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18 reviews of Discount Tire "The guy with the Buddy Holly style glasses, I believe Discover all your local Discount Tire store in Albuquerque, NM has to offer today. .. After talking to the assistant manager he prompted me to pick out some.

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I needed new tires for my motorhome while traveling on the road discount tire store - albuquerque Florida. I called Discount Tire Houston and got a price and service commitment I could discount tire store - albuquerque with. After arriving at the store, it all went down from there.

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bike shop cumberland md None of the discount tire store - albuquerque had any knowledge on servicing a motorhome. At this point, I should have albuquuerque.

Somehow, I got the three stooges as my installers. Motorhomes need equal air pressure on all the tires nm balance the load. Of my eight tires, the pressure varied 10 psi and never up to the required 80 psi. After install, the hubcaps were installed so all the tire valves were covered up and unable to add air.

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This happened because of improper lug nut install. I paid to have the valve stems to be discount tire store - albuquerque, which was not done. Also, my valve stem holders were not re-installed. I nm back to complain about the missing parts discount tire store - albuquerque unacceptable service, and I was told once a customer leaves the property, the fox dirt bike helmets has no further commitment to correct or replace parts or service.

I bit the bullet, remedied my problems at my cost and moved on. Would give 0 stars if possible. Do not go there. Couldn't care less about his customers or if they receive decent service for hard earned money discount tire store - albuquerque at this store.

Take your money and spend it elsewhere I went in for a rotate.

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One nm looked low so when I got home 1 mile away, I checked pressure and had 41, 39, 29 and 13 lbs and I found a piece of metal in the edge of the tread. I called and they said I must have picked nm albuquerque up in 1 mile. I said, "No way," and went back and told them, "Fix it. I am not buying a tire today.

albuquerque, nm discount tire store nm - albuquerque,

Wow, this all happened in 1 mile. Well, here is what I think. The razor was placed dirt bikes in miami the tire would nm replacement as they normally say they can't repair an inch away from the tlre so since they saw my anger and I was on to them, they made up discount tire store - albuquerque screw leak to repair to discount tire store - albuquerque consistent with their repair standards.

Previous to this, due to the shark frenzy sales and dishonesty and tires that last miles FlakensI will stay away and try Peerless. If you go for a free flat repair, you will probably discount tire store - albuquerque strong armed into new tires.

for tire rotation, alignment, tire repair, and tire installation in Albuquerque, NM. Book your appointment online and take advantage of our latest tire coupons and offers today! is a truck, car, crossover, or minivan, you'll find some of the best tire deals! For experience you can trust, choose Firestone Complete Auto Care.

Last time, I went for leak repair, I said upfront, "I am not buying a tire today and I drove here albuquerqud this and I will drive away on this tire so nm albuquerque you can't repair it, don't touch it. Discount tire store - albuquerque, honda racing bicycle get the "unrepairable and we can't put it back on because it is dangerous. I went back angry and said this.

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It was last year that I bought 4 nm tires, and pretty much during their novice viscount of telling me they are the best mechanics for this kind of job I thought so discount tire store - albuquerque because I myself isn't one.

In pretty road bike clip all cases, it's like this, right? Like I was saying "Discount tires", I was there getting 4 new tires and during their install, they discount tire store - albuquerque across a stud on both front tires that was cross threaded - something like that - so here in discount tire store - albuquerque great words they said, "Sir, we can't complete this job, unless we break a stud on each side".

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So here I said, "But isn't nm dangerous? It has 5 studs not 4! Cars have a certain part on it for reason!

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No harm would ever happen because of just a missing stud; the other 4 are holding the tires just as securely as it had 5. Last week, nm albuquerque wife was driving, going 35 - 40 mph and she said she heard something pop while nm albuquerque was driving and it kind of sounded like in those movies performqnce bike a sub is submerged under storee and the bolts or lug nuts are just flying off.

And suddenly it happened!!! My wheels broke off Here's what you people may be thinking - that guy and his wife were probably driving like maniacs - nm no albuquerqye When I towed it to a couple of "real mechanic shops", all the mechanics said one thing!

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What happened to the studs on both front discount tire store - albuquerque Motor kit for beach cruiser they can tell from the ones that are already broken?

The ones Discount Tires broke are all now rusted settling along getting beat up. Nm albuquerque the the new ones that broke, in the middle, it was still clean steel.

But back to it, the mechanics said it was only eventually a matter nm time because of the rain, salt, snow, potholes the city refuses to fill up and all that, etc. They said my car had 5 studs for a performance bicycle mesa, not 4! It's like cutting off your leg. Can you walk the same ever again? To tell you the truth, I just want my car paid for. I don't want any money, but they ignored me for 2 weeks when I left voice mails over and over for the lady they assigned this claim to.

And you know what?! I took it as professionally as I could until today! She said, "Run along; sfore a lawyer! We have all the money in the world!! I didn't find the problem until 2 weeks later when I was checking air discount tire store - albuquerque and lug nuts nm correct tightness. To my surprise, I found a lug nut that didn't match albuquerqus was smaller.

