Blog feature: MJF Images

Sorry, I’ve been missing in action for a few weeks. Travel (Agra, Mumbai, Delhi), upcoming travel (Paris, San Sebastian, Sevilla, Granada, Barcelona) and a crashed Macbook ( 😦  ) are responsible. I do have lots of photos to share and a number of posts planned in my head… and I promise to get to those soon (ish)!

But today’s post is about something else. I wanted to feature a blog that I’m a big fan and dedicated follower of – MJF Images – “a photography blog with a difference” by Michael Flaherty.

Micheal is an extremely talented photographer, and his love for nature is clearly visible in his stunning images (a sample of which I have featured here with his permission). But in addition to the photographs, what keeps me going back for more, is the accompanying commentary about nature, geology, science and photography tips – all very engaging, informative and helpful. Check out these links to some of my favourite posts, to see what I’m talking about.

Life and Universe

The Cascades I – Volcanoes Give and Take Away

Star Gazing

Photographing Rainbows

An earth scientist and teacher, Michael started seriously pursuing photography about five years ago, and aims to become a professional photographer and also teach photography along with natural history. However, earlier this year, he faced a setback to his plans, when he lost his only DSLR – a Canon 5D Mark III to a tumble in a waterfall.

Not wanting to see him give up his dream of going pro, a number of his blog followers (including me) encouraged him to start a crowd-funding campaign.

Here’s the link to Micheal’s campaign on Indiegogo.

He’s offering a choice of his photographs for contributors, and those contributing $25 or more, will also receive a copy of his e-book – a comprehensive look at the art of nature photography.

Do take a look at his amazing work, and if you are as impressed as I have been, do contribute and/ or pass on the word!