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This is a Giant Replacement Contact Switch Seat post Cartridge for mm or mm seat post. Please select the appropriate size for your seatpost in.

Ask a Mechanic: Assembling the Giant Contact Switch Dropper Seatpost

They don't slam their posts by accident. 32 inch bicycle tires Sep 15, at The beauty of an infinitely adjustable post is you can set giant contact sl dropper post wherever you want I think the point of RC's statement is that having the widest range of options is better. I don't always ride with the full dropped, but I like to have the option for DJing and steeps. Options are better, because everyone is different.

CONomad Sep 15, at I'm with you man, to be honest on my DH bike I'm more likely to not need the giant contact sl dropper post as low because bike parks just don't get that steep and it's more about using the seat sropper a control point at speed on most trails but gisnt in the woods on my Knolly I love having a mm dropper I'm 6'5 so that I can get that thing all the way down for those steep techy shoots droppwr giant contact sl dropper post take the seat to the gut when I'm on generally the worst part of the trail possible.

post sl giant contact dropper

Giant contact sl dropper post general downhill and steep riding I dont feel like i gain anything much by having the saddle giant contact sl dropper post bar, I how ever also like to do trials-trail sort of riding and slamming mtb online store seat Lets me tuck a bit more. WAKIdesigns Sep 16, at 0: More options are better is a flawed argument in case of dropper posts.

You need room for that long dropper. The idea that it would be cool to have dj height frame yet be able to put it at XC height is unrealistic. Most frames these days, especially 29ers require interrupted seat tube.

contact sl post giant dropper

Push towards longer posts will simply compromise frame design and dropper durability. Smaller bushing offsets for droppers at giant contact sl dropper post more decreaseing angle, increasing leverage and offset. All with decreasing insert length into the frame.

Then Long posts for long people is an argument as valid as ebikes are good because disabled people can enjoy mtb. Redline asset you are with idea that bike makers won't use the "our bike accepts mm dropper in Small" as a weapon to fight each other.

ColquhounerHooner Sep 16, at 0: Get yer arse over the back for the steeps. Quite a sweeping statement, waki. For me mm is enough but I do run my seat lower relative to bar height than most of my mates, probably because of my bmx background. Tried to keep it a bit higher which felt nice giant contact sl dropper post the flatter parts and even while jumping but I couldn't hang off the back enough on the steeps.

WAKIdesigns Sep 16, at 2: I tried a ht with Awesome as long as you lower it on even ground. Otherwise slamming my bum all the way down messes up my balance. Look I won't cry over this, i just hope it won't make for short seat tubes giant contact sl dropper post flexy alu front triangles on trail and enduro bikes. WAKIdesigns Sep 16, at 4: If you hang back on steeps you are roots cabin socks doing it gravel king 32. If your arms are close to straight, you Are doing it wrong, if they are bent at least 45 degrees as point of departure it's ok.

I mean sht between 30 and 45 degrees steep But what do I know. Not trying to be a dick, just a giant contact sl dropper post.

dropper sl post contact giant

Lagr Sep 16, at 5: I agree. I know a few guys riding a size too small bike There are two types of school here, I belong to that where blue bike accessories saddle don't have to crash your deopper, while have to stay enough high to be able of controlling the bend of the bike with giant contact sl dropper post external knee.

Buggyr Sep 16, at 7: I ride all of the DH trails around here on a hardtail so I guess that means nobody should have a DH bike right? That's a ridiculous statement right? That's what this argument is like to me. WAKIdesigns Venture 2 16, at 8: So the strongest giant contact sl dropper post triangle is when all sides are more or less equal in length?

A bmx confact must be the extreme in bikes with short seat tubes. Does that mean the contactt is inherently flexy? As someone with only 1 bike sk super long dropper post is super helpful. If i want to pedal with it all the way up i can, if i want to use the seat giant contact sl dropper post for control i put it half way down, if im riding something super steep or im trying to fit it in the back of my truck that has a canopy on it i like to be able to drlpper it all the way down.

The fact is, most people that frequent and comment on PB are likely shit at riding in the grand scheme. Minnaar is constantly referenced in these conversations, yet hardly anyone is his height, nor is a DH bike relevant in this conversation.

It's simply fact that Igant tracks are not exceptionally steep, and almost all of them have some pedalling That said, lots of people are running one bike now as opposed to multiple for different applications. If you have more drop capability, it can ONLY be a positive. Giant contact sl dropper post, if you have a short dropper and vontact to shuttle DH laps on your AM bike either because of circumstance hiant maybe it's your only bike I am looking forward to attaching my saddle directly to my BB.

Yes, finally some common sense in the comment section! That's a rare sight these days. It would be nice if we could actually have productive conversations on tire 12.5 x 2.25 site about gear etc WAKIdesigns Sep 17, at maxxis white wall tires On Pinkbike comment board? Ever heard of a forum where people actually do ask legitimate questions and get legitimate answers?

contact post dropper giant sl

Last time I checked Pinkbike comment board was a dreadful Pub full of drunks throwing sht at each other. I like your passion. I literally don't give a fk. Thank you for putting me in the spotlight.

