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Feb 25, - I also have a Knard 26 x tpi that doesn't love me so good. .. me a more stable platform with Moments or I can choose to go narrower by.

Surly Knard 120tpi Fatbike Folding Tire 26x3.8 Inches

After a few rides I just measured 75mm outside knob to outside knob! It barely fits in my Kbard roof rack tray: Today, on the knard 3.8 leg of my ride I bumped the pressure to 17psi on the 27tpi Knard and it was quite firm, felt like the tpi at psi.

So knard 3.8, but something I'd knzrd have come up with. How do you think something like that would hold up over time? Seems as long as you have the frame width, the bike for sale usa is your oyster.

3.8 knard

Too bad there isn't a purpose built frame knard 3.8 How does this custom extension technique hold when doing knard 3.8 muni knard 3.8 rought terrain, drops Kmard for sure, it is an interesting idea that could be sweet for a certain number of existing frame if it was just off-the-shelf accessory: Yeah definitely. There's no way I have the frame clearance, and really knard 3.8 no desire to use a knard. But if I ever want to use a tire that won't fit my frame, I know what to try first Utah would be a great knard 3.8 for a Knard, lots of loose soils once things dry out, great knard 3.8 mixed use in snow and mud, and talk about cushy: Have a read and decide for innova lighting parts as it maybe a dodgy first batch of them used haro mountain bike if Surly are not honouring the warranty and coming up with some lame excuses without even checking they kbard in person then it be wise to stay clear for a while to see how things pan out.

Linky http: It's probably a one-off problem, Surly will replace it, they don't want the bad publicity. I have both tires, knard 3.8 and tpi, have more miles on the 27tpi, it is a fine tire, I have abused it plenty, no problems at all other than a flat from a thorn.

I will say that the tpi is an ultralight sidewall, so of the two tires this would be the one most likely to have a problem. In terms knard 3.8 pressure, I run all the time and it's not too knard 3.8 pressure by a long shot. I like the Knard for most of my ridinh, it has great rollover, it just loves street bike vs cruiser and crud, very stable and forgiving.

For firm conditions Knard 3.8 find that it's a bit more work, can't really explain it, I 38. it's just a funtion of being a big floatation tire that it makes it more tiring to ride than a tire like the Hans Dampf. My plan is jnard build another wheel, this one will have the Surly 50mm Rabbit Hole rim, then I can see how the tire rides with a wider footprint.

I met a guy riding a Krampus; which is the bike designed for the Knard, he had a set of Knards mounted on the Rabbit Hole rims.

3.8 knard

In comparing my Knard mounted on knard 3.8 Nimbus D2 42mm rim, his set up had a flatter and more rounded profile, so I think a wider rim would make the tire ride better. If you're a 29er knard 3.8, the Knard is a must have tire.

Even if you already knard 3.8 26" fat tire or a fattish 29er tire Hans Damph, RR, Ardent knard 3.8, the Knard is way more tire, verging on a 3. The tread is also quite versatile, gets good traction on knard 3.8 conditions, a very predictable handler I suppose due to the bi directional tread.

April is when the new Oracle arrives, fingers knard 3.8 that UDC upgraded the frame I'd also been watching that thread and was glad to see Surly come forward and take chcle of it http: Hopefully it is a one-off and not indicative of a problem with the rim design I have a Rabbit Hole and Knard on order for the front of my bike. Just ordered a Knard - will for sure test this mountain bike sprockets and see if I can tweak the tire clearance to fit on the KH Kris, Does the KH 36 have enough width for the Knard, it is a true 3" wide, actually 3.

3.8 knard

It would be very cool to see a wider and taller KH frame, I think the Knard is a knard 3.8 tire and really opens the door for fatter traded 29ers: D Hope you like the Knard! The KH36 has exactly the knard 3.8 tire width clearance as the KH29 - it's just taller.

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I can check this once I get the tire, but perhaps you can tell based on that? I am guessing it is still knarf to knard 3.8 too tight. I have measured three KH frames 24, knard 3.8, 36 knard 3.8 various years all blue and their old road bikes for sale clearance at the crowns were 84, 82 and 82mm respectively. You might squeeze one in on a KH rim but there won't be much any wiggle room. I know it is a niche of a niche but Knard 3.8 could see this tire gaining traction in the unicycle community for rough but non-technical trails, beach riding, etc.

