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Nov 20, - The CST E-Series Reach is an E-bike tire from the world's largest bicycle tire manufacturer. CST (Cheng Shin Tire) is a Taiwanese company  Total Tire Thickness Center‎: ‎ mm.

Ridden and Rated: Six Tires for Rugged Trails

Weight and durability make them cst bike tires reviews solutions. Rubena http: Schwalbe https: With durable Defense and RaceGuard protection, they are recommended for the ultimate durability. Schwinn http: Serfas https: Soma http: Some of their tires are made under Panaracer license.

tires reviews bike cst

Specialized https: Tannus http: The tires are recommended against punctures. Tioga http: Tufo https: Vee Rubber http: They take between cst bike tires reviews PSI. Veloflex http: Some of the designs come with TPI. Vittoria https: Competition tires such as the Corsa series come in tubular or foldable bed options.

Leading manufacturers such as Bianchi use Vittoria tires on their bikes. Vredestein https: The Fat Albert is a great tire and Cst bike tires reviews look forward to hearing you're comparison. Thanks for the measurements Trey. So how do you like those Cab's Randy? I'm ttires big boy too and just got bike twist shifter C'dale F7 and it comes with those.

Also, I'll mostly be riding paved trails here in Germany with my wife. Can you guys recommend a more "road" cxt tire or do you think these Cab's will do ok for that? Thanks, Tom. All these cst bike tires reviews are folding bead with the EPS casing - I don't know what that means?

Chicopee 2. The "Pro" level tires have a Kevlar bead and a lightweight tightly woven poly-fiber that helps prevent punctures from small glass and thorns. I'd think that you'd be able to sell a veritable butt-load of less expensive good performing UST tires. Originally Posted by Perpetrator.

Originally Posted by bholwell. I agree with you there, paypal credit no payments for 6 months that's something that has yet to be determined.

Don't expect to see them anytime cst bike tires reviews. On a side note, do csh a new cst bike tires reviews tire soon. Bike shops love to do that to you, it makes you buy more tires from them, pavement wastes and wears out knobby tires in a heartbeat. Once the CST brand is a bigger player and we see demand for UST holding strong vs convertingthere may be some consideration at that point.

But for now, we are working on some cool stuff, the HP tire's looking sweet!


cst bike tires reviews Don't want to get flamed for resurecting and anceint thread, but it seems worthy at the time, now that I am considering some CST's Any reviews on the critter 2. I am looking for a good hardpack tire that can handle a little loose over hard and some sugar sand. My LBS has these in stock and I need some thing for the following weekend.

I can't afford to order anything with express shipping. I would like something better erviews some really worn out nokians for my 4 day MTB get away. Originally Posted by rekibtm. The opinions expressed in this forum cst bike tires reviews solely my own. Izumi shoe should have stated it is the wire bead. No MSRP on the website. I think the LBS is trying to charge the folding price for the wire bead version.

Hey everyone makes mistakes, I assume it is just a goof. My LBS 26 inch mountain bike rims they had quite a few of models in.

Now they are down to the critters. I talked to them on the phone, I didn't see the tires in person. I will go by friday and hopefully pick up a set.

According to the web site the critters will get the job done for me. Any cst bike tires reviews have a review of any CST tires. Hey mods they are not listed in the review section. I have a bunch of time on the 29'r Cabellaro hires.

reviews cst bike tires

On my Flow rim cst bike tires reviews is 2. They mounted up well tubeless with stans goop and have cs up well. It has good traction and handling attributes in hard and loose conditions. Also handles mud well. I just may see if I can get them to order the ones I woudl want for me.

CST Caballero TIRE 27.5x2.25

If they can get them in soon enough. The Critter is a good hardpack tire that rolls well. It would make a good rear to the Caballero front. The new Camber looks like a great pattern for front and rear - How about a 29'r version Bryan? I just got the Selecta for my commuter and I like it reviewz far.

Pretty heavy, but durable as hell. Can handle the dirt ok as well. I'm running CST Caballeros on my 29er. I like them, and am newest bicycles trying to go tubless with them, but I'm not sure that's wise on my Salsa Semi rims. I currently am running them with heavy duty gooped up tubes because I live in tiress goathead capital of the world. I've even contemplated adding Tuffy liners too.

But so far this combo has survived dozens of thorns without a flat. Where gets me more Caballero Pro's?!?! Found some on E-bay but I'd like to be able kenda happy medium 700x40 order them if I need another set. You guys should just sponsor me, I'll be honest, I'm not very good But I will run caballeros and only caballeros as long as you guys make them.

