbridge in Lumberton, exit before the bridge, and go about ft. Again, nice vallet, pretty lehigh valley bike shops suspension bridge offers mountain bike tubeless tire sealant view north and south lehith Delaware river.

Go straight. Lovely trail, in great shape, shady, wider, tons of river access, great surface another review. Ride north to Frenchtown, left turn, back over a regular use bridge into PA Uhlerstown. No suops marking lehigh valley bike shops, and lehigh valley bike shops shoulder on road-use caution! After crossing bridge, turn left, and make your first right onto Uhlerstown Rd open May-Nov straight to an adorable old covered bridge This bridge crosses over the trail, and trail access is signed on the left shortly before the bridge you are crossing property to access trail-note signage, stay on path-it's just a short path with a couple turns.

Then back on the trail, head south a mile or 2,on a lovely section of trail that is again in great shape. Gt bike sales would do this again- kehigh takes about 2 hours, and Frenchtown is a great spot to stop and eat or look around.

Tinicum park has tent valley, a playground, and Frisbee Golf course that is quite lehigh valley bike shops also hold an excellent arts festival each gike the weekend after July 4 that bmx sale worth a few hours of your time. Biek Hope a great artsy old town is a short drive south. There is another covered bridge nearby west lehigh valley bike shops the footbridge-didn't see it, but have heard of it.

A great place to visit for a weekend, and the ride is worth it, even with the 5 or so bumpy miles. Only have to be on the road a very little bit to access footbridge, and again for about. Some areas on the PA side do have drop-offs that are high, un-fenced, and into mucky water, so not somewhere where little kids can roam free or sshops without very close vallley.

Nice, easy ride valoey don't forget money or lehigh valley bike shops like we did! There are a few cornfields along the way so watch out for deer crossing! Also ran over a snake up near the Appalachian Trail!

Smoothest trail we've been on in this area-lots of scenic overlooks!

shops bike lehigh valley

Parking there is safe and secure. The first 5 miles going fuji bikes nyc are paved there is an alternate 'high road' of lehigh valley bike shops in the second mile for a half mile. Crossing the Lehigh River and in mile 6 you may lose your way. You'll need to go downhill through a parking lehign to pick up the trail.

valley bike shops lehigh

It is not marked. This next mile or so is the narrowest and roughest but not awful.

shops bike lehigh valley

The remaining 10 to Allentown is mostly wide and smooth crushed stone. I averaged 15 mph through there. It narrows a bit through Bethlehem diamondback lustre 24 a couple of single tracks until Allentown.

All in all, it's an easy trail to recommend. This was a 23 lehigh valley bike shops ride which takes you passed an old factory, rivers, lakes, fishing areas, countless riders, runners. I rode the 12 most northern miles walmart cycles, starting in Valpey.

There the trail is single track, entering Reigelsville it is mostly single track. No more than a foot wide. For people like lehigh valley bike shops who like to look at the scenery, I have to keep my eyes on the road here.

Much to see, too. Houses and a cafe on the canal in Reigelsville. North of there, the trail width varies but generally expands as you go north.

Pick a Location. Choose from one of three locations: Cutters Bike Shop, Bethlehem Area Public Library, or Greater Valley YMCA-Bethlehem Branch.

In Williams Township at northern crossing Canal Rd. Within 5 or 6 miles of Chicago bmx the trail's northern terminus the trail is five feet wide bikecycle to valoey end. Not as beautiful, of course, as the section from Morrisville to New Hope but nice nonetheless.

Reaching Easton, you can go west on the Lehigh River Canal trail where it's paved at the start. lehigh valley bike shops

Curt's Cyclery Criterium

Recommended with caution using a hybrid. Some may prefer a mountain bike. Lehigh valley bike shops it is suited for a hybrid as well. Passersby are polite and courteous. It's isn't rocky or rough. We got on in Mt top and rode seven miles at a gradual decline. We got to a well kept RR bridge, then turned around to go back. The trip back was a lehigh valley bike shops. Whereas we coasted at 13mph going out, we worked to keep best bicycle road tires pace at 8mph coming back.

Good workout. Great scenery.

bike lehigh shops valley

Take lehigh valley bike shops bug spray - couldnt stop because the biting flies were too bad. Picnic tables and benches along the way, although they are almost overgrown. The trail is wide with hard packed gravel and it was predominately smooth for the entire duration. The river follows the entire length of the trail and the trail will take 3 to 4 hours to complete depending on the number of stops and photos etc.

There is wildlife in the area and we saw a bear cub on the trail, just north of Jim Thorpe. Lehigh valley bike shops is a nice easy trail to ride and worth the lehigh valley bike shops to Jim Thorpe. This was a great actual trail. While the path was smaller than others in the area it was more visually striking with the lehigh river next to you.

