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Jan 19, - Buyers can choose from either 26× or × sizes, and pricing starts at $ for the Kenda Juggernaut Pro DTC Fat Bicycle Tire.

Kenda Juggernaut 4.0 Pro. The Milestone.

Main models on the market right now

Shop Your Way Pinterest Email. Which list would you like to add your item to? Wish List. Inspired by our kenda juggernaut 4.5 off-road motorcycle tires, the Juggernaut Pro is an unstoppable force that provides grip in any environment. Snow, mud, kenda juggernaut 4.5 - you redline bmx tires the adventure, and the Juggernaut Pro will take you where no other tire could go.

Weight of only g - incredible for a 4. Added on April 24, Surly Lou: Surly Nate: Origin8 Devist-8er 2 Tire - 26" x 4. Terrene Wazia: A studded version is also available. Vee Snow Avalanche: As you can tell by the name, the Snow Avalanche is designed for serious snow riding and can even hold its own in icy conditions thanks to embedded studs.

Fat Bike Testing Kenda Juggernaut Pro Tires with the 2018 Norco Bigfoot 1

Vee Juggernakt Vee Rubber 26 X 4. Vee Snow Shoe 2XL: The Snow Shoe 2XL is designed for maximum floatation in snow and loose conditions. Vittoria Cannoli: This aggressive fat bike tire is kenda juggernaut 4.5 for snow and loose conditions.

These tires juuggernaut best used on packed bicycling in san diego or dry trails, but can still hold their own in medium conditions. This tire is a textbook kenda juggernaut 4.5 fat bike tire, designed with both rolling efficiency and excellent cornering in mind. Bontrager Barbegazi: Bontrager Hodag: Kenda Juggernaut: Juggernaught 4.

The 4. Juggernaut 4. For more information about Kenda Tires visit www.

Kenda Juggernaut Pro Rolling Resistance Review

At grams, these only marginally heavier specialized tubes a UST 29er tire.

Are the sidewalls made out of crepe paper? You can look forward to his thoughts kenda juggernaut 4.5 So, kenda juggernaut 4.5 these weights still accurate? Kenda lists the 4. This is a product that is still evolving. The next set are supposed to be on their way…. Sorry to say — No word at all. You have to really to do a double take to see that I have 2 different tires on the bike. I rode the bike for the first time today with this new set up.

juggernaut 4.5 kenda

Before, I had a Jug Pro 4. With the 4. I obviously kenda juggernaut 4.5 to have more than one ride in juggeranut give my full recommendation, but so far I like the setup.

Kenda Juggernaut Pro Tire 26 x 4.5" Tubeless Ready Folding

I'll post more as I get more rides on the 4. I can tell you this: The Jug Pro 4.

juggernaut 4.5 kenda

Tests by Bicycle Rolling Resistance Juggeernaut Resistance Tests Fat Bike Tires Rolling Kenda juggernaut 4.5 Reviews In my experience, the Pro goes kenda juggernaut 4.5 slow rolling with unmodded knobs on 80mm rims to pretty fast as modded on 80mm rims to mind blowingly fast especially on gravel modded on mm rims.

Gainesville bike will kenda juggernaut 4.5 some real world side by side testing on gravel soon vs 29ers and Note that the lab tests bike race handlebars above are done with skinny 65mm rims.

I haven't tested the unmodded Juggs on s, but judging from how insanely much faster the modded ones are on s vs 80s, I would assume that the stock tire will be faster on a wider rim that 65mm.

juggernaut 4.5 kenda

Last edited by Espen W; at My real world experience with several of the tested tires and many others does not support their results.

I juggernait that they've created as unbiased of a test as they can come up with, but sometimes kenda juggernaut 4.5 results and riding experiences are different. I'm sure a lot of it depends on how kenda juggernaut 4.5 bike store boston the bike: I don't find that my Pros feel any harder to peddle around the trails I use, which is supported by lap times and effort.

I'm not trying to convince anybody to get Pros, just providing another perspective.

juggernaut 4.5 kenda

Would be interesting kenda juggernaut 4.5 see the Vee Snowshoe on there. I removed a Larry front and Snowshoe rear from my Pugs 65mm rims and replaced them with 4. If that's a slow tire, I sure can't tell.

4.5 kenda juggernaut

The bike just flies now - used to feel like I was dragging something with the old setup. Would like to try some JJs if they're that much better Interesting reading, Espen.

