The Maclehose Trail Section 1

Hurray! Autumn seems to be in the air, here in Hong Kong (and I do hope I am not jinxing it). A few more days like this and the scarring memories of the sultry summer interspersed with gloomy rainy days should be behind me.

I might just be able to bring out my hiking boots and resume the love affair with nature trails, commenced earlier this year, but grudgingly put in limbo thanks to the soggy spring.

If you happen to be visiting HK and would like to sample a different aspect of the city, then checking out one of its many hiking trails may be the answer.

They are all over, and – whether you are a couch potato, a zealous marathoner or a serious trekker; whether you wish to try spotting rare varieties of plants, simply enjoy gorgeous vistas or really work off that holiday weight; whether you have one hour to spare or several days  – you should be able to find a hiking trail to suit your style.

One of my favorites so far (particularly for how easy it is) has been Section 1 of the MacLehose trail, located in the Sai Kung East Country Park.

Sai Kung is known as the “leisure garden” of Hong Kong, offering a nice change of scenery from the crowded and bustling city. It is located in the New Territories, and is about an hour-long drive from HK Island. Using public transportation, a combination of MTR, bus and/or ferry will get you there.

Except for villages, most of the area in Sai Kung is covered by two country parks – East Country Park and West Country Park, each with lots of scenic points and a wide choice of country trails. The East Park in particular is home to some of the most famous beaches in Hong Kong.

And, even if you don’t feel like walking… you could just take a lovely taxi ride to the High Island Reservoir East Dam, to see the hexagonal volcanic rock formations (part of the Hong Kong Geopark) resembling a “petrified waterfall”.

And then, you could round off the trip with a (let’s say) well-deserved sea food coma at Chuen Kee 🙂

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