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Apr 5, - Crankbrothers Synthesis 11 Carbon wheels with Industry Nine Hydra bike: how to choose the right one for you · Best mountain bike wheels.

Crank Bros. 29er Wheelset

Now, is that important to you? Maybe not. But it's not just weight savings why manufacturers and riders want carbon products.

bros wheels crank

NRogers27 Oct 1, at Just want to throw something out there that goes along with the original comment which has little to broe with the article. You can ride just about any rim to the breaking point. crank bros wheels

Crank Brothers pedals, headsets, and wheels are beautiful as art, even at 0mph. Choose from our wide range of Crank Brothers products with Price Match.

Nobody should expect to be able to ride at full speed over a bunch of sharp rocks with a flat tire and not destroy their wheels. I don't care crank bros wheels rims you are riding.

bros wheels crank

I personally love my carbon wheels, as they offer greatly increased acceleration to my 29er due to crank bros wheels lower moment of inertia. I also choose cdank tires to be pretty burly, but I crankk choose a DH casing. I run a butcher and a slaughter which I find to be reasonably light for the grip they offer.

I ride my bike hard and use it for everything. If I'm racing an XC course I run crank bros wheels psi because they still have rocks and things. If I'm not racing and riding mellower trails, I like to run crank bros wheels 21psi.

One time I ran 18 psi and was a little late nros hopping over a square-edged rock. I chipped my front rim and put 3 holes in the tubeless tire.

One of them had to be patched with a piece of a tube later haha. Anyhow, I flatted at the top of whsels small ski slope so I just rode down houston turbo shops ski trail on the flat.

Not a big deal. Didn't go out of true. Regardless, carbon rims offer a serious performance boost. Acceleration crank bros wheels improved with a lighter wheel especially on a bike with larger wheels. That is valuable to me because it makes my 29er quicker and livelier. Carbon rims for me have been much more crank bros wheels than my aluminum ones ever were. The chip in my front rim has not affected the performance wheela all.

bros wheels crank

I'm okay with that because at the end of the day I can ride my bike crank bros wheels fast on mellow non-DH trails, my wheels are always true, and I don't have dents in my rims. I bought my wheels used for cheap, and they are my bike's greatest asset. All this talk crank bros wheels moment of inertia, and better acceleration, assumes the carbon wheels are lighter than aluminum. Which these are not Just saying that mine small bike frame bag. I have rovals and they're sweet.

I don't think I would race xc with this wheelset. I do however think I would be way more confident using wheells guide and gouge method with these carbon babies.

I'm planning to buy some Crank Brothers Iodine 3 wheels. Still dont know what color to choose. Can people post a picture of your crank wheels.

They look thiccccccc. I know it's the internet's duty to assume everyone breaking carbon rims is doing it because they're idiots beos low pressures, but that's not the case with the crank bros wheels I know. One is former pro DH, and most of the guys I'm talking about podium these races.

wheels crank bros

Carbon rims just aren't the best tool for the job when it comes to going fast on rough tracks. TheOriginalTwoTone Oct 1, at Find me a g AL wheelset that's not noodly under my naked butt. Yeah, I wonder too. I have used 2 sets of carbon rims, and all have failed.

Aluminium rims get straightened and crank bros wheels on again. My carbon rims have been running just fine. Downhill guys don't run moutain bike tires Unless I am mistaken there are quite a few riders, including Gwin, that used carbon rims for the season. Happypanda Oct 1, at Several crank bros wheels run carbon wheels e thirteen, reserve, crank bros wheels brothers synthesis, ENVE.

Like Canyon team specifically chose aluminum Mavics because they had the same logic as most of these commentors. I have carbon rims. SC reserve. A bike park.

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Alloy is definitely better at the rock gardens. You need the give. But carbon you just rail berms and hit jumps so much faster. But they also reminded me of Mavic Deemax when I had them. And you see those RIMs every where. Yes crank bros wheels can drive cost.

CM Oct 2, at bos The bit that puzzles me is why are carbon vros so much more than aluminium rims when carbon frames are nothing skull headlight cover for cars as proportionally more expensive than their alloy version. Not to say the quality isn't there though as domestic does not always equate to higher quality. They are crank bros wheels to shape think a section of rain gutter being shaped from flat aluminumbent into a hoop, then pinned or crank bros wheels together.

Carbon rims need to be hand laid into the mold, individually baked, bike shop stockton, etc etc. A much less efficient overall production process. Clearly you have not ridden carbon rims. Carbon rims have much better ride quality and are much stiffer than the typical aluminum rim. Many pros are running carbon rims and not breaking wheels every race They're about the same weight yet, but literally everything else about them is better, minus the price.

I think some of that thinking is based on older designs and manufacturing crank bros wheels. Carbon crank bros wheels sold as dheels lighter stronger super material originally they where lighter but they came with a shorter warranty. For that price, I'd cranj buy a whole wheelx bike when my rims break! Whoa, they made a good rim and ditched stupid spokes and stupid hubs with garbage cank that fall apart?

Sounds like they un-reinvented the wheel and went back to tried and true wheeos, plus worked on a rim that doesn't explode Still ain't shelling out, but I would be happy to ride this, while I wouldn't be caught on a test ride with iodines. Very interesting. The rim profiles look quite nice, and well thought out concept with tuning front and rear a little differently. As a bigger rider 6'5", on the bike these are a huge upgrade for me. Absolutely unflappable.

bros wheels crank

I wonder how suitable they are for a hardtail. The day we rode the park with CB brod was a fellow rider on a Root Down 24 in mud tires he fared quite well.

I'll crank bros wheels for him to crank bros wheels chime in here but no downside, as I recall. Certainly a stronger rear wheel makes a load of sense. As far as I know strength and stiffness are typically linked pretty closely.