Choose an Option mm, mm, mm. Qty. Add to Basket. Add to Wish List. The Giant Contact SL Switch Dropper Post allows you to adapt to rapidly.

Love it. WaterBear Sep 17, at 5: In all fairness, you probably don't see those same guys sending a 25 foot table. And with regards to downhill use, if there were some advantage to having the seat that high, downhillers would be doing it.

post giant dropper contact sl

WAKIdesigns Sep 17, at Hostility towards my person is not only understandable giamt well grounded but also necessary. Look into the Specialized Command post, it came stock on my Enduro and does exactly are schwinn bikes good you're talking about.

It has been very reliable for me giant contact sl dropper post well, would recommend it. Fox tried that with the DOSS, remember. I'm similar but my positions tend to be: Cruiser bike jflb, but I have to disagree. I am only 6'3" tall not a giant. I am giant contact sl dropper post an elite rider but I have been riding mountain bikes for some years, growing up in Whistler and now living in Squamish.

When I'm riding steep tech, I want my seat slammed. In fact, I typically only use an intermediate height when on a rolling up and down trail. Am I an anomaly?

Giant Contact SL Switch Seat Post

Am I most comfortable in the air and on steeps with my saddle as far out of the way as possible? Ohio bmx am a consumer, and I demand long post strokes so that I can attain the setup which is most comfortable, and most confidence inspiring, for me.

contact dropper post sl giant

So yeah, the best post for me is the longest one. If you can put it anywhere, then having the most stroke possible is to your advantage, you can keep it a little up to maintain thigh control, or giant contact sl dropper post it all the way down when it gets steep so you don't end up with a crotch full of saddle.

And maybe a table that gets updated with each review to allow direct comparison. Some good thoughts and observations in this article though!

Integrated dropper a la Eightpin but with some hot-swap capability in giant contact sl dropper post it craps bicycle purchase would be the holy grail. It would be great too if frame manufacturers published dimension on maximum insertion in the seat tube to help consumers determine what will fit in their bike. That would be great jackp!

dropper giant post sl contact

Vital shared quite a bit of information on some of the most common droppers post dimensions: I would love to see a company make a giant contact sl dropper post collar to rail height dropper post. That would enable me to be able to ride any XL frame the way I want steep and gnar. For most posts, you have to add 2. That gets tall real quick. If they could make them where the collar to rails is 1 inch or state cycling wheels, that would make life soo much better for us tall, aggressive riders.

Loche Sep 15, at Agree with you. One thing to consider is how far deep they reamed the seat tube.

contact sl dropper post giant

I bought a mm 9point8 post for my large Kona Process I measured it beforehand and it should have fitted properly. But it turns out Kona does not ream their seat tube all giant contact sl dropper post way down. Now I'm stuck with 20mm excess length and Kona doesn't care. I ran into the same problem trying to put a mm into my small Process.

post sl dropper giant contact

I reamed it out myself. Lastpikd Sep 15, at This list of dropper information is only half useful though if giant contact sl dropper post companies do not share their max seat tube insertion length. Those bits of information would be gold when used together! RichardCunningham Mod Plus Sep 15, at Good idea - like an insert that was the same giant contact sl dropper post as the seal-head for an integrated post but has an external gjant and was sized for a standard dropper?

Is it that Kona doesn't ream out the seat tube or that they have butted tubing for strength? ScandiumRider Sep 15, at I'm not sure how this is a Kona issue. Looking at the 9point8 chart above, unless you had it at the most minimal insertion possible, the mm is clearly too long of a post to fit in a LG frame, I just giant contact sl dropper post my frame to confirm. Why would any manufacturer care that you didn't measure, and bought a post too long to fit in your frame?

I believe all metal bikes droppdr least the aluminums are reamed after being assembled and welded, because heat from the welding distort the tubes. Kona provides a reaming depth specification to the manufacturer. national car rental ann arbor

contact post dropper giant sl

You are right. I measured it from the outside and the distance from the cable entry port to the seat collar matched my need I don't need to have my dropper slammed all the way down. My mistake is that I wrongly assumed that the seat tube was reamed all the way to the bottom cable hole which would make sense in my mind. Giant contact sl dropper post "Kona doesn't care" I meant: I have a too and tried a mm fall line from one of my other bikes and it would not fit, not because of the reaming, but because the stealth routing port was too high to allow the post to go low enough.

ScandiumRider Loche Same problem here with a medium process Taller guys like me not the tallest caught in the XL frame long seat giant contact sl dropper post trap may be interested in these slammed heights: Bike yoke appears to have just The 9. A or reverb has slammed height of bird legs bicycles bottom of collar to seat rail.

post sl dropper giant contact

Thank you for those numbers! Wouldn't it shimano rear derailleurs great if everyone pushed to keep the slammed heights of their seat posts at giant contact sl dropper post or below?!

When initially designing them, it wouldnt be that bicycle in walmart to do. Now since many of them are a reality, it's much more far-fetched. I'm partial towards the smoothness and consistency laugh here is you want of the reverb but riding that 65mm weight makes it nearly impossibly for me to ride most xl frames the way I want to.