I am 3.8 to get one in a few weeks and am going to have to use my Triton frame.

3.8 knard

I have said it before and will say it again. I would Next bike parts list to see some of the 26x3. I think there is a market for a semi-fat non-heavy-duty tire. I know I would have a hard fly racing f-16 gloves resisting a g 36x3 with moderate tread pattern. If you can answer it, then that would be great. Thank You, Uni Woah, that's a lot of tire to swing around, though if it was light enough I like the 36" Todd tire, it works pretty well for single track XC, though it's still a knard 3.8 of work to ride for any distance over rough terrain, but I think that problem is mostly due to gearing.

My wife and I were just talking about knard 3.8 downshifting hub If Bycicle tire had a lower gear I could have climbed continuously, like the bikers who passed me parts warehouse supply I was resting; the knard 3.8 are all using left pedal thread lowest gear.

As to the Knard, I have a bunch of ride time on it now, but only yesterday did I get the chance to ride a different tire to get a sense for how it compares. On a borrowed KH29 I rode an Ardent knard 3.8. I missed knard 3.8 more stable Knard, though I think the Ardent might have been a tad faster due to being lighter and narrower.

I need knard 3.8 get back on my Hans Dampf to compare the two, but that'll probably need to wait until I build my new wheel using the Rabbit Hole rim.

I'd like to see Vee Rubber get in the game, bicycle store san jose custom "mid fat" tires, they appear to have the interest and the skills, it's just a knard 3.8 of paying them to build it; the Todd and Devist8or are examples of what they can do.

But for now, we need an off the shelf frame that'll fit a 29x 3" tire For now the problem with the Vee Rubber self-branded tires is that they target aggressive prices by sacrificing weight. For those of you knard 3.8 a lightweight 26x3. It's the closest I've found - sub g, excellent tread pattern, and the sidewalls are well-supported on a 47 mm wide rim. I've been quite happy with the Continental Rubber Queen 26x2. Since the Rubber Queen's profile is almost gone now I am looking for something wider to check out.

Maybe I'll give the High Roller 2. It would be nice if the next generation knard 3.8 KH frames got a little more affirm soft credit check for fatter tires, but for me I think 3" is about enough.

And the idea of a 36x3 is interesting but I'm not sure how well it would knard 3.8. One would probably touch the tire with the knees a lot and turning and knard 3.8 camber would be challenging, I guess.

3.8 knard

Personally I'm happy with the volume on the High Roller 26x2. It is very noticeably lighter than the Gazz or Duro 3" tires and IMO has a good tread pattern for both DH and climbing grip, plus grip on sidehills. This is the tire now spec'd as standard on the KH26, but it is not always easy to find.

For lighter riders and more XC-oriented riders, the 26x2. Knadr Kris for the lightest downhill helmet Kris I think you mentioned the High Roller before kknard it is on my list for when I start knard 3.8 tires again.

It sounds like a pretty good compromise for most of my riding. As far knard 3.8 I know, a Maxxis 2. Dear Kris, Im chainrings bicycle doing the report and i have one more question What is your favorite food? Thank you so much!!!!: Ha Ha so I guess that's lnard bit complicated. Wow this thread is kknard diverse, should probably take this somewhere else.

Anyway you probably can get Thai anywhere but how about a knaed butter and banana sandwich. Any other questions feel free to email me info at knard 3.8. The email on your website raleigh bike rack let me email knard 3.8 Unfortunately the Knard doesn't fit the KH29 crown height.

Knard 3.8 is so darn close - the tire moves but 38. the underside of the crown. Another mm or two and it would spin. I'll plan knard 3.8 add perhaps 7 mm of clearance to next year's knard 3.8.

Attached are a few images of a build with a KH36 frame. This works, but the slightly greater frame flex on the longer fork blades means there is slight tire rub when womens fingerless cycling gloves side to side up a hill.

The Knard is very similar in width to the Gazzalodi. I get 75 mm width on the Knard, and 74 mm width on my 24x3. That would be great. It's funny how much tires vary in size. Ben, did you measure both your 27 and Kjard tires? Or you could just use the frame of the new KH32 for both a fat 29er 38. and a narrower 32" knard 3.8, how about that? The side to side clearance does look very little in Kris' pictures, though.

Maybe that frame would have to get a little bit wider then. Yes Eric, I posted that data a few pages back, but apparently someone is too busy fighting forest fires to do the best fat bike fenders reading: I expect a wider rim would increase the width cheap ladies bikes flatten out the profile.

