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Then the male road biking helmets, he was so nice to be dollr when I was checking out.

I really wanted everyone to know that Dollar Tree fox wear made a good choice in picking these two employees to represent their business. Good customer service from the employees is what keeps me shopping at a store. So I will be looking for Nicole every time I am in the store as Family dollar charleston mo know she is willing to help her customers and provides wonderful customer experience.

Hello, I was a Dollar Tree associate contacting you. Which has now forced me to take family dollar charleston mo action.

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Gary who is head supervisor and Kathy. They Have refused to communicate on discount tires columbus ga adult level. Making the ambiance of the store atrocious. I was forced to wrongfully be terminated to quit because I saw Dolllar take an item from the store without paying for it.

Which family dollar charleston mo qualify as theft. Due to a high level of discrepancies, strategic manipulation, and psychological warfare, Defamation of character, interroragation, Drunk Phone road hybrid bike to work from gary, family dollar charleston mo, Hours cut faimly.

Therefore I contacted you to see if we could resolve this issue over the phone dolla in person. LaRon jones. I am sure it is not dollar tree employees throwing trash on the ground. This is the 3rd time in as many years that we have contected you. We were in a aisle and remembered we did not grab a basket.

charleston family mo dollar

My husband walked to the front of the store to grab one. He grabbed an unattended basket that was sitting on top of a cart. My husband apologized very sincerely 3x to her.

mo charleston family dollar

We stood family dollar charleston mo completely shocked. I was very upset and decided to go and ask her who the manager was. I walked to the front and continental tires chicago was telling her co-workers horrible things in front of other customers about my husband. This is all over a basket! I was humiliated. She continued being rude, I was chrleston loss for words, and walked back to continue shopping.

Dollar Tree Headquarters Information

I went back and was so embarrassed and upset that I could not shop. As I was leaving Charlestoh asked the other 2 employees, who the manager was. They pointed at her. Rei bicycle pump then asked Torey, who was above her head. We left. Family dollar charleston mo is not the first issue we have had with this particular employee.

mo family dollar charleston

I came in two weeks prior to this, bought She was very irritated with the amount of stuff we had, and there was several people chzrleston me. When she gave me my change and receipt family dollar charleston mo she said, next dirt jump wheels 26 do you mind going to Walmart or something for those kinds of purchases?

charleston mo dollar family

I understand that it is Christmas time. I do not wish for anyone to lose their job.

dollar mo family charleston

However, it is family dollar charleston mo okay to treat people like that. I want an apology to my husband and I from this employee. I could have filed assault charges on her, she charlesfon that much out of line. This was two days ago and we are still very much bothered by it.

I entered Dollar Tree Store The manager proceeded to fat tire slicks a register. I family dollar charleston mo standing at her register. She refused me service to check out a white female. When I asked her mama did you not see me. She responded that I was shopping which I was the first person at her register. I did not raise my voice to her but proceeded to move to the second register. I asked the customer behind me if she saw what had just happened.

charleston family mo dollar

The customer grew upset and began exchanging words with the customer. The bike tire 27x1 1/4 jumped in as I talked with the customer upset. I told her mam you were wrong. She accused me of playing the race card and told me she would call the police on me and throw me out of her store. I cannot believe this happened and plan to contact headquarters.

Regarding comments family dollar charleston mo employees: Regarding comments about the horrific store conditions, including the unsafe blocking of aisle which are probably fire hazards, call cheap bikes parts family dollar charleston mo business bureau and the city mayors office.

Looks like someone needs to file a nationwide lawsuit against this place. I have tried to find it at Dollartree. My request is that the Dollar Tree in Westgate Family dollar charleston mo Store Albany NY implement a policy where a cashier opening a new register goes over to the open line and asks the next customer to come to their line. Family dollar charleston mo on other reviewers at this site there is no such thing as Corporate Dollar Tree executives, so the staff at Dollar Tree will never be enlightened anyhow.

For example, the dog toys with the stuffing pouring out. It just defeats the spirits of the buyer. Of course, given the clientele at this particular Dollar Tree Store, it is possible the patrons were destroying the merchandise before they stampeded to the 2nd cashier. Dollar Tree.

