The 30-day challenge

Travel quote

I have been meaning to write a blog about travel for the longest time.I love to travel. Love good food (and good wine!). Enjoy new experiences and different cultures. I think it’s the best way to not just enjoy, but also better understand the world around us.

But I have been sitting on my lazy ass (see “About”), wanting to “visualize”, “strategize” and “design the perfect blog” that would get hundreds of hits from day one (yeah right!)

I saw a TED talk today, which really inspired me to, for want of a better explanation… just start doing it!

So here I am, starting a 30 day challenge to post an entry on this blog, everyday for the next 30 days. And then, go on from there.

Here’s a link to the talk by Matt Cutts.

I hope it can inspire someone out there, as it did me!