Stranger in a Strange Land?


Today’s Daily Prompt inspiration was “Stranger in a Strange Land”.  The question posed – “What’s your favorite part about visiting a new place — the food? The architecture? The people watching?”

My answer…. All of the above.

And also – The sights. The smells. The culture. The street art. The people themselves. I love the new-ness, the different-ness, the unique-ness of it all.

But, sometimes, what I really like is the feeling of familiarity. A connection. From a shared history, or perhaps something completely random…

Like landing at Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok.

Like being able to find great Indian food at any price point in London.

Like discovering that “Ananas” means pineapple in French and Italian too.

Like drawing parallels between Indra and Zeus, Saraswati and Athena, Yama and Hades.

Or, like going to a restaurant in Jakarta, and discovering that it seems to be named after your family!

What about you? Have you ever come across an unexpected connection in, what was otherwise, a strange land?