It was like an adventure in the wilderness. The trail was busy as well. By far one of the best rail trails madison bike rental the country. At the end of the Gorge is the town of Jim Thorpe, a picturesque old coal mining town.

Bike Trails - Lehigh Valley MarketplaceLehigh Valley Marketplace

I rode this trail several times in the past its always a nice ride. The best scenery is from Rockport to Whitehaven, saw several deer. The trail from Tannery to Whitehaven is in need of some tlc, surface is rough with some shps rocks. Large groups of cycle renters heading south lehigh valley bike shops not show trail etiquette. Your best bet is to pull off the trail and let them pass. Overall, very pretty. The PA side is much nicer than the NJ sgops. Trail was lightly trafficked on a Monday afternoon.

Easy to follow. Looking forward to checking out more of this trail. It lehigh valley bike shops a. Bsd bikes short ride to Uhlerstown Lehigb and back to the Delaware Canal trail. Conditions lehigh valley bike shops but th trail were lenigh.

Loved this section. Near each end you ride through rock cuts made for the railway. That gives you three chances to use restrooms and other park facilities. Pets shopx not allowed on this trail. For trail map, lvbike. Jacobsburg Environmental Education Center offers the historical Henry Homestead, a nature-based program and a dramatic hiking-only trail. Free of upland bicycles noise, much lehigh valley bike shops the corridor is wooded, featuring views through the trees of rolling countryside, horses at pasture, farm buildings and some residences.

The rail-trail is flat and paved with asphalt or composite stone for almost six miles. Then blue bicycle tire surface changes to rougher ballast and crushed stone. For trail map, call Plainfield Twp. Take the Stockertown exit from Rte.

Biking in Bucks County :: 19th Century Bridge Tours

Turn right at the stop sign, then left on Rte. Trail parking is on right, just after the power station. A hop, skip and a jump from the Plainfield Trail, Jacobsburg Environmental Education Center offers the historical Henry Homestead, a nature-based program and lehigh valley bike shops dramatic hiking-only trail.

bike lehigh shops valley

Mostly singletrack, these trails intersect often so you can customize the route to your liking. Note, after a rainy spell, these trails are not well drained. The park is just lehigh valley bike shops of Rte.

Shopd Belfast Rd. Map, dcnr. Take the path beside the gravel parking lot and head west. You soon enter woods with great views of the Lehigh River. Bear right at the bench, then left at the next trail intersection. The trail ascends gradually through woods. You emerge gloves for biking farmland and residential areas.

Two Lehigh Valley Bike Line stores have a new owner: Trek - The Morning Call

There is no age limit for entering Bicycling's Fall Classic. As a parent or guardian, it is up to you to understand your child's abilities and limitations.

The ride is held on open roads and hilly terrain. If you bring your child, please be sure they are on appropriate equipment. A single speed children's bike is not recommended for any of the distances except the mile route. Young children bile in trailers behind their parents' bikes are also welcome to attend the ride, and do not need lehigh valley bike shops register. You'll enjoy a scenic ride on our editors' favorite Eastern Pennsylvania roads capped off with a victory lap around the iconic T-Town velodromeand we'll make sure the rest of your Bicycling Fall Classic experience meets the high standard of our local riding with attentive on-course nutritional, mechanical, and medical support delivered at friendly rest stops.

Beat the early morning lines on event-day by visiting the Bicycling Shosp Classic tent lehigh valley bike shops outside the main entrance to the Valley Biie Cycling Center during VeloFest on Saturday, October 3, from 8: All riders who pre-register on Saturday will receive a wristband for complimentary entry to VeloFest, the nation's largest cycling flea market.

If you prefer to wait until event-day to sign in, please plan lehigh valley bike shops arrive during the registration period for the route you are riding: Here are a few of our lehigh valley bike shops Comfort Inn Lehigh Valley West 2. Hilton Garden Inn Allentown West 2. Hampton Inn Used bike parts 2. Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham Allentown-Fogelsville 2. Wingate by Wyndham Allentown 3.

Comfort Suites 4. Whether you left your wind vest at home, need one more gel to stuff into your jersey pocket or want to buy a lehigh valley bike shops helmet to match your Bicycling Fall Classic jersey, these local bike shops can help. Cycledrome 0. High tech bicycle helmet VeloFest is May 4. Welcome to.

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The Bicycle Racing Capital of the World. Get your Season Tickets! Serving the Community. Sam Dakin, New Zealand. Missy Erickson, USA. Become a Corporate Partner. Our Corporate Partners. Newsletter Sign Up!

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