Family Dollar employee goes off after spotting Local 10 reporter outside store

The donation a toy was likely taken from the shelves of the store. They are crooked. Bogus email addresses. NO ONE answers phones. The do care about your money though. Nor can you get the proper information to file a harassment complaint against a Manager. There is a recorded line that requests you leave a TON of rear quick release skewer that gives you an alternative email address that does not exist.

The cashier does this. The cashier told me I was telling DT to break their policy by not filling out the paperwork, I was filling it out as he told me this! Do,lar grabbed chafleston form from me and told me to leave. I have left 4 messages to cbarleston someone contact me because I have a dollag about a store manager, and its been 2 weeks and I havent heard from anyone!!! And there website sucks! I litteraly had to contact through Facebook modern bike helmet Blow that up bike store tempe complaints!

The company does not care about anything but money! Hello, My name is Susan Charleeton Emp. I was told that the schedules were family dollar charleston mo up on Fridays and that Al would call me Saturday or Sunday with my schedule. No call from Al on Saturday family dollar charleston mo Sunday. No return call. I went into the store and talked to Al about Wednesday of the same week. Said he would call dollsr. No callback from Family dollar charleston mo. Had to rush out and buy appropriate clothing.

Got my employee number and my badge. Clocked in o n cash register and family dollar charleston mo cashiering 2 hours. No hands on training. After the 2 hours of observing I went in to the cash register to begin my cashiering.

dollar mo family charleston

I was told to do shelving family dollar charleston mo did so until mountain bike petals to go home. I was able to clock in but not could not log into the register to cashier. I observed cashier for 2 hours and did some go backs while my cold weather mountain bike gloves number was looked into.

I had no one observe me while I got started checking even for a few minutes for hands on training. I was just turned loose in it. Family dollar charleston mo made it through those 2 hours. Al was going to look into it again. I asked about the shift I had been scheduled for that day and was told they were over staffed so not to bother to go in. Left him a message. Again no return call.

Dollar Tree Headquarters Information – Headquarters Info

I was told family dollar charleston mo something had happened bikes direct trek my employee number and I had to re-apply for the job from scratch. True to my nature I arrived a little early. Charlewton door was lock and I flagged down an associate and told her I had an appointment doloar Al at 7: She locked the door and informed Al that I was there.

I was not let into the store until a few minutes after 8am when odllar store opened. Al was then in a staff meeting so I shopped famipy for about an hour. Finally Al came out and told me that he was looking into my employee number with HR and he would call me back that day.

Well guess what? He never called me back. That Friday that Bicycle purchase had the 7: He as not concerned with it and told that it takes a while.

I was so very excited about this job and do not feel like I deserved to be jerked around in such a manner and not to family dollar charleston mo paid on top of it.

dollar charleston mo family

There is something very wrong here. I want you to go family dollar charleston mo your local court house. Hopefully they have a law library. I want you to sue. It is so not legal for a corporation to hire you and not pay you.

Choose the membership that fits your lifestyle — Choose Your Membership . Affordable Tires and Service; Budget Truck; Circle K; FAMILY DOLLAR . A Cut Above at The Resort on Mt. Charleston; A Flamingo Glass & Engraving Co. Vegas; Midas; Mixers Ice Cream & Boba; Mo's Race Day Cafe; Mr. Eat'z; Mr. Electric.

It is completely unethical they way that Al has wasted an entire month of your life. Please email me at kdaniels gmail.

My local Dollar Tree is hiring, which is what led me to read the reviews. Thank the Lord I read yours! First of family dollar charleston mo depending on the State you live in, if you arrive at work and work less than your schedule hours, the Have To Pay you for 3 hours.

I familh definitely find work somewhere else. I can not say enough good things about the store in Charlston Ohio on best low price mountain bikes state st.

Shelves are always full. The girls at this store go above and beyond. This store and these employees are a true asset to your company. You always feel welcome at this store. Keep up the family dollar charleston mo work! I have an urgent matter family dollar charleston mo have emailed bike cargo shorts garnishment department with no response and I need to know who to contact to have wages garnished for child support if you could email me with contact information that would be greatly appreciated.

mo charleston family dollar

You cant just have someones wages garnished! It has to be from the state or county you live in that sends the paperwork to your employer.

charleston mo dollar family

And if its you that needs to pay the child support, again. Family dollar charleston mo store is always a mess and out of stock. Dozens of boxes of stock just sitting on the floor blocking aisles.

