Friends, fiction and balderdash!


Krista asks us to show something we treasure, for this week’s photo challenge.

Friends are certainly amongst some of life’s greatest treasures.

And laughs enjoyed with them, memories to be cherished.

This past weekend, hanging out with some old friends, we got to playing Balderdash.

For those of you who may not know about it, the game involves players taking turns to read out a word, and then everyone submitting their definition of the word. These are all read out aloud, and points are awarded for correctly guessing the meaning of the word, or submitting a fictitious definition which another player (incorrectly) guesses as being the right one.

Needless to say, a lot of creative writing and hilarity can be expected (most often, directly proportional to the quantity of alcohol consumed).

Here are five memorable words and definitions, from our game (since we don’t own the board game, we improvised by looking up words on the Internet).

Only one of the definitions is correct. Can you guess which one? Or suggest a humourous definition for any of these words?

– Orgiophant: A person who presides over orgies
– Collop: To hit, especially an errant child
– Lollygag: A female golliwog doll
– Discombobulate: A person with feet of different sizes
– Smellfungus: Something that is not right

Can be used together in a sentence as: A discombobulate orgiophant who collops a lollygag is certainly smellfungus.

Leave your answer in the comments section!

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