Every time I go to Delhi, I am overcome by contradicting emotions.

I love it.

I love being able to revert to the carefree existence of being pampered by my mom. Re-living old memories at noisy family gatherings. Picking up where I left off, with old friends. Indulging in hot-off-the-kadhai jalebies and samosas, the taste of which just cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world. Driving past gorgeous centuries-old monuments, with alternating nonchalance – bred by childhood familiarity, and awe – generated after having traveled extensively.

And I loathe it.

I hate the incessant honking of aggressive drivers, who have never heard of lanes. The dirt and grime which seems to permeate every pore of my being. The loud, loud, LOUD people who push and shove and shout and don’t even apologize. The gazillion mosquitoes, that are intent on sucking every ounce of blood out my body. The lecherous men, who can make you feel unsafe even in a crowd.

Ardent adoration, and zealous revulsion. Such is my rocky love affair with Delhi.

It’s a package deal. With the good, comes the bad.

But there is a lot more good than bad… and that’s what sustains this relationship.

During my recent trip to Delhi, I had a chance to add on to the list of “goods” – The sound and light show at Purana Qila (Old Fort).

Entitled “Ishq-e-Dilli”, the audio-visual extravaganza is a journey through the history of the Delhi area– from the ancient Indraprastha to Qila Rai Pithora, to Mehrauli, to Siri, to Tughlaqabad, to Jahanpanah, to Ferozabad, to Dinpanah, to Shergarh, to Lodi complex, to Shahjahanabad to New Delhi –  making it one of the longest serving capitals and one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world.

At INR 80 per person, the show is an absolute treat – and whether you are a visitor seeking to discover (or like me, re-discover) the charms of this city, or a resident looking to rekindle the spark… this show is an absolute must-do!