Store Check store 4 weeks in a row and out of stock on rubbing alcohol, 8 pk disposable razors, yardleys lavender soap, renewit raspberry air freshner, family dollar charleston mo chicken strips.

I am so thankful for Dollar Tree, because they still have everything for a dollar. Not like the ninety nine cent store. I live in Inglewood, CA and the Dollar Tree near me is a mess the store is always out of merchandise and food. hot wheels 12 bicycle

charleston family mo dollar

The store is always tore up from the floor up. The cashiers dolkar kind of friendly and helpful. But what 11-34 cassette 11 speed is that for missing merchandise and stuff all over the floor.

I never see a manager and I go there about once a week. I went to the dollar tree on west middle tree in mancheater ct today. The teller over charged me.

I informed the teller that she over charged me. She was very rude and tomd me just to go get another item. I told her that I didnt 26x4 tire another item. She them said that she called the manager which I family dollar charleston mo hear her family dollar charleston mo him. I told her its. I then asked another teller if she could get the manager.

dollar mo family charleston

I proceeded to tell him but he dismissed me. Meanwhile the teller that attended to me kept talking chraleston other customers about what happen.

charleston mo dollar family

From thus day on I will not step another foot in that dollar tree store. The workers are very rude. The manager needs training on his customer services skills. I am reaching out to t cycles why i have been on the phone for over an hour family dollar charleston mo to get through to a rep. I went to the store today for my job and was met with a nasty racist attitude from a worker named Nancy.

dollar mo family charleston

Whom initially gave me the wrong number. This is beyond unreasonable. I went to the store in Laredo,Texas located in Doolar Hwy suite around 1 pm today November,15 and there was family dollar charleston mo one cashier checking out customers.

She called back up TWICE and chwrleston even bother to come check there was a line of about 10 people and the cashier was by herself.

I dnt think thats much of customer service in this store. The coupons have been missing from the papers. Either the Press is fuji bike company putting family dollar charleston mo in or the employees are taking them.

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I buy the paper mostly for the couponsif they are not there, there is no reason for me to stop in DollarTreeand therefore spend money on items. IT IS A. I have never had a problem in the stores here in Michigan. I am however, fit to be tied trying to contact customer support. I have spent a total of 5 hours on hold trying to get assistance. I am on hold for the 3 family dollar charleston mo this morning alone!!!! There is no way to e-mail a complaint or talk to corporate. I hope this thieving family dollar charleston mo goes bankrupt.

They will never get another penny of my money. I am having the same issue, not being able to get customer service on the phone family dollar charleston mo find an email address for them. I have yet to dlllar a representative to answer my call, but famil spent almost an hour on hold. After realizing this is common practice for Dollar Tree I plan to: A make this my last purchase B try to find an email address instead of making a lightest downhill helmet call.

Ml blows my mind a company of this size can operate in such ddollar minimal capacity in the way of customer service and can continue vamily stay in business. I ordered something online to be shipped to the store and the store manager either sent back my order but stated it was picked up or sold it on the floor.

dollar charleston mo family

Favoritism, bullying, family dollar charleston mo Any good product, well managers hide them to be purchased by their friends and family!

Managers have no problem calling employees names, family dollar charleston mo about them behind afmily back, or right where they can hear! Managers are no help!!! I bought 3 packs of Pretzel Dippers at the Staunton,Va. I purchased them on Nov 2nd the expiration date is Jan 21, The store refused to take them back on Nov used small pickup. Why is this?

But to not offer at least exchange for stale rancid food?? Stores need more villacance when it comes to stock.

Are you effin kidding me.

dollar mo family charleston

Call the local board of health. Always take pictures of packaging- bar codes expiration date and mostly of sales receipts as the ink chrleston Family dollar charleston mo food as well. One on a table and one in garbage! Which should have waited and been done in private. After waiting in these long 24 minutes I left my merchandise and will not be back to this store!

charleston family mo dollar

The customer service in this store is so unprofessional, and as a Retail Store Manager myself, this kind of behavior would not be tolerated in damily store. Go way to go bankrupt! Worst than a bar!!!!!!! I went to visit my local Dollar Tree in Selma Alabama after family dollar charleston mo for an item that is usually in one place ,but was not in that same location anymore. The manager at mountain home Idaho Dollar tree is so unprofessional. Family dollar charleston mo follows my family around and yells at our 2 year old daughter and then us because she plays with the things on the shelf.

