The Golden Hour in HK (and places to enjoy the views)

The photos above are inspired by the Golden Hour weekly photo challenge. All taken during my evening walk on the walking trail at the Peak, on my mobile phone! :-p

The Hong Kong skyline has been voted as the best skyline in the world, trumping NY, Shanghai, Tokyo, etc. It’s magnificent, and some of the best places you can enjoy it from are free. Here are my favorites:

  • From the Victoria Peak – There are several vantage points around the peak to enjoy great views without having the fork out $$ to go up to the viewing deck at the Peak Tower. To get some of the best views, go to the morning walk trail (to your left as you face the peak tower, the entrance is to the right of Mount Ausin road)… walking for about 10-15 minutes will get you to a great viewing spot (you’ll know when you see all the photographers assembled). On a clear day you can appreciate the greenery of the mountains, the iconic buildings on HK island, the sea and the Kowloon skyline as well. You can get some exercise and walk around the ~3km trail, which circles back to near the Peak Tower.

Hong Kong skyline view from the peak

  • From the TST (Tsim Sha Tsui) promenade in Kowloon – Overlooking the Victoria Harbor, and the extremely impressive HK island skyline with its iconic buildings like IFC, BOC Tower, etc. It is especially beautiful in the late evening/ night, as the buildings light up and there are wonderful multicolored reflections in the water. This is one of the best places to watch the Symphony of Lights, the world’s largest permanent light and sound show (A bit over-rated for general tourists in my opinion, but can make for great photos). The easiest (and very picturesque) way to get there from HK island is via the Star ferry.

Hong Kong skyline viewed from TST

  • From the terrace of IFC shopping mall – The terrace of the mall is a public area – the bars and restaurants there don’t have a monopoly over the tables and chairs. You can get your own food/ drinks and enjoy a leisurely evening, overlooking the harbor and the Kowloon skyline.

Kowloon skyline viewed from IFC terrace

And finally, while it is not free, another one of my favorite ways to enjoy some great views (while also getting around the city), is from the upper deck of a double-decker bus. If I have the time, I much prefer it to cabs. I can avoid feeling “squashed up” by the crazy HK traffic (not to mention being driven crazy the incessant chatter on the taxi radio), and enjoy a unique perspective of the city.

Repulse Bay viewed from double decker bus