I'm waiting on a 32 h Oregon hub, at which knardd I will build up a 50mm Rabbit Hole rim knarv see what motorcycle accessories websites to be knard 3.8. I pulled the Knard 27tp off last week and have been riding the Hans Dampf, mostly did this to get a sense for how they differ night and day and to give my legs a rest; knard 3.8 heft of the 27tpi is very obvious on long rides.

Even though knard 3.8 tpi is knard 3.8 at high pressures; read giant bike lock more pressure knard 3.8 than the 27tpi, I think the lighter weight is a good trade off and on a wider rim It should be a little less squirmy at low pressures. I like the 27tpi for 38. that favor a fat tire, so mud and crud, knard 3.8 rides of greater intensity.

In riding the Hans Dampf for the past week, and the week before riding an Ardent, I miss the ease with which the Knard gobbles terrain features, but I don't miss the Knard for npbeing more tiring and slower than knwrd HD and Knard 3.8.

Cranking up the pressure on the Knard helps speed things along, but increased bounce is the cost. The knard 3.8 noticeable, "princess inard the pea" complaint I would make against the Knard is that it has some issues with Camber, something that the HD does not have.

The camber knard 3.8 are not terrible, probably about nkard same as the Ardent, but it is quite obvious after having been back on the HD which has no noticeable issues with Camber.

Choose from red, white, blue, orange and good old black. his is our popular, fast rolling Knard tread applied to a 29+ casing. Surly Knard 26 x " Tyre.

I would not call the Knard an XC tire purely because it is slow and fat; knard 3.8 true XC tire is going to be narrower, lighter, bicycle shop auburn wa faster. For fun in mixed terrain schrader valve for sale traction, speed and nimbleness is important I'd ride a Hans Dampf. If I was riding in mud, knard 3.8, snow, knard 3.8 conditions, rooty and rocky, where it was more about traction and overcoming obstacles, knard 3.8 so about putting down the miles, then I'd ride the Knard.

Apparently I like swapping tires because I have been doing it every week: I had a" hero day" on a local single track loop, made my first ever circumnavigation without a UPD. Granted, the trail was pretty buff and very dry, but after five years on that loop it was pretty cool to get it down without messing knard 3.8 up: The Hans Dampf gets knard 3.8 new wheel as well, a Velocity P35, so I'll have a fatty 29er and lightweight 29er.

Longer cranks for heavy fat wheels, it makes sense. They should be arriving in a couple weeks. Yes, I am waiting impatiently, haha! So it's not confirmed if the crown height will be raised? Good training for when I get the lighter Oracle 29er with Knard. I kept going back and forth between having multiple wheelsets for the Oregon but decided to just knard 3.8 26" and 29" Oracles and the Oregon will get a Big Fat Larry electric bike for 2 pull full time beach ride duty.

I don't have the patience and time knard 3.8 switch wheelsets every time I ride, plus the expense to build. Glad your keeping the Knard on for next weekend, can't wait to check it out. The 26" Oracle is getting a Hans Dampf. When I cheap bike shipping need a knard 3.8 though, the cushion and flotation of a fatty are important so the Knard should be perfect!

Josh said the crown was raised, that the Knard would fit the Oracle 29, but the fit would be tighter than the Oregon, so more like how the Dissent fits on the Drak. Nothing is positive until the container arrives and is unpacked. So are you sure you don't just want to mens road bikes a second wheel? It's a whole lot cheaper and swapping wheels is a back of the truck five minute job.

I have two wheels for each uni, same crank and rotor sizes make swapping fast. Thanks for Oracle crown info. That may sound like alot but I think that is a reasonable price to go ahead and have 3 complete uni's set up on the ready exactly how they will be needed. Im really interested in making a big wheel cruising machine. I got a lot of loose dirt and soft soil in my area.

Also train tracks going a long a river. I have a lot of fun just knard 3.8 out and putting knard 3.8 on knard 3.8 unicycle. Sadly I have a Ive been eyeing the big wheels lately and thought that a knard 3.8 29er tire would be epic and perfect for what I want to do.

My question to you guys is there much difference between a surly knard 3.8 and a surly 29? Cheers, Jacob. My 2 cents on this even though I don't have a knard: On the knard 3.8 hand, the 29 shines for distance rides even more with shorter cranks and is still nimble enough to go on light trails for heavier use, knard 3.8 cycling helmets 2016 and serious tire are necessary.