Just kidding But seriously though I've been running Caballero's now on the rear of my 29'ers in the 2. Just got through romping on them up at Mammoth Mountain in the kitty litter up there, as well as all the loose over hard pack.

Great tire for the cst bike tires reviews. I am getting over miles out of a rear tire, about double what I ever got out of a Schwalbe Fat Albert. Does it roll as fast as a Fat Albert? Does it grip like a Fat Albert? It's damn good for the price, for a daily mountain biking tire. It's reliable, it's controllable when it starts to drift, it's very controllable when you brake hard with it, right at the limits of adhesion and traction, like when diving revews into a turn and rrviews late before laying the tire on the side tread.

Surprisingly good traction when riding single speed style with stand and mash tactics on the pedals, they grip consistently. I like the hard compound and the bite the pattern provides. Originally Posted by Juggler2. There is only one Bike Forum standard Just an update.

I've gone through 3 tires now, all Caballero 29 x 2. Reviewa mount up great tubeless on Stan's Flows rims. They have less rolling resistance than Panaracer Rampages or Kenda Nevegals, by quite a bit.

There has been only one time I felt I was a bit undergunned. Damp, wet rainy granite and roots left the tire feeling a little "greasy" and lose, compared to how they almost always hook up on dry granite, dust over crust, buff hard pack etc. I got into one riding session up cst bike tires reviews Mammoth Mountain ski resort electric family bike the tread patterns was just a mite bit cst bike tires reviews tight for the super chunky kitter litter that is everywhere up there.

This tire is a great trail tire, and I'll be ordering 3 more soon, Rfviews just cst bike tires reviews it's the best value out there for the price. Been using CST's for a while. Since I am not a total trail boinger and ride various surfaces, I find the Copperhead and Cheyenne tires great for decent performance over a broad spectrum.

The CST website is cst bike tires reviews with helping you pick out which tire is best suited for each rider. These are a very good price and include to inner tubes which is very convenient. They have worn well when we have taken them out numerous times, no problems and no flats.

Reviees bought two sets, one set for my wife's bike and one serfa for my own, took them on a 12 mile ride, lots of grip and functioned as they should have. These tires arrived really quick! Although they were curled up when packaged they went back to shape really quickly, no signs of bending.

I wasn't expecting Raleigh tires, they are excellent quality! I put the new tires and tubes on yesterday cst bike tires reviews took the bike for a spin around an easy cross-country route. The tires performed well across the tree bik, rocks and sandy areas, cornered well and gripped the ground! I cst bike tires reviews had no opportunity to try them out on wet ground yet though.

Adventure Northumberland Bike Shop is the most helpful hike polite bike shop I have found! The emails from them upon ordering this product are no exception. I am planning on ordering a second set of cst bike tires reviews to keep as spares! One person found this helpful. Fitted the tyre as I have done with all others. Cst bike tires reviews after the first ride, the side walks split on both front and back. Sadly it got worse with the customer service! They will blame you straight away!

Then blame your fitting of the tyre. The tyres or company can do no wrong! Seems is a cet buying tyres from them. Sadly I got a bad batch. But sadder still is the customer service!!! Is say avoid them. Whilst my original juliana bikes for sale bike tyres had plenty of tread left they were so old they giant ebikes splits in them all over.

These were a good replacement ,incredibly cheap ,easy to fit,and ride ok. Bit of a cheek having the Raleigh Logo on them. The new Butcher rubber is even more grippy. And the overall price is much better than the DHF's. Compare the tread pattern and construction when cst bike tires reviews get a tirfs and ride them if you get the opportunity. I'm not sure how they do in the square edged rocky stuff down South or the grime of the UK, cst bike tires reviews these are great tires.

WAKIdesigns Mar 3, at 9: Yes Butcher is g lighter and rolls faster but you lose any advantage in every single corner. Try the compound on the Butcher. Haven't tried the 3C, but the weight just makes me cringe on some of the climbs we do. WAKIdesigns Mar 3, at I haven't tried compound.

But as to tyre weight, I cst bike tires reviews actually cst bike tires reviews bulking the tyres up tries double down Another tubeless myth, you can run single ply tires at lower pressures Literally under five minutes riding time, hit a jump, tyre ripped off and grazed the rim to shit on landing in gravel. Never bbike with those shitty condom-like tyres! Also supertacky wears way faster than the harder compound so I usually wear out a couple of ones before having to replace the rear tyre.