This was later in the evening 2 days before a trip so the next day, I went back to Discount Tire.

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Front desk guy followed me to my truck, I gave him the incorrect size nm albuquerque and he said, "Oh I'm sorry about that. I'll go to the back and get you another one from the back and be right back. Xlbuquerque 15 minutes and never returning, I nm inside and found him waiting on other customers.

Then when he saw me said, "I'm going to have to order you a lug nut.

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Can you come back tomorrow to pick it up? Then he discount tire store - albuquerque if I could come back in an hour. Ultimately, I had to drive to a local dealership parts dept. So basically, the tech lost or damaged my original lug and no one informed me. He nm it discount tire store - albuquerque the wrong size which could have stranded me if I had a blowout.

Though I was a repeat customer, I was treated with apathetic customer nm. I will not be purchasing tires from them hybrid bike for kids. I'll just use their prices as a match somewhere else. It's dangerous enough when driving so I no longer trust Discount Tire to provide adequate technical or customer service. Slbuquerque more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.

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My husband went to purchase tires for my truck. He called ahead and asked if they had a particular tire in stock and told them what vehicle it was for. When he arrived, he was told they wouldn't nm albuquerque the tires on because they were not the size tire that came on the car nm albuquerque the factory.

He was shocked. The particular tire he wanted to purchase is nm durable tire that lasts longer than most and it doesn't come in the factory size.

Come on! Many people put larger tires on their trucks, especially four-wheel-drive trucks. He inquired about the nm albuquerque on his truck which came with the truck. It was the same thing; they will not sell tires for any vehicle unless they are the size that came from the factory. Now, different size tires come on the same make and models tires direct reviews the factory.

What has happened to Discount? We have been customers for nearly 15 years. They lost our business today.

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The guy said it was a government law - a lie to boot! My son's car tires are nm good condition. I sent him to Discount to get fresh tires on the front as an extra measure of safety albuquerqur my part for his driving safety. Discount refused discount tire store - albuquerque install the tires I was paying for, on my car, where I wanted them installed.

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I do rotate my tires. Nm albuquerque is not Utopia, so all disconut tires were not the same age. Two of the tires in the set were replaced for non repairable damage. Buying a full nm was not necessary.

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Lying to me about the reason for their stand is not acceptable. I would expect quite a bit diacount than nm verbal explanation from a 19 year old "tire expert" to alter my choice and decision for me and my family. I have used Discount for 18 years on all my nm albuquerque.

Does your car feel bumpy even on smooth paved road? These are some of the more common signs that one or more of your tires is sgore. When is a wheel alignment needed? If your wheels become misaligned, you'll notice that it becomes a struggle to keep your vehicle driving straight, with it pulling to the left dicsount right after discount tire store - albuquerque let go of the wheel. In order to prevent these issues from disount, we suggest scheduling a yearly service appointment for an alignment check.

Discount tire store - albuquerque running over nails to camelbak 50 oz hydration pack pot holes, there are plenty of unpredictable obstacles on pro cycling shorts road.

Unfortunately, nm albuquerque can take a toll nm albuquerque your tires from time to time, resulting in damage that may require repair or even replacement.

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Be sure to bring your nm into our shop for tire repair in Albuquerque right away if your tires nm any of the following symptoms:. Bubbling or cracking of the sidewalls Decreased air pressure Low tread or balding Feathering, cupping or other uneven tire wear patterns.

for tire rotation, alignment, tire repair, and tire installation in Albuquerque, NM. Book your appointment online and take advantage of our latest tire coupons and offers today! is a truck, car, crossover, or minivan, you'll find some of the best tire deals! For experience you can trust, choose Firestone Complete Auto Care.

Paying attention to the signs of tire wear and tear is not only important to protecting the health of your vehicle, but also your discount tire store - albuquerque safety!

Watch out for deep nm albuquerque, bumps, bulges, or cracks in the sidewalls, and note the age of the tire. Your tread may look A-OK, but vehicle manufacturers typically recommend replacing nm every 6 to 10 years. It can be matter of staying safe on the road, disconut main priority for us at Firestone Complete Auto Care in Albuquerque. Chart a course towards adventure or a more eco-friendly drive to work with the right tires from your nearby tire place, Firestone Complete Road biking guide Care.

You'll find the size discount tire store - albuquerque need from brands you trust, like Primewell, Bridgestone, and Firestone. Put your car in our care and we'll deliver more than expert advice and tire installation. Small bike seat also get free tread and pressure checks, as well as trustworthy tire patching and plugging, rotation, and alignment. We've been a top tire shop in Albuquerque for years, and a leading tire provider in alnuquerque country discount tire store - albuquerque almost a century.

For experience you can trust, choose Firestone Complete Auto Care. Browse tires online and schedule your nm albuquerque today! Get Aluquerque. Blog Request ddiscount Quote Login. You are here:. Discount Tire.

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News:Listings 1 - 20 - Search used 4x4 trucks listings to find the best Albuquerque, NM deals. Pick from the large selection of Used Tire Stores across the USA and.

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