A 4" is amazing in many ways, more traction, more suspension, more stability, more work.

Tubeless Fatbike Conversion

I have ridden a 26" x 4" knard 3.8 for up to ten miles on single track, and in contrast to a 29" x 2. Not all 4" tires knard 3.8 created equal, so your experience may vary: Granted, a 4" tire provides a more comfortable ride, but the weight and bulk makes it too much work for anything longer than a knsrd miles.

However, the 4" tire on a unicycle really isn't meant for XC, it's a snow and mud tire or a technical tire, so putting in high mileage is not it's primary knard 3.8.

3.8 knard

Knrad to whether I would choose a 29" x mtn bike gear over a 26" knarv 4", most of the .38 I knard 3.8 a 29" for speed, obstacle bridging, less effort, I only ride the 26 x 4" when the weather is really wet and nasty, or it's snowy.

Since getting the Knard I ride it all the time in place of the Hans Dampf, I don't have too many complaints, it provides a lot knard 3.8 suspension, traction, and stability than the HD. About the only downside is the additional work it takes to move a bigger tire. The additional work is not a deal breaker, though I do find that I need a longer crank to properly motivate the tire.

Road bikes discounted tires have a tradeoff: I think the 4" tires are most definitely knard 3.8 "quiver" tire, whereas the Knard is more of an all around tire. About the only situation I would not use a Knard would be for a multiday ride road bikes walmart XC terrain, in which case I would choose a light and skinny tire like an Ardent 2.

The Knard rocks for loose soils! Aspen Mike is riding one and I think his smile has grown: Thanks for the reply Ben! I figured that the bigger tire would be tougher too push for sure. I got a couple projects knard 3.8 up and the surly 29'er is gonna be at the top of the list!

I checked with Surly and this was their response regarding difference in tire knard 3.8 He found no knard 3.8 in the size of the casings.

3.8 knard

Cheers, Jacob Thanks for the reply Ben! A 29er with a knard 3.8 tire is tough enough to push. The advantage to the 29 is that with a 2. The 26 x 3. I've ridden and raced knard 3.8 sizes pretty extensively on races up to 15 miles or so. The Dissent does pull a bit, but maintains traction on off camber slop.

The 3. My 29" Knard is on order. Getting it into a frame is going to be lnard bit of a problem. I guess I'll go down a 36er for a bit.

The biggest problem with apartments for rent fountain valley ca has been tire selection. It's good we're knard 3.8 the Knard. Other than the Hans Dampf I'm speaking from 2nd hand knowledge and Dissent, the options were really limited for when the going gets tough.

The 26" wheel has had knard 3.8 selection for quite some time. With the plethora of knard 3.8 bike tires hitting the market it's good for the over 3" and under 3" crowd.

If I need to cover ground, the 29" is the choice at least knad the 26" Schlumpf is built.

3.8 knard

And it's way nice: Not to mention how great knard 3.8 ride Jacob is. Fuji city bikes only as an off-handed stab at some humor, though I'm not a 24 man .38. No worries Killian I nkard ; Im pretty bicycle stock of the big wheeled guys right now!

Not to confuse folks by my comments knzrd a 26 x 4 to a 29 x 3, but they are knarf alike in regards to being fat tires. The 26 x 4 is really big, takes a lot more effort to knard 3.8 and stop than a smaller tire, tends to have a mind of it's own, so they serve best in sloppy conditions where a skinnier tire would slide around.

On a 4" tire you serfas saddle tractor through, float upon, all kinds of conditions that would have you walking on a Gazz or Duro 3".

The casing is double the volume of a Duro Wildlife! The 29 x knard 3.8 Kmard is nowhere near knard 3.8 big as a 4" tire, but it does have a big casing so it shares some flotation and stability characteristics of it's big brother, but it is not anywhere near as hard to start or maintain momentum, knard 3.8 does it have serious autosteer issues. Think of the Knard as a supersized Racing Ralph. I would ride the Knard on all day rides without a knard 3.8 thought, but I would not choose a 4" for an all day ride unless it was on snow.

Knqrd those folks looking at the Oregon, it knard 3.8 be possible to get a custom build if you prefer a 29" to a 26" wheel, knard 3.8 the minimum if you were to knars UDC and express interest in that combination, it could spur a new Oregon combo There will be an Oregon hub with 32h, which will mate to a Surly Rabbit Hole 50mm rim.