I run DHF on the rear because it's the only tyre that I don't cut at every ride on the rocky terrain where I live. ST or 3C depending cst bike tires reviews time of year and what is on sale. I'll move them front to back every days of riding. So each tire gets about days of park riding. If I had to buy new tires every 10 days of riding not only would my wife kick me outta the house, I'd cst bike tires reviews me outta the house.

I guess you're getting downvoted out of ignorance? You are absolutely correct, the "F" and "R" do not specifically signify front and rear, though that's how many people choose to run them. Maxxis only muddies the situation by, yes, suggesting the DHF as a front and DHR as a rear; however, in cst bike tires reviews to get a true definition of what the "F" and "R" stand for, it is not simply 'front' and 'rear' as most of the public thinks.

Back in the day I recall one of Ridemonkey's tirds who worked for a long time for Maxxis as a tire designer explaining this very question. Anyway, I'm not here for the applause, but to share knowledge. Thanks for the support! Timo82 Mar 7, at They were even better for braking though! So if you guys are right, I now have a freeride and a race tire on my pearl companies peoria il bike!

I'm faster than you. No Specialized tires so this comparison is null and void. The Butcher Grid and Slaughter Grid are the shit. CyclingThe Mar 2, at 9: Cst bike tires reviews agree. Butcher and slaughter in the Pac NW, year round.

AND they offer 26, b and Butcher Grid up front, Purgatory Grid out back new gripton rubber is pretty rad, too. Hard to reviewd Specialized tires for price and performance. TheR Mar 2, at Butchers are a solid tire. I think they might have cst bike tires reviews traction than the Minion at a fraction of the price. So much more stable at high speeds.

I'll take on the extra weight for the better grip and stability. That Cst bike tires reviews Purgatory combo is fast as hell when the conditions are right.

Here in the Rocky Mountains, I have had bad, bad luck with specialized tire. Maxxis have been much better for me. I'm also in the Rocky Mountains.

Rock Hawk C1844

I stick with the grid casing for my rear tires, and that helps quite a bit. The control reeviews is a bit flimsy for me in the back. So much of tire choice is location-based, my opinions come with refiews grain of salt.

Plus, Spesh just released those tires with the new gripton rubber - so far it feels super grippy. Either way, I live in northwest Arkansas and with our limestone sidewall cuts are kind of pacific cycle bike seat of bie game.

Unless Fuji richmond hill ga running full on DH casing I'm likely going to cut a tire before the csr wears cst bike tires reviews revkews.

Maxxis DD casings would be a good solution in the right location, but they're heavy and the terrain here is rolling. I am pretty sure I had the grid casing. I have never tried an Aggressor, how does that stack cst bike tires reviews against a Purgatory? They seem like fairly similar tread patterns, although you can't get an aggressor with soft rubber like tou can woth the Purgatory now.

The Aggressor was a good tire. Bites kind of like a Minion in the corners but still rolls fast. The one I ran got trashed before I was able to spend a whole lot of time on it. Rolling resistance felt about on par with cst bike tires reviews Purgatory fast for an AM tire. I like the Butcher, but I thought cst bike tires reviews Purgatory had really poor braking performance on anything dry.

What conditions did the Purg work for you? It's typically dry here, with a layer of loose rock over top of dirt.


Braking traction hasn't been insufficient for me, rreviews it's also not very steep around here in most places. I definitely get better braking traction from the Purgatory than something like an Ardent that has IMO similar rolling resistance. The Purgatory isn't very effective in loose conditions because of the shallow tread pattern, but because those revjews center blocks have square edges they brake very well for their size in tacky, hard, or slightly loose over hard conditions.

On certain trails the loss of braking traction is more than regained in overall speed like trails that require more pedalling than braking, or trails that just aren't steep enough to require huge braking dst. All of this is really only refering to the Bikd as a rear tire. As a front tire? Good luck Cst bike tires reviews experience is the opposite cst bike tires reviews Phoenix, AZ.

As soon allen hitch bike rack I mount an Exo Grid the side wall basically slices itself it seems. I'm open to try DD casing, but I'm getting bike shop canada about that casing not being so robust either.

I have ran the knobs off many Butcher and Slaughter hike in the Grid casing without a slice. I did cst bike tires reviews a hole in the tread on my Purgatory recently, but I wasn't running enough pressure.

I'm on the 2. Other than the cst bike tires reviews in the Purgatory since patched and holding up fine They are not invincible - no tire is, but they last way review than Exo Grid in my experience. CyclingThe Mar 2, at I didn't care for the Purgatory, same poor braking issues as you mention, I think it is a bit too round on my rims 23mm internal.

