(Wk 7) Joy is…

By the sea-2

…A private moment by the sea, with someone special

In a country where many are obsessed with moral policing, the sea face seems to be a sanctuary for the love-struck.

The shores of the Arabian Sea across Mumbai, are dotted with couples sneaking in intimate interludes, oblivious to the crowds of passersby. Even the monsoon showers are no deterrent for them… sharing an umbrella, only adds to the romance.

Compared to the usual PG 13 + shenanigans that are common along these shores, this couple at Worli Sea Face, presented a different picture.

As refreshing as the rains that had just bathed and brightened the surroundings.

Couple by the sea Mumbai

P.S. Hop along southwards to Chennai, to witness another moment of joy captured by the inimitable, Madhu, of The Urge To Wander.

P.P.S. Join along, won’t you, in sharing some ordinary, yet extraordinary moments that signify “joy”?