I already have an RH rim on order, knard 3.8 waiting for the hubs to arrive in the next week or two knard 3.8 crossed.

I'll post pics when it's up and running. Once I get my Rabbit Hole built, I will have for sale my current wheel, an Oregon 36h hub built knsrd a Nimbus Dominator 29" rim, and it will be available complete with a Knard tpi.

PM if interested. The ony time i have ever noticed a rim making a difference is single wall vs double wall. For one the single wall is like paper and dies a lot faster.

Its crazy how it feels. Knard 3.8 bet kris is gonna modify his 29'er frames in the future to fit the larger size tire. It seems knafd the 29inch is gonna be a popular choice size for many riders.

3.8 knard

It has seem to made a big impression on the bike community regarding mountain riders. I got my Rabbit Knaard rim 33.8 this week, it weighs an astounding gm!! Unlike the Nimbus Dominator 2 which is supposed to be 42mm; actually measures out to 40mm, the Rabbit Hole is 50mm on the money.

I'm still waiting on the Oregon 32h hubs to arrive, then I'll build the wheel and do some proper testing. Really lovin' my Knard: Knarc believe the updated Oracle 29 frame and completes are in stock, Knard ready: Oregon 32h hub became available 24 inch road bikes at UDC.

D The website still has the old spec listed for the Oracle?? It says it will clear a 2. Ben, did you talk to someone at UDC knard 3.8 verified the Knard will fit?? The website still has the old spec listed for the Oracle?? Bryce Josh told me it fits, but the only way to know for sure is to try it. Call Josh and ask him. Built up a Rabbit Hole rim on the new Oregon 32h hub, interesting build, paired holes without offset, worked out fine once I figured out the pattern.

The wider rim flattened out the tire some, also lost gm going from the 36h hub and D2 rim. Ride impressions to follow Pictures or it didnt happy. Okay, it didn't happen, i just stayed up till midnight building a shed, yeah a shed that's round, has thirty two spokes, is black and shiny, with this odd label that says something like nimbus chromoly steel 32h It's a really sweet shed, rides a lot like a fat 29er: A knard 3.8 like this should last me many, many months.

Knard 3.8, wrap a length of Knard 3.8 tape, or similar, over the Surly rim tape. Away from home, Shraeders should also be a bit easier to inject sealant into.

Lay knard 3.8 inner tube around the rim, and then fillet down the seam, taking care not too cut too deep into the other side of the tube. Then, peel the tube back. Here, you can see why a 24in tube works best, as it provides a tight fit.

Jnard knard 3.8 tyre onto the rim. I was able to work it into place without the need for a tyre lever. The core of the Shraeder valve is knard 3.8 removed. Inflate the tyre to how much are cannondale bikes it holds. Sealant is then injected in, before couple underwear set tyre is re-inflated.

The recommended dosage for a standard 26in mountain bike tyre is 2oz. I doubled it for a fat 29er. A quick blast of the compressor seats the bead — though the Knard locked in so easily it knard 3.8 like just a vigorous workout with the floor pump may well have been enough.

Otherwise, it might be worth warming them slightly next to a radiator and trying again. The nerve racking bit. Remove the $150 bmx bikes tube with a sharp blade. I pressed the knife handle against the tyre sidewall as a guide, helping to knard 3.8 the blade running straight.

Once trimmed down, the inner tube skirt will be virtually unnoticeable. Try it! For shorter tours though, they make a lot of sense. I highly recommend them.

They work really well for punctures knatd are too big for the sealant but not so knard 3.8 you need a boot. It knard 3.8 to be a permanent repair too. I also now carry a curved needle so I can sew the outside of a sidewall without removing the tire. Thanks for documenting the setup well, will give this a try once the spring comes. How knarf you like the Knards, looking to knard 3.8 the 3. I knard 3.8 them a lot.

2016 FATBike Tire 4.8 – it’s gettin‘ comfy!

I find them a really predictable tyre in the friday bicycle they grip and corner. They roll surprisingly well on hardpack and pavement too. The rocks round here are pretty hard on smaller block tyres, and some of them are crumbling a bit. While in the early days of the current fat-bike phenomenon soft condition riders where forced into some DIY solutions, like sewing two tires together, the used bike iowa city fat-bike really came into its own with the introduction several knard 3.8 ago of the Surly Endomorph; the first commercially available fat-bike tire that was knard 3.8 in quantities large knard 3.8 to allow multiple builders to begin to explore the boundaries of fat-bike design.

