Capturing the Colour: Photographs from around the world

I am glad to be nominated by Ben of Flights.Camera.Satisfaction and the Hanelunterwegs of Hanels’ Travel & Photography to participate in the Capture the Colour Contest 2013.

Getting the perfect shot, is a lot about planning and the patience.

But you can never quite plan for the wonders that this amazing world is going to throw at you. And so, some of my favourite travel photos are the ones captured without preparation (Not that I take technically masterful photos otherwise!)… therefore; not always with my DSLR, not necessarily following rules of good composition, and mostly lacking the right balance of ISO, aperture & shutter speed. Yet they are special, because they represent those incredible, extraordinary and simply magical moments.


The Symphony of Lights in Hong Kong, a multimedia show in which more than 40 buildings on both sides of the HK harbour participate, is the largest permanent sound and light show in the world. Every night, scores of tourists and photography enthusiasts gather to witness and capture this spectacle. We found vantage points in a not very well-known parking lot to practice our photography. Just for a moment, the laser lights atop the IFC towers and the lights illuminating the BOC building, all turned green…

Green - Sound & Light show in HK


For Hindus, red is an auspicious colour, symbolic of good luck and happiness. There was a plethora of female family members waiting to welcome the new bride, while I tried to click above their heads with my point & shoot. Before taking her first steps into her new home, resplendent in ceremonial finery, she turned to the groom and smiled.

Red - Indian bride


April in Maldives is warm and can be rainy. As we had breakfast on our first morning there, the skies were ominously dark. But the sun found a slight gap and shone through… to light up the water, in a way that I just don’t have words to describe.

Blue - The sun slights up the water in Maldives


Niskeo in Japan, is one of the snowiest places in the world. Muscles still aching from our first ski lesson, I couldn’t help but scoop up some of the powdery snow and fling it towards Hubby. After all, it was only the second time we’d been together in a snowy winter wonderland, and childlike behaviour could be excused! On a whim, I tilted my camera and snapped this scene… a tribute to the numerous ski slopes that the area has to offer.

White - Niseko Skiing


It had been over three hours since we commenced our hike. The lovely meal at the half-way cafeteria was long-forgotten… we had braved the “meditation climb” and trudged through the “Bhutanese flat”. As we rounded a corner, the Taktsang Monastery (one of the holiest Buddhist sites in Bhutan), seemed within reach, past the prayer flags. Then we saw the 700 stair steps still to go and our hearts sank. We wished we had Guru Rinpoche’s flying tigress to carry us forth. But, we made it … and it could only have been divine intervention that helped us do it. Buddham Saranam Gacchami.

Yellow - Taktsang Monastery in Bhutan

Do tell me which pic is your favourite and why.

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