A Sunday in Sai Kung

To celebrate a week of glorious sunshine, we decided to head to Sai Kung with our cousins last weekend, to check out the fresh seafood offerings at the Michelin-recommended (NOT starred) Chuen Kee seafood restaurant.

If you need any evidence of the popularity of this place… you only need to know that it has not one, not two, but THREE shops… all located on the Sai Kung promenade.

This may lead to some confusion (as it did for us) regarding where exactly your reservation is… more so due to the limited English speaking capabilities of the staff. But it seems reservations don’t really matter… we got a table at their shop that served dim sum along with seafood, which, judging by how crowded the restaurant was, seemed to be the hands down favorite amongst their patrons.

Those of you who have read the “The curious case of the Canadian crab” may well be able to imagine my reaction on seeing the rows of water tanks filled with sea fauna of all varieties. Nonetheless, it was a favorite with all the guys, who couldn’t wait to pick out some creatures and send them to their inevitable ends.

I meanwhile, busied myself with trying desperately to catch the attention of one of the waitresses, so as to order dim sums by pointing at the photographs in the menu… with an increasing feeling of guilt about having dragged everyone on an hour long drive in the heat, simply to eat in a smelly, crowded restaurant with a horrific décor and bad service.

That was only till our food was served though. Once we started tasting the dishes, all my apprehensions melted away. The dim sum was nice and the seafood was outstanding!

We ordered about 10 plates of dim sum, a medium crab, a small fish and four jumbo prawns, along with a couple of beers and tea, for a grand total of HKD 1900 (for six people).

May I just say… totally worth the trip!