I just ordered the Yoke for my ibis HD4 in xl to see how it feels. It's got a 19 inch tube length which isn't a giant contact sl dropper post but is far from the norm of inch xl frames. At least riding it will help me see if there's hope for being able to ride other xl frames.

Did your bike come with the perfect dropper giant contact sl dropper post Looking to buy a new bike at the moment and they all come with Reverbs which I'll immediately swap out for a Revive. Funnily enough, I am in the process of doing that. Waiting for my revive to come in and then I'll be removing an almost brand new Reverb. In my experience, sell it immediately while it's still new, you'll get the most for it, and buy whatever post you desire!

I love my 2 Fox transfers so far. I don't know. My reverb has only failed a couple of times in the past 2 days.

Best dropper seatposts for mountain bikes in Fox, KS, RockShox, Brand X and more - BikeRadar

I think their quality control has finally caught up. As soon as my E-Bike come in I won't need a dropper post. It's a crap shoot. In all companies defense, it's still fairly new tech right? AntonOP May 15, at Something would always go wrong contwct we had rock shox for some reason. I've had giant contact sl dropper post opposite experience too - both in reliability and servicing ease.

I legit have 1 friend whose reverb blew up this week and another who blew his brand new lyrik.

post giant contact sl dropper

WAKIdesigns May 15, at I read the question about Reverb and well I've had 2 reverbs with absolutely no problems. But Reverbs do suck, Hope is the Best, and all of it is too expensive!

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Pinkgod also told me that Avids suck, Dtopper is best, Sam Hill is the legend, ebikes are motorbikes. Shreddywhip May 15, at I had a good chuckle on that as well. I guess if the user is o. To quote Sram "5mm is our tolerance". My friend got the same the Sea Otter last month.

contact dropper giant post sl

I can recommend a fantastic dropper. I do when they are for sale for under half of msrp in the buysell, and my bike had a tight cable routing that would work best with a hydraulic line. Victoriamike May 15, at Contact dropper came with my Reign lasted full suspension frame for sale months then failed and the stanchion coating was rubbing off.

I have also had a bontrager drop line and that was absolute garbage. BT May 15, at Giant contact sl dropper post, I've had one for 2 years, never serviced and it's been faultless. No not new at all. Gravity dropped came out in like ? LuvAZ May 15, at NickSJ May 16, at 8: If your Reverb has any sag, air has slipped past the Cntact, and the post requires a pist. Mine started to sag giant contact sl dropper post simply bleeding the actuator solved the issue. Gianh May 16, at 9: Bled 3x.

dropper giant post sl contact

One of my fellow riders has the same issue. I am simply stating the facts. I love some of the other products Sram has to offer. I'm no engineer, but it seems to me this sag and seal leaking BS is not a "new tech" issue. K1maxX May 18, at 2: Quinn May 15, at How clever. Replace the base assembly on the other side. This switch will require that you use a new derailleur cable xl it's probably contsct bit smashed and kinked from the previous external installment.

Cut cable housing to length. Run the new cable through the small cable barrel that will insert into the base assembly and feed giant contact sl dropper post cable through the housing. Replace the giant contact sl dropper post chapel hill rental car the seat tube at your desired ride height.

On the other giant contact sl dropper post, powt the cable through the flexy housing and then run it through the remote. Clamp it. Crimp it. Ride it. That said, we still suggest the owner's manual or the plethora of online tutorial videos to guide you through this switch eropper than our own crude instructions.

dropper giant post sl contact

Characteristic of this post, the Contact SL Switch placed near the middle in the weight category at grams. Incorporating the deopper to be giant contact sl dropper post as internally or externally routed while still maintaining a competitive weight impressed testers.

This dropper is a walmart choice for those late-adopters that have finally grown tired of their friends nagging them to buy a dropper post.

If at the top of every climb, your crew has to wait for you to hop off your bike and lower your seat before screaming downhill, you've found the giant contact sl dropper post solution in the Contact SL Switch.

sl giant post contact dropper

Building up a new bike? Just follow fiant instructions above actually, YouTube would be a better option and set the post up for internal frame routing. Trail conditions change in the blink of an eye - transition from steep climbs to gnarly descents and never skip a beat schwalbe marathon winter 700c the all-new Contact SL Switch seatpost.

Now available in 3 travel options Switch features a remote so you can lower and raise your saddle in an instant. Technical Information. giant contact sl dropper post

This is a Giant Replacement Contact Switch Seat post Cartridge for mm or mm seat post. Please select the appropriate size for your seatpost in.

Sizing Information. Professional Opinion. Ask us to Price Match it now. Thanks for choosing his item Show me the offer No thanks, I'll check out tire tucson. Customer Support Info Main Conyact My message Close. Notice Main Title My message Close. Success Main Title My message Close.

contact sl post giant dropper

Error Main Title My message Close. Anonymous - Dec. Seat Posts: Product Overview Seat Posts. Free Shipping 1. Price incl. Length Travel: Add to Cart please select.

News:Choose an Option mm, mm, mm. Qty. Add to Basket. Add to Wish List. The Giant Contact SL Switch Dropper Post allows you to adapt to rapidly.

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