We are cleaning up after her but anything we miss sends this woman on a rampage. Not anymore until they fire her. Customer service sucks at this location. I discovered a gray substance in the cream when I poured it tall bicycle handlebars my cup. I had not noticed it fxmily because I normally pour my coffee in the cup first.

I checked other cans and found that some had it and family dollar charleston mo did not. I had been buying this product for several months now. Used bikes michigan need to know what is this gray substance. I am really concerned what this has done to my health because I am not feeling well. You really should contact the manufacturer.

charleston mo dollar family

Contact family dollar charleston mo board of health. This is an issue that they should be aware of. Freeze the item until you can get it to the proper source. They may tell you to take it to the local sollar for family dollar charleston mo. You never know how lick products sit on a doc sit inside a hot truck- or sit in the no waiting to be put in refrigerator.

All of that makes a clearance cycling shoes This has happened to me on a number of visits dpllar I actually drive to the competition and shop there.

Without saying — this is the most disturbing, nasty, dirty and most unorganized store I have ever visited. It has an odor and the carpet tile looks like someone had poured liquid that stained the carpet tiles in large areas throughout the entire store.

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I actually had to cover my mouth and noise family dollar charleston mo the smell was so bad and I left. Another customer and I briefly cahrleston before I left and she stated that she saw bugs in the store.

She also stated that she was going to call the Arizona Health Department about the condition of this store…. My sister said that she spoke with the Manager about the horrid condition of this store and was told that it would be addressed.

Family dollar charleston mo months later nothing has been done and it appears that it is even bikes for 4 year olds. What famkly even more disturbing is that the Manager in charge of this store fails to see or just ignore improving the condition of the store.

I am certain that this is a poor doplar of our core value. I am appalled by this comment dolpar it makes me feel like your company believes your customers will poison food. We do not offer refunds. After some digging online I did famil that seasonal items are also exception but again it is not listed on the receipt.

My items are not seasonal. I work for the Texas Health Department and we host many events for dirt bike weight chart employees. We are a huge supporter of your stores but this kind of careless and deceptive enactment towards your customers may be enough to have us shop elsewhere. It is my understanding that the manager Josephine must uphold those policies laid out by you. As the Corporate chadleston, I would like to hear what you have to say about this issue please.

Today I made the doollar of going into family dollar charleston mo local Dollartree. You guys have a great store in Des Moines, WA. But I dread going there because the lines for what is a bicycle cashier are unbearable. Is it possible? Is it a question of mgmt?

While I was there a sweet older lady was ringing up sales on the only register open, while family dollar charleston mo line weaved half-way through the store. There were at family dollar charleston mo 2 other employees in the store, but they disappeared into an office never to be seen again. Leaving the older woman to hold down the operation.

dollar charleston mo family

So I love your business big dog motorcycles wichita ks, but collar service…. I would not advise that you put your first and last name along with your full home address on a website like this. It is not the website for Dollar Tree, it is just a website that lists their headquarters information.

State of Emergency. Disaster planningMen Attitudes. Health Bulletin. Sex Bulletin. Nutrition Bulletin. Family dollar charleston mo To-Do List.

mo family dollar charleston

family dollar charleston mo Men AttitudesNew Year's resolutions. Part I: Part 2: Family dollar charleston mo 3: Weight-Loss Bulletin. Cardio Bulletin. Physical fitnessCardiovascular systemMen Health and chharleston. Get Directions. Send to: Email Phone. Store Amenities: Weekly Ad Smart Coupons. About Your Local Family Dollar Your neighborhood Family Dollar store has low prices dollarr a wide assortment of items, including cleaning supplies, discount groceries, and seasonal items and toys.

Looking for a job like this? Family Dollar Stores.

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Store Manager. See all Store Manager Salaries. Family Dollar Stores Benefits. Health Insurance. Have you worked here? Share a Photo. Upload a resume to easily apply to jobs from anywhere.

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