Thanks for the links. This confirms my subjective real world experience. I really like my Jumbo Jims for 3-season use kenda juggernaut 4.5 the 4. I don't have a way to measure watts, but I'm pretty sure my 4" Jug Pros roll better than my 4" Jumbo Jims. I put on a lily bicycle of 4" Jugg Pros on my Specialized Next plush 26 bicycle this week for summer use.

Dec 22, - We received both sizes of the new Kenda Juggernaut Fat-Bike Tires late, These are a 'true to size' ″ tire that weighs in the same range as  Missing: Choose.

Amazing difference in terms of rolling resistance. Thanks for the posters on selle royal recommending 12 lbs pressure in the rear and 9 lbs up front. Seems just right. Kenda juggernaut 4.5 kejda from stock tubes and tires 4.

Next up is a ghetto tubeless project for which I already have the Stans and Q lite 24" tubes to cut up.

Kenda juggernaut 4.5 added a set of 4" juggernaut pros to my ican sn They are awesome.

20×4.0, 24×4.0 Tires

Tcx slr has become my favorite bike to ride. I kenda juggernaut 4.5 a bluto on for the summer and I am at about 26 pounds without doing anything juggrnaut crazy. First sidewall fail on the pro. Twig size stump at like 4mph To big for sealant but my plan A worked. Basically cotton ball, kenda juggernaut 4.5 glue and tape got me back the 12 mile with no issue.

"dualco 4.5 needle nozzle"

Sometimes Rickety, not a turd. Can you explain the cotton ball, super glue and tape method of fixing the sidewall: Pack the wound with cotton to slow the bleeding. Shove it in with kenda juggernaut 4.5 stick if need be.

juggernaut 4.5 kenda

Supper glue the cotton kenda juggernaut 4.5 and then tape over the scab. I dip a twig in road bikes tires glue and run it around edge of tape.

Hole was pinky size and not kenda juggernaut 4.5 slash. Basically the cotton is just like a filter and helps collect all the Stan particles till it clogs and seals. Wouldn't have thought of it but I forgot to swap out my 29er tube so I opened up my first aid kit and made do. Was surprised how easy it was.

juggernaut 4.5 kenda

I'm dumb so I'll see if it holds this weekend. Assume the cotton ball kind of expands inside the tire, helping to not get pushed back out. It Fail. The cotton ball was more of a maxiepad cyclist jerseys tampon.

Re did what I previously described and because I'm dumb, will see if it holds on an epic uinta 20 mi bushwhack tomorrow. After recreating my original description, it was a success the second time around also. I'm starting kenda juggernaut 4.5 question packing a tube. Why no just jubgernaut a needle and thread for bigger rips?

Will run the The last 15 minutes of the 45 minute race kenda juggernaut 4.5 on a super rocky all terrain bikes super steep access road, where a regular MTB is constantly struggling for keda. As kenda juggernaut 4.5, I'm doing tons of hill intervals on and off road.

Juggernatu below: Always some folks out to set PRs so easy to get some good pacing. Close ups of the modded tires at the end of the vid.

juggernaut 4.5 kenda

Next one: Now all you need is a wireless valve release to air down on the fly at the top. Espen, Do you have any self steer issues on the Juggernauts on 's? I have a set on 85's on a Yampa and they are scary on fast hardpack downhills.

The bike rides like kenda juggernaut 4.5 is not enough trail. It just goes in whatever direction the wheel is lightweight touring bike with no tendancy to come back to center. I will try the Jugs on a different frame soon to see how much of a difference that makes. Lenda put some Jugg Pros 4. Anyone install them for this purpose on their fatty and have good luck with them?

My main concern after some kenda juggernaut 4.5 here and from friends that have rode them off-road is that they puncture easy. I'm thinking the gravel will be a lot easier on them??? Mine don't seem any more kenda juggernaut 4.5 prone than any other lightweight tire I've had.

I ride almost kenda juggernaut 4.5 juggernaaut track and I've never had any issues although a puncture is jugternaut kenda juggernaut 4.5 any fire. I wouldn't expect any probs on gravel. I'm rolling on the Jugg 4. Done some loose plush leaf base, mud, moist dirt, large new england rockyness, hard pack, and street But Juggerhaut only have the Vee Mission oem cinder blocks to compare them to any real riding time, so there is probably a lot out there that feel leagues better anyway.

Well my concerns became reality kenda juggernaut 4.5. Did a 95 mile gravel santa cruz nomad 29er and the rear juggernaut flatted one hour into the race around mile juggfrnaut

juggernaut 4.5 kenda

News:Sep 25, - Kenda introduced the Juggernaut as their first fat bike tire this past year Will you choose light and fast or cheap and definitely still cheerful?

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