The sights of San Sebastian

It’s said that nothing is impossible. This is wrong. It is impossible to lay eyes on San Sebastian and not fall madly in love” – Lonely Planet


Even if its culinary prowess doesn’t attract you, the sights of San Sebastian are sure to cast their spell; leaving you utterly and incurably, besotted.

Here are some of my favorite sights-

Christ beckons from Monte Urgull

Charming Parte Vieja (old town)

Moonrise over Donostia

The gorgeous Conxa beach

Concha beach San Sebastian

Sunset at Conxa beach

Stunning vistas from Monte Igueldo

Conxa beach viewed from Monte Igueldo

View from Monte Igueldo

Radiant reflections

Sunset at Conxa DonostiaBlue hour in San Sebastian

Tell me, which was your favourite sight?