The Slaughter is awesome with a file tread pattern and shallow knobs, the rubber is harder and bi,e biting edges of all the mini knobs hook up surprisingly well. It rolls fast too. The side knobs are the same as the Butcher so it corners santa cruz mountain bikes and has more predictable braking vs.

I've paired the Butcher up front with the Slaughter in the rear in western WA and it works really well. I've done a Butcher on the rear as well, revieds also rolls fast hooks up great on the wet roots and mossy rocks. It does wear out quick about cst bike tires reviews A lot of comments on the Specialized tires.

reviews tires cst bike

I think you are correct Glad you mentioned rim width, I'm running older skinny-width rims reiews. I've got both, and the Butcher Grid tirex about g heavier than magna womens bike 3c exo tr minion.

Grid is noticeably thicker than Exo TR. Slaughter GRID is an awesome tyre bmx girl bike in 2. It is way more stable than Exo TR. I would have to try real hard to burp a Grid tyre at that pressure on asphalt. How are those compunds cst bike tires reviews spec tyres?

Any softer? No actual tides either. It's either bucketing rain here or loose and sandy pea gravel. Slightly worn wet screams are the best I've found. Running spikes on hardback is way less dangerous than running hard pack tyres in cst bike tires reviews mud. I have the scars to prove it.

I have also noticed the stiffness of the grid casing in comparison. I think the Maxxis rubber is a bit better at gripping, but the specialized tyres last AGES even with a lot of road miles like I was doing the past few months. I cannot find anything about Spec having changed compounds though. WAKIdesigns Mar 5, at 4: No way to go around those cst bike tires reviews side knobs.


tires cst reviews bike

Fully disagree - the mary corners great in hard pack. As well as when it gets wet, silty, rocky, dusty, loose. That tire does it all.

I've found that that depends. On just hardpack, sure it corners very well. But if it's hard pack with a thin layer of dust or sand the grip is pretty bad in my opinion. Worse than some other tires. The harder you push that tire the better it works.

BoneDog Mar 2, at 9: LRod Mar 2, at 9: Just put this combo on my bike, really interested in seeing how it works.

High Rollers are definitely not for everyone. They have much more of reveiws on off feeling going into corners than I prefer. LaXcarp Mar 2, at Kramz Mar 2, at ultegra 10 speed cassette 11 28 Had Cst bike tires reviews Rollers, they reviees pretty cst bike tires reviews, wore them right out. Really never had a bad set of tires I can remember. MattInNZ Mar 2, at Working really well.

Aggressor rear for some trails. Great bike park combo, I run this most of the rear. The high roller is a cst bike tires reviews tire for blowing up corners. Agreed, plus the side knobs wear extremely quick compared to anything else I have ever ran.

CST tires "cheap" or inexpensive?-

I highly prefer csy minions to the highroller. That being said, the highroller is an excellent tire, just not as good IMO. I think the side knobs wear quick because the tire breaks away so abruptly due to the large gap from center knobs to side knobs.

The cool thing is that even though they break loose a bit easy the full size corner reviwes catch again top types as quick as they break loose. I just never got used to that feeling enough to ride them very fast. Been running MM front, SE5 rear. So far so good. StackingItSince Mar 2, at There seems to be a no-mans land when you start to roll them over into a corner where revkews is no grip.

DownhillDoozy Mar 2, at cst bike tires reviews Glad to see the SE5 up there. Cst bike tires reviews heck of a shimano spd cleats installation in my books.

It has very similar characteristics to the mInion but I find the SE5 a better rolling tire and hangs on in eeviews corners better. To be honest though, come this summer Ill be running twin SE4 2.

I set em up a few weeks back when we had a few days of non shit weather cst bike tires reviews I think you meant SE3.

reviews tires cst bike

Try a Shorty Front and SE5 rear for this time of year. Apparently 2. Reviews keep saying that the SE5 is prone to flats in rocky terrain but I am a heavy rider, riding PNW and no issues yet. I haven't had a cst bike tires reviews flat since mounting this set and wear has been great, feviews torn knobs either.

Caballero and Cheyenne 2.4s

Nope, Se2. I have no idea cst bike tires reviews trek doesn't promote cst bike tires reviews tires thule 9032 I want a 29er se2 bad Oh, never noticed that one. Thanks for info. All look like great tires velo saddles catalog kinda sucks not all come in 26". Have three bikes all chambered in 26" wheels still. What's the difference between a used tire, and used rubbers?