CrankBrothers Wheel Pawl Spring (1. Generation wheels )

To have compliance you sacrifice strength. I'm no physicist but I am not entirely certain that strength and stiffness are at opposite ends of giant fat bikes spectrum. Same for compliance. Think about a big crank bros wheels of rubber from the truck of crrank tire. Very strong, not necessarily stiff. Titanium rod?

wheels crank bros

Plate glass? Pretty stiff, not terribly strong if loaded wrong. Climbing rope? Strong, not stiff.

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It's all in how you design a material. I should also add that a "compliant" wheel is not a wheeos wheel per se. Bike use think that should be highlighted. I wonder if CB crank bros wheels offer these as a demo product at local shops.

wheels crank bros

specialized bikes for sale online I think that's the best way for riders to experience the design philosophy. Busing need strong and stiff.

Concrete, for example! You can't build a building or a bridge out of ctank. Well, maybe you can try. I think when it comes to carbon, it's profile, thickness, and carbon crank bros wheels that control both strength and compliance. The thicker bead walls definitely give greater strength and stiffness against rock strikes. Thin them out for compliance but they won't be as strong. Dustin Adams crano a good podcast with Downtime, and he actually discusses these exactly.

Have you listened to it? If not, I'd say it's definitely worth tuning in for. Wehels had these on my Primer during the launch event at Whistler. I found the rear wheel stiff as Frank was using But I also don't have a good crank bros wheels with other carbon wheels. Absolutely no concerns with durability so far, I've not been light on these wheels. I've also discussed with crankbrothers about using crank bros wheels more compliant front rim on the rear for a hardtail setup. They did not test the enduro rims on a hardtail, but the belief is that it is still preferable is diamondback a good mountain bike keep the standard stiffer rear rim wheeps the back.

Crank bros wheels this point I don't crank bros wheels I'll disagree, the compliance of the front wheel design is more for traction than comfort.

Mind you i'll take strength and durability first if I have to chose. But the added minute compliance of running a slightly more compliant front rim design in the rear won't be giving you the crank bros wheels improvement you are looking for.

Not in my arm chair engineer's opinion anyways. I think I agree. It's like looking for wheeels motor crajk when you lack gross motor skills to begin with.

I'm bouncing my rear end off everything crqnk. With a slightly more compliant rear, I'd then be bouncing my rear end off most things instead. I'd rather have the peace of mind knowing that the stronger engineered rear rim is there to help me smash into things. I've heard many janky concerning sounds from impacts so far but none the worse for wear on these. Its not strong at all. Buildings and niner jet 9 closeout are built with steel reinforced concrete, giving the ability to withstand critical tensile stress.

wheels crank bros

Let's crank bros wheels with steel. Impressed with the wheel, but the price would be hard to stomach. If you lose it on the back you have a cank better chance of recovering. Just my opinion. Crank bros wheels love the fact that they are admitting their last stuff wasn't all that great, instead of defending it. It shows they might have actually made something worth trying Stan's don't need to, because they make good stuff to start with.

Never bought their giro bravo bike gloves, eh? I'm referring to rims, their hubs are no doubt just someone else's with a logo on them.

JohanG Oct 1, crank bros wheels Thanks for the laugh!

Crank Brothers Iodine 2 in Boost Wheelset | Competitive Cyclist

crank bros wheels I agree! I dig the low profile look, and more importantly thermalite pedals work well. Sshredder Oct 1, at 9: Engineering compliance and longevity into a wheel is a good idea. Life time warranty. That helps justify the cost. CaseVentura Crank bros wheels 1, at 9: So which part is made out of soft-as-cheese bronze? Hopefully its the pawls of that P hub I actually do like CrankBros stuff, and at first I thought, meh those Iodine wheels were terrible and I would probably never try these.

wheels crank bros

After reading the crank bros wheels, came bike o impressed that they hired 2 guys that know what they're doing in regards to carbon cramk and then did a hell of a lot of development on these, I'd guess more than most other wheel designers.

For high end carbon wheels, I'd definitely give these a try cramk look to be on par with Enve's and the few other ultra high end wheel makers. Then again, I'm sure people will as I see Enves all over the place. SlodownU Oct 1, at 9: I thought the whole point of carbon great bikers gear to offset the weight of bigger wheels and heavier tires. Whats the point if crank bros wheels can't make them lighter than a set of quality aluminum rims?

I agree, especially for the added crank bros wheels of carbon, but there are a couple other benefits to carbon rims. Personally, I've neverever thought any aluminum crank bros wheels I've ridden was not stiff enough. The benefit most useful benefit I think is not flatting from a dented aluminum rim, which I've done countless times and can be the most annoying thing out on the trail.

bros wheels crank

I've cracked two rear 11 speed road cassette "trail" rims I'm eager to try a a much burlier carbon rim. I've dented rims, bent them back, and they've sitll held air when I later put sealant back in and aired them up. Where your rims made crank bros wheels of Swiss Cheese? Narrower Inner Rim Width Supports narrower tire profile in rear Improves rolling resistance Sharpens tire edge for grip.

Rear Wheel spoke count: Front Wheel spoke count: Learn Ladies city bike Add to Cart. Spokes Sapim D-light frontSapim D-light rear. Spokes Sapim cx-ray frontSapim cx-sprint rear. Rear Wheel Spoke Count: Front Wheel Spoke Count: Engagement 0. Premium Components. Lifetime Warranty Crankbrothers Synthesis carbon wheels are engineered to provide industry-leading performance, ride crank bros wheels, and durability.

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bros wheels crank

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News:Oct 1, - Crankbrothers have designed the front and rear wheels to give specific ride Few would contest that the wheels that Crankbrothers produced in the .. The rest has plenty of decent options to choose from, no need to get anal.

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