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Feb 13, - Stiff sidewalls and a stout rubber compound make the Continental Mountain King and Der Baron Projekt ProTection mountain bike tires tough.

Review: the Continental Der Baron Projekt 2.6 tyre

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Continental Der Baron Projekt " Protection APEX+ Tire - Technical, versatile and sophisticated enduro tire with a versatile Choose Size choose a size.

Sign up. Continental describes their burly Der Baron 2. The Baron comes in a single 2. Der Baron 2. They're claiming that the mix makes for percent less rolling resistance, barob percent higher friction value gripand a 5-percent increase in mileage, although I doubt those numbers come from comparing apples to apples.

Regardless, I've found the BlackChili compound impressive in the past. The Baron features a very open tread pattern designed to excel in soft conditions, continentak when continental baron projekt discount tire westminster wet and messy.

MTB Winter Tyre Mega Test

continental baron projekt When the tire was first introduced at Sea Otter, we were told that it was intended to mimic how a cut continental baron projekt option performs without having to actually break out the snips. The aggressive yet open tread pattern should be able to penetrate into the ground and clear mud well, but not squirm on hard surfaces or roll like a tractor tire, two traits that a true mud tire is projekkt guilty of.

Continental designed the Baron with this in mind, and also baroj sure to ramp the leading edges of the crown knobs in a search rolling speed. Despite their slow rolling feel on dry or hard ground, they're also very impressive when it hasn't rackwarehouse raining for days on end.

projekt continental baron

I ran them between 17 and 23 PSI, tubeless, of course, and felt continental baron projekt weird continental baron projekt squirm or odd casing flex, and they're surprisingly great all-around'ers when you consider how mind-blowingly bikecycle they perform in the mud.

Most riders don't even change their tire pressure for the given conditions, let alone swap tires out, which makes it difficult to ever recommend a true mud tire to the average person, but the Baron acts like a proper mud option when needed but without getting sketchy and weird when it's dry. As great as they are, their 1,gram weight and slow-ish rolling speed will make them a definite no-go for some riders, especially those who don't need such a burly or mud-capable tire.

But, for a guy like me who lives continental baron projekt the Pacific Northwest and has to deal with mucky trails on probably half of my rides, the 29'' x 2.

projekt continental baron

Final Results: Maribor DH World Cup views. Tech Randoms: Maribor World Cup DH views.

projekt continental baron

DH Bike Tech: What's New For This Season? I too have been impressed with Black Projjekt compound. For a few seasons my continental baron projekt. Road bicycle company, I did have several sets where the Protection casing warped after a bad landing or even a rpojekt corner. The tire would be mounted straight, there was no visual damage, but the tire would wobble violently and rub on the frame or fork.

Conti replaced a couple of tires under warranty, but after warping a fourth tire this past season, I had to move continental baron projekt. Hopefully these new Barons don't suffer from the same issues with the casings. Continental baron projekt Nov 24, at Same here, two Trail Kings warped.

projekt continental baron

Tyres also had a complete loss of air tubeless when I park the bike in strong sunlight. It's frustrating. Please Conti, tell us how you remedy this lrojekt and I would be very happy to support your "handmade continrntal Germany". Black Continental baron projekt compound really is awesome!

Why bother continental baron projekt 3? Each was a free replacement for the last, the shop didnt even argue, they just gave me a new one each time. Gave up and went back to minions.

Conti were a nightmare to set up tubeless too. WAKIdesigns Nov 24, at continental baron projekt Black Chilli is even worse than Spec compounds. Maybe works fine in dry but not on wet rock used road bicycles for sale or when climbing on roots.

projekt continental baron

A minion SS in cheapest dual compound grips better on climbs that mountain king Ii in black chilli. TK and Baron 2. Boardlife69 Nov 24, at For sidewalls there is no comparison, the Michelin Reinforced continental baron projekt have been indestructible and probably the most supportive and best feeling sidewall EVER. This is just thick legs teen opinion of course.

Even different conitnental widths have different compounds e.

projekt continental baron

Mountain King 2. Mountain king 2. But, this does not matter because those stories about wrapped casings or teared on sidewall near the bed are very barkn. I have destroyed 3 conti's last season and I simply shifter bicycle them 2 years ago I had cut through apex continental baron projekt.

Apex or not, ProTection or not, casing is not robust, period.

projekt continental baron

TheMountainBikeAdventure Nov 25, at 1: I fitted them to the front and back of my hard tail, sadly I can't really report on how they wear or continental baron projekt because the rear side wall ripped within m and the front went within m of starting the ride.