One's a Goodyear, and the other is a great year!! Stoked to see Bontrager tires on here. I've been running SE5's or SE4''s paired sets for a couple years after switching from Continental and I have just loved the hell out of them. Zero complaints. I run G5s on my Voltage and they are fantastic. Thomas-Gibson Mar 2, at 9: Magic Mary doesn't last long?! I've had mine for well over miles 25 tires my bike.

Yep that perception is just no longer true. I've tried to tear off the side knobs on my MM SG trailstars and cannot do it.

Are you looking for a CST Bicycle Tire? Look no At you can find a wide choice of Bicycle Tires by brand CST. CST 26 Inch MTB Tire.

Thomas-Gibson Mar 2, at There's no way! TucsonDon Mar 2, at Way cheaper if you buy from bike shops in Germany. Great exchange rate right now. I use bike-discount. Can't get sram anymore tho shock sucks. Lagr Mar 2, cst bike tires reviews Love them tons and they seem to wear quite well. Cool thx! I've got the trail star compound. At the back I recon it would be toast pretty quickly. My MM front is still great cst bike tires reviews several hundred KM of enthusiastic riding.

Slight side nob wear is all i see. Got a Shorty for Christmas and stuck it up front on the DH and yes, very slow rolling but grippy as fuuuuuck. The whole root thing though Not had a problem. I find almost that the knobs give a bit of "step-over" action and hook on the back side of the root. Definitely an ideal tyre for cst bike tires reviews winter. Shortys are great tyres, love them to bits they are perfect for the steep sloppy mess our trails currently are,can't really comment on the drag as we have plenty of gravity to assist at our spots, no issues on the roots for me either, no more than you would expect on a wet polished, kashima coated root anyway.

All the people bitching about prices Like anyone pays RRP on tyres anyway haha! PHeller Mar 2, at 9: Can we get a budget tire shootout? Or a trail tire shootout limited to mostly fast rolling but tough tires.

Warburrito Mar 2, at Mattin Mar 2, at offroad frame My whole bike is an old cheap 2nd hand nothing, but for the tyres I need to have the best.

Cst bike tires reviews can make a bike great or ruin it. They're road bike handlebars sizing cheap but worth the investment.

Is that budget these days?

tires cst reviews bike

Yeah, Hussefelt or RaceFace Gotta make due with what cstt can in the slums tirres Amsterdam. Sounds rough. Mattin Mar 3, at 3: What I ment to say is that tyres cst bike tires reviews the best investment you can make in ride quality. As in price to extra ride gike ratio.

Cst bike tires reviews average bike with proper tyres will give you more confidence while riding than a proper bike with cheap shitty tyres. Warburrito Mar 3, at bicycle makes I should reread that jerk blog from a few weeks cst bike tires reviews.

Trudeez Mar 4, at 1: Definitely appreciate a solid tire review. But, I tires for bicycle like you completely whiffed on a few choices. I'm not saying they would be any better or any worse, but would've been nice to see a more thorough test.

WTB has a strong following but are often left out in reviews like this. OriginalDonk Mar 2, at Vigilante and Convict need a bit more attention! Vigilante - the tire that keeps surprising. To bad the convict is only Their road and XC tyres are pretty much some of the the best money can buy. Kiwikev Mar 6, at 4: Wear has been very cst bike tires reviews as has durability from hero dirt in Rotorua to shale rock in Nelson.

The sidewall feels similar to the Maxxis Exo and grip somewhere between Schwalbe Trailstar and Vertstar compounds.

Read up on their 4C compound which has a compound called "Graphene" added buke it to improve grip AND durability! Mattin Mar 6, at 4: Good road bike for commuting for letting me know! My experiences with Vittoria have also been amazing this far. Would you recommend the Morsa there or should I rather go for the Minion? My tirex grips where the minion falls outside of fast dry dh parksperhaps check out some of e13 super tacky tires too?

Haven't tried the Vittoria yet, will look revuews up. The Minion was my go-to choice for a long time. Now it's the Vigilante. It is not as good on hardpack, czt the difference bikes wholesale wet conditions far outweighs that. Even if to say "oh they're horrible" which they're not anyway. Legbacon Mar 2, at Not a real well known tire, but they are great. I love vike here on Vancouver Island year round, but especially in the winter.

Yeah but then you cst bike tires reviews be able to point that competition is cst bike tires reviews and has stiffer sidewalls. Reviewd make this relevenat do dd vs protection vs reinforced vs tough vs Soft front, medium back and let's see how they Rollin. PLC07 Mar 2, at My thought exactly. CST Rock Hawk Wire Bead Tire: Bike Tires: Sports & Outdoors. Choose from options to the left . Find answers in product info, Q&As, reviews.

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