The Lamma Island family trail

Ahhh, HK’s been blessed with a particularly glorious winter this year. And by winter I mean clear days with temperatures ranging from 13 to 23 degrees, that Hong Kongers use as an excuse to bring out our boots and jackets and scarves.

It is also hiking season… and I have been indulging in the romance with hiking, before the fickle spring sets upon us again.

A few weekends ago, we finally made it to Lamma Island (yes, after 2 whole years of living here. Don’t ask!) to check out the family trail.

Honestly, we were kicking ourselves for not having made it out there sooner. Just a 30-minute ferry ride away from HK, this little island was a world away from urban Hong Kong – charmingly rustic and amazingly serene.

30 mins from HK islandWe started in Sok Kwu Wan and ended in Yung Shue Wan (there are ferries to and from HK Island to both these villages). The hike was an easy one, lasting just under 1.5 hours, with several stunning vistas (it seemed it would have been a tad more difficult if we’d done the route the other way around since that would mean steeper up-slopes). For those who’d like to stop and get a dip  in the water or have a picnic, there are multiple beaches along the way as well.

As always there was the promise of a lovely meal at the end of it (the only way to incentivize A to accompany me on such undertakings 😉 ).

We walked into Waterfront Bar & Restaurant and were pleasantly surprised to see that they also offered a full-fledged Indian menu. So it was onion pakoras, butter chicken, bhuna mutton, goan fish, daal fry, biryani and naans for lunch.  Not exactly healthy, but soul-satisfying for sure!