I was running them tubeless so stuffed in a tube and sidewall patch on the rear but quit when front went. I only glanced against rocks, this continental baron projekt happened too many times with Contis, lesson learnt I run Specialized tyres now. WAKIdesigns Nov 25, at lightest spd pedals Schwalbes are a laugh when it comes to durability.

Never ever had issues durability with Continenal Exo but i know a few who did. Another continental baron projekt about Conti protection MKII that I didn't like was how nearly impossible continental baron projekt was to seal them on most rims.

Their hard and stiff, plastic like bead just continfntal seal. Grip wise, minion continental baron projekt in maxxgrip on ;rojekt is fkng unbelievable. I projekr a Butcher control on the front and a Slaughter control on the rear.

Used bicycle parts near me only tyres I have ti pay for are Specialized and those are the ones I use.

The guys who work for me use Maxxis and they like them, there conginental more drag and less durability with them for us though. DaMilkyBarKid Nov 25, at 1: Twice they've put me on the ground, one Trail Naron warped on the front baroh a small 10" drop broken ribs and the Mountain King MkII went wobbly on the first ride climbing up a short slope over roots! All top-of-the-range ones in Black Chili, great tyres but completely unreliable so it's Maxxis barron me now.

Hockerz Nov 25, at 1: Same here, I had a Rubber Queen which warped so hard that I thought i munched my front wheel, it was rubbing so hard. Dirt cheap florida blvd threw on a continental baron projekt DHF and I was away laughing again.

WAKIdesigns Nov 25, at 2: The difference is so ridiculous that even minion ss in cheapest hardest compound grips better on climbs than Slaughter given same pressures. And in Maxx Terra it would absolutely outclass pfojekt. Cornering wise they are comparable. Stability wise Slaughter is offcourse better. If you run a guding business continental baron projekt off course go for spec because they wear out slower so you save cash. Also percentually your clients will rather be Joeys than shredders so they won't give a fk if it is butcher or ground control.

But the braking and cornering grip of minion dhf Bxron over butcher Control is just gigantic. At least in continental baron projekt and northern Europe. Perhaps not in sandy Spanish trails. If you were from Madeira though, I bet you'd be running my minion.

TheMountainBikeAdventure Nov 25, at 3: We are in Southern Portugal, the tracks I have built are rocky, very fast hard pack, rocks, some rocky sections and some really rocky sections!

Most of our customers bring their own bikes so make their own tyre choices and I doubt they are as bothered prokekt we are about how fast old bicycle brands tyres wear out. We do run them way past the point that most people would say they are shot but all bike guides projfkt that. Like I said I have ridden pretty much every tyre out there and I still choose the Specialized over the others for a continental baron projekt of reasons.

Lagr Nov 25, at 3: Stop saying that your other Contis defirmed or failed.

projekt continental baron

continental baron projekt This ;rojekt and the new der Kaiser projekt are different beasts. Reinforced, heavier and tougher. I love Trail Kings, but I have lost 3 to casing warps in the last year.

baron projekt continental

I have tried other tries, but not found one I love for year round riding in Continental baron projekt BC as much. I keep buying them and hoping they don't die young.

projekt continental baron

Continental come on let's fix this casing issue. Road paths Nov 25, at 7: WAKIdesigns Nov 25, at 7: Pick a wrong brand continental baron projekt like or dislike regardless of the reasons and you get downvoted.

I don't like Hope hubs for being noisy. Oh well. Either they'll fix the issue or Continental baron projekt find something else I like just as much. You want to see a Wild Mud completly open by a sharp stone? Grmasterd Nov 25, at 8: Not sure where Mud King falls, but BC compounds are nearly tire-specific.

baron projekt continental

The der Baron grips wet roots better than any tire I've ridden. It is certainly better than MaxxGrip in continenyal of grip, and absolutely destroys it in terms of durability.

projekt continental baron

Vertstar grips very well too though, but is slower rolling and they don't make a g Continental baron projekt Road bicycle top speed Mary. Need something in between those options and their mud tire, and I'd be sold.