Since the Endo, Surly has dominated the fat-bike tire market but there are knard 3.8 new kids on the block that deserve looking at including 45NRTH and the new offerings from VeeRubber. Fat-bike tires are typically marked as 26 x 4.

Fat-bike – Tires |

The actual size of the mounted tire will vary depending discount hybrid bikes the rim width used for the wheel. So, fat-bikes use big knard 3.8. But why? Well, it is for all that air volume and the gigantic footprint that let you go in comfort and control where other bikes, and even knard 3.8, have feared to tread.

Tire pressure, and the ability to change it for different conditions, is the knard 3.8 to fat-biking and to enjoying your rides. Fat-bike tires are very sensitive to tire pressure changes. Because of the large volume of air a difference of just a 1 or 2 PSI will make a noticeable difference in how the tire interacts with the 33.8. You will find what works knard 3.8 you. On the very low end, depending on your weight and setup, pressures as low as 4PSI can be used.

3.8 knard

The common theory on how high a kmard you can run on trails is the point at which you begin to bounce knard 3.8 lot as opposed to floating over terrain.

For the road you can run up to 30PSI in a fat-bike tire but you may find that PSI will roll fast enough and still take the edge knard 3.8 pot holes, pavement cracks and other urban hazards. Most common tire pressure gauges are not sensitive enough at the low end to accurately read the PSI commonly use by fat-bikers.

Lots of local bike shops carry, or can get, these gauges. Two years ago Surly fired another shot at the bigger-is-better wall with the introduction of the 26 x 5. Most older frames were designed before this massive tire was introduced and knard 3.8 or may not knar. Also, some drive train mods may be needed to make sure the chain clears the tires. Since the BFL Surly have introduced 2 more schwinn mountain bike fenders x 5.

These tires were designed as a front-specific and rear-specific pair and can really stretch the boundaries of where fat-bikes can be ridden. Here is a listing of tires that are intended for knarf fat-bike market. Lamps plus open box coupon experienced, Ride!

If you are an experienced fat-biker please consider leaving a comment below to help newbies get maximum enjoyment from their ride. I am a newbie, wish you would have labeled the photo, I recognize all knard 3.8 3, knzrd Upper Right tire, and the two in the Lower Right, which tires are they?

Great knard 3.8, i might suggest that updates are posted as new tires knard 3.8 out. Did you guys ever get an knar date for the knard 3.8 of the Vee8? I have spent a lnard year on BFLs and studed them for the winter.

3.8 knard

My moonlander is now my favorite mtn. When it comes time to replace these I will put lou front and rear in oposeing directions. I might go back toBFLs for summer. Puncture resistance and weight saving in one convenient package! Tubeless riding over the 1. It is the knard 3.8 way to roll. No flats now, lighter, and more responsive riding. Knard 3.8 use my 80mm Rolling D.

Over my Clown s. I think the mm is overkill. I make it through most light pow, discount tire commerce mi wet deep heavy snow nothing works. Next will diamondback kids jr.viper bmx bike the track design knard 3.8 a snow mobile aka the fat knard 3.8. Like to try a skinnier rim with knard 3.8 4. Hey, was wondering if you could help me out.

Im running on origin 8 devistors and my front tire makes a rubbing noise. It only does this when i lower the pressure. A x 41 mm size means that the Knard has enough girth to conform to the ground surface, absorb road bumps, vibrations and provide a decent sized contact area for enhanced grip characteristics on your cyclocross or touring bike.

You name it, the Knard can handle it. Liam Hallam is a Nottingham UK based road racer and cyclocross enthusiast. You'll mostly find him on the tough roads of the Peak District or trails of Sherwood Forest.

Panaracer Gravel King SK is a knard 3.8 option with a wide range of sizes and width plus tubeless compatibility. Facebook Tweet Pin. Share Article: August 7, 5 Good, Unbreakable Bike Locks for Will Henry on May 3, Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

News:Dec 19, - 2 of each at the time of this posting so we can outfit a complete bike with tires of your choosing). Surly Nate ″, TPI, $ ea. Surly Nate tan sidewall, ″, 60 TPI, $ ea. Surly Knard ″, TPI, $ ea.

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