Many gelati, two pizzas and a coffee

Sausage, mushroom and onion pizza at Dal Paino

Sausage, mushroom and onion pizza at Dal Paino

Two food posts in a row, but can I be blamed if I have just returned from a trip to Greece and Italy?!

Being our second visit to Rome, we were keen to try out a few things we hadn’t done previously. A brief net search lead to this helpful Italy travel advice page and this Time article on 10 things to do in Rome. Given that the thoughts expressed in these articles regarding gelato are similar to my own, we decided to pay heed and head to gelataria Giolitti, to start off our day with a breakfast of what is considered the best gelato in Rome.

Giolitti is located close to the Pantheon and the Italian Parliament, and has been around for over a century. We paid about EUR 7 for two medium cups (similar prices to most other gelateria in the city, which was a pleasant surprise) and headed over to the gelato counter to pick three flavors each, from the many yummy looking flavors. Of the six we tried, the cioccolato fondente, tiramisu, biscotti oreo and cioccolato were excellent! Final verdict: Very good, though not leaps and bounds above other gelato in Italy.

At lunchtime, we found ourselves exiting the Museo di Roma at Piazza Navona and decided to head off to Pizzeria Baffetto, a pizza joint highly recommended by the Lonely Planet guide we had referred to a couple of years back. It was closed (we later found out it was not out of business, but open only for dinner), but fortunately there was a sign outside recommending Hostaria-Pizzeria Dal Paino, which is apparently ‘Baffetto son’. We grabbed one of the business cards in the pouch (complete with address and directions) and found the place, heartened to see a dominance of Italian clientele. We planned on splitting one pizza but ended up having two. The onion, sausage and mushroom pizza was absolutely to die for (pictured above)... with a perfectly-thin-and-crispy Roman crust. Loved the fact that there was not much cheese, – it was light and perfect for lunch on a hot day. By far, the best pizza we’ve had in Rome yet! No ambiance, okay service, but great prices (pizza prices ranged from EUR 6-10) for excellent food. Do check it out if you are in the area.

Later in the evening, needing a pick me up after a late afternoon siesta, we headed to Sant’Eustachio il Cafe for what a blog had described as the “world’s most transcendent coffee experience”. Ordered a gran caffe (EUR 2.60) with sugar…simply one of the best I have ever tasted. It’s an espresso with a foamy coffee layer on top. Very, very intense in flavor… if you are not a coffee fan, this one’s not for you.

P.S. Some research lead to the finding that the plural of gelato is actually gelati and not gelatos. Hmmm… you learn something new everyday!