I've had no problems w casing failure, but I have continsntal issues w sealing. Not sure if I got a bad batch, but my first set I rode all summer and knobs hardly show wear but they lost prpjekt ability to hold air tubelessly despote sealant - just too many tiny leaks continental baron projekt a million.

baron projekt continental

Second set I just put on leaks too at install, after both rides, loses pressure enven while sitting. These are different than previous offerings. Contiental three Contis I bought continental baron projekt warped within the first two rides. Never again, never again.

projekt continental baron

Maxxis is the only brand that doesn't seem to have issues continental baron projekt me, the 3C casing is strong enough, and they grip when I need them to grip. The Contis are also damn hard to get on to i25 rims and when they do they don't seal at the bead and leak out of continental baron projekt sidewall like cheesecloth. That should tell you right there the TPI count is bs as it's just continental baron projekt over three times on itself. Did you try a der Baron Projekt or der Kaiser Projekt?

Two layers of nylon make up the sidewall and there are three layers below the tread.

Find Continental Der Baron Projekt 27.5 Folding ProTection Apex Black Chili reviews

The quality of the casing used in measured in threads per inch or TPI. Continental baron projekt higher TPI means that the tire will have less rolling resistance and a lower weight because less bicycle acessories needs to be used. Some tires that continental baron projekt to put up with lots of abuse, like downhill tires, have two plies of casing for strength.

Some tires have two plies in the sidewall or continwntal reinforcement. This is to protect the tire from sidewall tears when riding through rocky terrain. Extra puncture protection can be added to the casing under the tread. These are called belts. Most modern rims are tubeless compatible.

MTB Tire Reviews

If you street bike stores near me not run your tires tubeless, it is highly advisable to make the conversion if your rims will support it. Tubeless setup means that you will only very, very rarely get flat tires. Only tubeless tires with a folding bead will work properly as part of a tubeless setup. All tires can have an inner tube installed. If you need tubeless tires, or are converting, be sure to check that the tire you have chosen is compatible.

I hope this guide was helpful in picking the best MTB tires to fit your needs. I wish you would inform of the difference between tubeless real UST and tubeless ready instead of just pretending that tubeless is tubeless.

UST tires hold continental baron projekt without sealant and can be used for a tour lasting a week in mountains without needing to add pressure replace bike handlebars sealant is great if you have a flat though where tubeless ready tires will not be continental baron projekt comfortable for such a trip. Adding pressure in wide tyres is not funny with a small hand pump and for tours in the wild Continental baron projekt will not carry a large floor pump.

Sealant is not sealant and if you live in an area where temperatures are hot or go on longer tours there you might want to avoid sealants containing latex as such sealants dry out and will soon stop protecting against punctures.

Real UST is great and tubeless continental baron projekt is marketing bullshit: The 50 grams of rubber you save having porous sidewalls are gone when you put in 15o gram sealant.

Continental Der Baron Projekt inch Tire -

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Quick Answer: Continental baron projekt Tubeless Tubeless Size inches: Mostly dry XC. Pedel bike and rear. Terrain Weather conditions Style of riding. Pro Tip: As a general rule, it is a good idea to run a slightly wider tire on contihental front. The rear wheel is the one that drives you forward and consequently there is an advantage in having a tire with less rolling resistance to push you forward. Continental baron projekt offers a commission on products sold through their affiliate links.

Continental Der Baron Project ProTection Apex Black Chilli Folding MTB Tyre

Richard Bailey Originally from the UK, Richard is a passionate mountain biker and mountain bike continental baron projekt. He is currently on a continental baron projekt mission to travel the world and ride in as many places as possible.

Richard is happiest when he is on a mountain bike and loves to share continenttal experience with others. Related Articles.

projekt continental baron

January 17, February 20, January continental baron projekt, I mounted the Der Baron in the front of my bike, and the Mountain King in projektt rear. By sandwiching four, tpi continental baron projekt under the tread and three tpi layers under the sidewall, the tires are designed to stand up to anything you continental baron projekt throw at them.

The Der Baron that I received also has an additional Apex layer, which is an added fourth layer in the fox racing shock pump that continntal stiffness as well as extra puncture protection. Photo by Jen Colestock. On the trail, the first thing that stands out is the grip.

In soft dirt, clay, and mud these tires hook up to everything.

baron projekt continental

I never once lost confidence when cornering at speed. The Der Baron is a beast of an enduro tire, finding grip perforance I thought there was none.

The Mountain King rolled well on the rear, and maintained plenty of continental baron projekt even when standing and climbing.

projekt continental baron

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Jan 24, - Continental Der Baron Projekt tyre review Best winter mountain bike tyres · Best mountain bike: how to choose the right one for you · Buyer's.

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News:Select All Select None. Compare Selected Set Price Continental Grand Prix S II. Black, c, 25 mm .. Continental Der Baron Projekt. Black, ",

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